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Love and War - Sweetheart Items in the Museum's Collection

Sweetheart Postcards - Page Two

To sweethearts (2)

"To my wife"
Accession Number KO2025/06

"My heart is with you"
Accession Number KO2490/911

"Forget me not"
Accession Number KO1114/023

"Flowers from France"
Accession Number KO1114/035

"Forget me not"
Accession Number KO1114/043

"To my Dearest" and "With kindest regards"
Accession Numbers: Left KO0865/09 and right KO2025/07

Embroidered postcard ‘Souvenir de France’ from Drummer F Sorrie, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, France to 84 Pembury Road, Tonbridge, Kent, England
Drummer Frank Sorrie, number 2087, 4th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment and also shown as ‘RLR Transport Gunner 682003’
Postcard sent to an address in Tonbridge in Kent, censored by Lieutenant Harold Arthur Brocklebank, of the 4th Battalion, King’s Own. Later Major, and of Grizedale Hall, Lake District.
Brocklebank was reported missing on 31 Jul 1917 and repatriated on 14 Dec 1918. He was the third son of Sir Thomas Brocklebank (1814-1906) who bought Grizedale Hall in 1903, he being a wealthy Liverpool based merchant.
He had three daughter and two sons, the 4th son was Captain Thomas Geoffry Brocklebank, who was killed in action on 5 Aug 1916 with 277 Brigade Royal Field Artillery. The fifth son was Captain Harold Arthur Brocklebank, born in 1881 and died 12 Jun 1944.
Accession Number: KO3111/31

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