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First World War Battalion War Diaries on CD-Rom of the
King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

The museum is pleased to announce the completion of a major digitisation project of the First World War diaries of the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.  Many hundreds of detailed pages have been digitally captured and they are now available on CD-Rom, to be viewed on a computer, using either 'My Computer' or 'Windows Explorer'. 

The type and amount of information included in each war diary varies.  For example, the diaries for the 2nd and 7th Battalions are much more comprehensive than those of the 1st and 8th Battalions.  The diaries for the 2nd/5th Battalion and 6th Battalion are somewhat briefer than others.  However, each diary provides a fascinating account of the day to day activities of each battalion in the First World War.

Each page has been digitally copied, and is stored in the CD-Rom in chronological order.

Each CD-Rom costs only 12.75, including UK postage and packing.

1st Battalion, 4th August 1914 to 28th February 1919
2nd Battalion, Volume One, December 1914 to August 1917
2nd Battalion, Volume Two, September 1917 to March 1919
1st/4th Battalion, 1st May 1915 to 30th April 1919
1st/5th Battalion, 14th February 1915 to 30th June 1919
(Less March 1915, March, April & May 1919)
2nd/5th Battalion, 6th February 1917 to 31st May 1919
6th Battalion, 13th June 1915 to 28th February 1919
7th Battalion, Volume One, July 1915 to May 1917
7th Battalion, Volume Two, June 1917 to February 1918
8th Battalion, 26th September 1915 to 1st December 1918
9th Battalion, 6th September 1915 to 30th April 1919
11th Battalion, 2nd June 1916 to 17th February 1918

Please use the order form to purchase copies.
Please also see Trench Maps which are now available from the museum shop or by mail order..

View an example of a typical page of the 2nd Battalion's War Diary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the war diary contain the name of my relative?
Generally not, personnel are rarely mentioned, however some war diaries do mention individual soldiers, of all ranks, and including honours and awards as well as some casualty details.

Why are there no war diaries for the 3rd, 10th and 12th Battalions?
These battalions did not serve overseas, therefore no diaries were produced.

The war diary mentions maps and appendices - I cannot find them on the CD-Rom?
The CD-Rom contains a full digital copy of the war diary we have - and often mention is made of appendices and or trench maps which are not contained in our copies.  If they exist in our copy, they are on the CD-Rom.  It may be that the copies at The National Archives, Kew, will have more information.  Copies of First World War Trench Maps are available (in original form) at organisations such as The National Archives and the Imperial War Museum and (in copy form) from certain retails and the Imperial War Museum.
Seven First World War Trench Maps are available from the museum.

Can I print pages from the CD-Rom?
Yes.  Most computers and printers will have the ability to print off a page.

Some pages are slightly difficult to read and appear to be fuzzy, why?
The war diaries are typed copies of the originals and numerous copies appear to have been produced - the majority with the use of carbon paper.  Some of the typewriting is sharper than others.  We have always attempted to obtain the best quality copy. 

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