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Individual Graves & Memorials

Prior to 1914

bullet2nd Battalion, King's Own, Corfu 1859-1863
bulletLieutenant William Bowden-Smith, 2nd King's Own, 1892
bulletCaptain Edward P Burke, 2nd King's Own, Lichfield 1899
bullet Hannah M Cowap, wife of Armourer Sergeant W Cowap, 2nd Battalion, King’s Own,1886
bulletPrivate Solomon Elliage, 2nd King's Own, 1892
bulletColour Sergeant Fletcher, 2nd King's Own, 1900
bulletSarah Jeffs, wife of Sergeant Major J Jeffs, 2nd King's Own, Cephalonia
bulletPrivate J Lee, 2nd King's Own, 1892
bulletPrivate James Lewis, 2nd King's Own, Cephalonia
bulletPrivate J Reyonlds, 2nd King's Own, 1892
bulletLieutenant Gerald Barclay Scriven, 2nd King's Own, 1892
bulletPrivate R Thompson, C Company, 1st King's Own, Valetta, Malta, 1896
bulletPrivate Rowland Twemlow, 2nd King's Own, 1892
bulletPrivate W Wiseman, 2nd King's Own, 1892

First World War

bulletPrivate James Booth, 8th Battalion, King's Own, 1917
bulletPrivate Edward John Cowley, 4th Battalion, King's Own, 1921
bulletPrivate Albert Gordon, 5th Battalion, King's Own, 1914
bulletLieutenant Arthur Stanley Mack, 1st Battalion, King's Own, 1917
bulletPrivate Albert Roberts, 2nd Battalion, King's Own, 1917
bulletSee also: Wooden Crosses on Graves


bulletCorporal James Adams, number 3710756, 2nd Battalion, King’s Own, Palestine, 1938
bulletSergeant John Carrick DCM, number 3702413, 2nd Battalion, King's Own, Rangoon, Burma, 1922
bulletPrivate Harold Dickinson, number 3710696, 1st Battalion, King's Own, India, 1939
bulletPrivate James Digan, number 3853868, 2nd Battalion, King’s Own, Palestine, 1938
bulletPrivate William George Evans, number 3709517, 1st Battalion, King's Own, India, 1940
bulletDrummer John Godfrey, number 3702261, 2nd Battalion, King’s Own, 1929
bulletBand Boy F Griffiths, 2nd Battalion, King's Own, Rangoon, Burma, 1923
bulletPrivate Charles Frank Hudson, number 3710634, 1st Battalion, King's Own, India, 1937
bulletPrivate Tom Irlam, number 3710110, 1st Battalion, King's Own Royal Regiment, 1935
bulletPrivate James Martin, number 3710067, 1st Battalion, King's Own, India, 1936.
bulletColonel Henry Moore, King's Own Regiment.
bulletSergeant Alfred James Moseley, (formerly Charter) number 3704203, 2nd Battalion, King’s Own, Palestine, 1938
bulletPrivate James William Nutter, number 3707877, 2nd Battalion, King's Own, India, 1929
bulletPrivate Stanley Pickvance, number 3854075, 1st Battalion, King's Own, India, 1937
bulletSergeant H V Sheldon, number 3702870, 2nd Battalion, King's Own, Rangoon, Burma, 1922


Second World War

bulletLance Corporal Cleaver Lawrence Alfred Newitt, number 3707676, King's Own, United Kingdom, 1941
bulletWO1 (RSM) Thomas Richmond, number 3516232, King's Own, United Kingdom, 1943
bulletPrivate Herbert Joe Royle, number 3714549, 2nd Battalion, King's Own, Burma, 1944
bulletPrivate Albert Whitham, number 3459185, 7th Battalion, King's Own, India, 1943


King's Own Royal Regiment Chelsea Pensioners at Brookwood Military Cemetery:

bulletSergeant John Beattie, King's Own
bulletPrivate Thomas Chester, King's Own
bulletPrivate Walter David Thomas, King's Own
bulletCorporal Albert Ernest White, King's Own


bulletAldershot Military Cemetery

Cemeteries - First World War

bulletArgentan Communal Cemetery, France
bulletBarrow in Furness Cemetery, Cumbria, England
bulletDoiran Military Cemetery, Greece
bulletKisii Boma, Kenya, First World War
bulletLahana Military Cemetery, Greece
bulletLindal in Cartmel, St. Paul's Churchyard, Cumbria, England
bulletStruma Military Cemetery, Greece

Cemeteries - Second World War

bulletAdinkerke Military Cemetery, Belgium
bulletAire Communal Cemetery, France
bulletAlexandria Hadra War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt
bulletArezzo War Cemetery, Italy
bulletAssisi War Cemetery, Italy
bullet Banneville-La-Campagne War Cemetery, Normandy, France
bulletBayeux War Cemetery, France
bulletBergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, Netherlands
bulletBrouay War Cemetery, Normandy, France
bulletCassel Communal Cemetery, France
bulletCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Italy
bulletCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Italy
bulletCracow Rakowicki Cemetery, Poland
bullet Damascus War Cemetery, Syria
bulletDunkirk Town Cemetery, France
bulletEl Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt
bulletEstaires Communal Cemetery Extension, France
bulletFlookburgh St. John the Baptist Churchyard, Cumbria, England
bulletFlorence War Cemetery, Italy
bulletForli War Cemetery, Italy
bulletFouquieres Churchyard Extension, France
bulletGauhati War Cemetery, India
bulletGrootebeek British Cemetery, Belgium
bulletJerusalem War Cemetery, Normandy, France
bulletHabbaniya War Cemetery, Iraq
bulletHaringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery, Belgium
bulletHermanville War Cemetery, Calvados, France
bulletImphal War Cemetery, India
bulletKandy War Cemetery, Sri Lanka
bulletKemmel Chateau Military Cemetery, Belgium
bulletLa Gorgue Communal Cemetery, France
bulletLeros War Cemetery, Greece
bulletLes Moeres Communal Cemetery, France
bulletLille Southern Cemetery, France
bulletLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, France
bulletMalbork Commonwealth War Cemetery, Poland
bulletMalo-Les-Bains Communal Cemetery, France
bulletMaynamati War Cemetery, Bangladesh
bulletMedjez-El-Bab War Cemetery, Tunisia
bulletMerville Communal Cemetery Extension, France
bulletMilsbeek War Cemetery, Netherlands
bulletMook War Cemetery, Limburg, Netherlands
bulletNicosia War Cemetery, Cyprus
bulletOuttersteene Communal Cemetery Extension, Bailleul, France
bulletOverloon War Cemetery, Netherlands
bulletRanville War Cemetery, France
bulletReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany
bulletScotforth Cemetery, Lancaster
bullet Sequeviue-En-Bessin War Cemetery, Normandy, France
bulletSt. Manvieu War Cemetery, Normandy, France
bulletSt. Pol War Cemetery, France
bulletSyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Italy
bulletTaukkyan War Cemetery, near Rangoon, Burma
bullet Tilly-Sur-Seulles War Cemetery, Normandy, France
bulletTobruk War Cemetery, Libya
bulletTorrisholme Cemetery, Morecambe
bulletTwickenham Parochial Cemetery, England
bulletWormhoudt Communal Cemetery

Cemeteries - Post 1945

bulletHereford Cemetery, Herefordshire, England


Only a proportion of our collections are on display at anyone time.  Certain items are on loan for display in other institutions.  An appointment is required to consult any of our collections which are held in store.

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