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Thank you for visiting the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum's website.  We've packed it full of information on
the history of the regiment since 1680.  Our website contains hundreds of photographs, details of objects
and archives in the museum's collection, as well as suggestions for further study.

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The Regiment's history is fascinating, at times exciting and often emotional.

2017 is all set to be a busy year!

From 'Front Line to White Lund' will be a major exhibition between May and November continuing the story of the First World War - with a look at the Regiment overseas and also life and work in Lancaster.

The Story of 1917 starts on our website.

With much more to come!

The Museum, located within the City Museum, Market Square, Lancaster, LA1 1HT, and is open 10am to 5pm Tuesday to Sunday. Admission is free.

On line exhibitions:

141 Days: The Battle of the Somme
200th Anniversary Exhibition: Lieutenant Francis Maguire and the Forlorn Hope at San Sebastian,
31st August 1813

Remembrance Images from the Western Front - photographs by David Shackleton.
Images from Empire - The King's Own in the Victorian & Edwardian Era
How we have changed!  The 80th Anniversary of the museum (1929-2009).
Boy Scouts on Imperial Service, The Centenary of the Lonsdale District Scouts.

Visit our First World War Educational Website, 'Remember', for pupils, teachers and all
interested in the war.

Contact us on We welcome your feedback.

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The museum is a registered charity, number 272109.

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