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Collections - Coins, Currency & Money

First World War - Allied - French, Belgian, Greek

Chamber of Commerce and Town issued small denomination notes.

In 1914 French coinage was being hoarded for its metal content and merchants were unable to process small transactions.  Local towns and chambers of commerce produced small denomination notes throughout France as the war continued.  Those which survive in the collections of British soldiers usually relate only to the Western Front area.

Ville de Bailleul 50 Centimes note. 
Accession Number: KO2160/37-063

Ville de Bailleul 1 Franc note.
Accession Number: KO2160/37-064

Chamber of Commerce of Bethune, 50 centimes note.
Accession Number:KO2160/37-097

Ville d'Abbeville and Chamber of Commerce, 50 centimes note.
Accession Number: KO2160/37-098

(not photographed)
Boulogne Chamber of Commerce, 50 centimes note.
Accession Number: KO2061/16

1000 franc note, French, First World War.
Accession Number: KO2933/02

Chambre de Commerce D'Amiens, Un Franc.  Dated 1915.
Accession Number: KO3028/06

Caisse D’Epargne de Cambrai – Deux Francs
Accession Number: KO3060/05

Societe Generale de Belgique, Un Franc, dated 12 Sep 1918
Accession Number: KO3060/07

Ville de Binche, Don De Caisse De 10 Centimes, dated 8 Nov 1918
Accession Number: KO3060/08

Syndicat Ardennais De Ravitaillement pour la Region de Sedan. Bon de Cinquante Centimes
Accession Number: KO3060/09

Ville Du Havre Et Chambre de Commerce du Harve. Un Franc, 1917.
Accession Number: KO3060/10

French 50 Centimes Coin
Accession Number: KO3020/20

Belgian 5 Cent Coin, dated 1916
Accession Number: KO3020/21

Greek 10 Lepta Coin, dated 1912.
Accession Number: KO3020/22

French Coin stamped 'To Nell From George' and 'G Hawitt KLR Ypres'
When this coin was accepted in the museum it was stated that it referred to the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, research since has now identified the soldier as Private George Hawitt of the King’s Liverpool Regiment, number 2322/330456.
Accession Number: KO2100/01

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