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Photograph Gallery - Albums

Reminiscences of the War, 2nd Battalion, The King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, 1914-1918 by Lieutenant Colonel Bois, complied from his notes, illustrations & photographs in 1937.

Page One - France

Page Two - Egypt & Salonika

Page Three - Salonika

The images, documents, maps and sketches on these pages come from a typescript album.

From a sister album see also:

bulletPhotographs 1 - 22 India & Journey Home
bulletPhotographs 23 - 46 Western Front
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bulletPhotographs 57 - 87 Salonika Page One
bulletPhotographs 88 - 115 Salonika Page Two
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bulletPhotographs 175 - 191 Dardanelles, Chanak & Turkey
bulletPhotographs 192 - 205 Concert Party

Battalion Concert Party, Barrell’s Blues
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-094

Battalion Concert Party, Barrell’s Blues
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-095

Battalion Headquarters, Kopriva Bridge
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-096

2nd Battalion, King’s Own, Headquarters, Kopriva Bridge, with Lieutenant Naismith (Royal Field Artillery), Captain Arney, Lieutenant Jacobs and Lieutenant Varley.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-097

Programme: ‘Bluebeard A Pantomime in Two Acts by Members of the 28th Division.’
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-098

Commanding Officers House, Cavadalah, built by Battalion Pioneers. Captain Arney and de Cordova.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-099

Battalion Headquarters Mess at Cavadalah.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-100

Menu, Christmas Day, 1917.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-101

Lieutenant Thompson and Lieutenant Edmonds
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-102

On the ranges, Cavadalar
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-103

On the ranges, Cavadalar
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-104

Lieutenant Monks and Major de Cordova, at Gurlimenti.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-105

Lieutenant Eadie, Bayley, Arney, Pim, ‘Eggie’ and de Cordova.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-106

Majors Packard and Major de Cordova
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-107

Battalion football team winners of the 28th Division Cup.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-108

Bayley and Plunkett outside Dugout at Big Tree Well.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-109

Bulgarian soldiers outside their bivouacs, North of Bursuk.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-110

Bulgarian officer at Bursuk.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-111

Bulgarian Quartermaster Stores
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-112

Austrian SchwarzeLozer captured at Bursuk.
“This machine gun was fitted with a flash obscurer and is now in the Officers Mess at the Regimental Depot”
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-113

Sketch: Battalion Headquarters, Ferdie Hill.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-114

Captain de Cordova riding down to the trenches.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-115

Captain Arney, Adjutant; Captain Connell, Quartermaster, Eggie, the dog.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-116

Captain Ellis and De Cordova
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-117

On the range, Lawson, Durtnell, Lewis, Witty, Nightingale.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-118

Ranges, Cavdalar
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-119

Guard for the 28th Division Horse Show.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-120

Guard for the 28th Division Horse Show.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-121

Officers: Tearle; Brown; Jacobs; Parry; Mann, Jackson, McDowell, Knight, Knox, Ellis, Connell, Bennett, Milner, Deakin, Bayley, Cordova.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-122

Sketch of Strumica
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-123

Notice on road to Vardar outside Uncle George’s HQ. “Private Road. Closed to all traffic except motor cars conveying officers wearing red tabs.”
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-124

Sketch map, Doiran Front, Sep 1918.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-125

Sketch: The 83rd Brigade winding down the Boluntili Pass to the Strumica Valley.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-126

Sketch: Looking north from the summit of the pass over the Strumica Valley.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-127

Sketch: Rabrova, Battalion Camp on the night of 13 Oct 1918.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-128

Sketch: Suhu Laka.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-129

Newspaper cutting: Re-conquered Serbia: British Army’s Part. One of two.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-130

Newspaper cutting: Re-conquered Serbia: British Army’s Part. Two of two.
Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-131

Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-132

Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-133

Accession Number: KOLIB0199/01-134


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