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Troopships and Royal Naval Ships

We don't give air travel a second thought these days, but up until the 1960s the main mode of transport for the British Army was the troopship.  Through the history of the regiment troopships have played their vital part in getting the regiment to where it needed to be!  This section of the photo gallery looks at some of the ships used by the regiment.

The meaning of "HMT" varies - it can mean His/Her Majesty's Troopship - as it did for the Crocodile, Malabar, Euphrates and Serapis.  It can also mean "Hired Merchant Transport" which is probably correct for the troop ships of the 1920s to 1950s.  It can also mean "His/Her Majesty's Trawler", but we don't think that applies to any of the ships in our collection!

bulletHMT Crocodile 1872
bulletHMT Malabar 1895
bulletHMT Euphrates 1896
bulletHMT Serapis 1866
bulletSS Jelunga 1897
bulletHMT Assistance 1891
bulletHMT Ionian, 1900
bulletHMT Dongola 1905
bulletSS Saturnia, 1914
bulletHospital Ship Devanha, 1918
bulletHMT Somersetshire 1930s
bulletHMT Dorsetshire
bulletHMS Shropshire 1931
bulletHMT Neuralia, Bombay, 1929
bulletHMT Neuralia, Southampton, 1931
bulletHMT Nevasa, 1938
bulletRMS Asturias, 1950s
bulletHMT Dunera, 1950s
bulletHMT Empire Clyde, 1950s
bulletHMT Empire Fowey, 1950s
bulletHMT Empire Ken, 1950s
bulletHMT Empire Orwell, 1950s
bulletEmpire Skua, 1958
bulletHMT Empire Trooper, 1950s
bulletHMT Empire Windrush, 1950s
bulletHMT Georgic, 1947
bulletHMT Empire Gannet, 1958/59
bulletEmpire Halladale Presentation, 1947
bulletThe Ceremony of Neptune - Crossing the Equator
bulletViews from off shore
bulletArchive items relating to Troopships, 19th Century
bulletArchive Items relating to Troopships, National Service Years, 1945-59
bulletHMS London
bulletHMS Manchester, Second World War
bulletHMS Arethusa, Second World War



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