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Collections - Letters

Letters of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan, 1804-1811.

Letter Number 11

Dated 24 June 1807 from CB at Dambury Addressed to Mrs Charles Bevan, Vice Admiral Dacres, Bursledon, Nr Southampton, Hants

We still remain, my beloved Mary, in uncertainty as to the period of our embarkation but we have received orders to practise some particular things relating principally to Continental Service. This therefore leaves us in no doubt as to the part of the world we are destined for if we do go which by the papers seems to be doubted but for my own part I never place the least confidence in paragraphs of this nature where we do know it is improbable that the Editor of a Newspaper can be informed of the designs of the Administration. We have also a report here that the Regt is to move to Chelmsford immediately that I hope is also false. It is one of the (illeg word) places in the whole district as a Quarter. Col Johnson however has heard nothing of it therefore I hope it will not happen. This morning I had a letter from Julia & was disappointed in not receiving one from Bursledon but I am sure I will have one tomorrow, and one that will bring the good tidings of my dearest wife & sons. God Bless you all. I miss you very much indeed & my poor little Charles is becoming so good a play fellow that I daily regret that he & I cannot rush around together/ My Mother I find has not determined anything about London. Mrs B (illeg) has been very unwell & is still so much so that the Apothecary has thought it necessary to write to Dr Hunter Julia & my Mother are quite well. She says she would have written to you but is ignorant of a further direction to your Residence.

I am going today to see Col Johnson. There is to be a very quiet party I am very well only my unfortunate Face is quite skinned by the sun. We have every morning Field Day for about 3 hours in the heat of the day. But it will soon get seasoned and then I shall do very well. I begged you in my last letter to take particular care of your cold & also to give a faithful account of it. I hope by this time there is no necessity for my first caution & that I shall hear as much tomorrow. I have a pleasant bill to pay off nearly four pounds for damages due to the Quarters we occupied in the Cavalry Barrack. It is a very scandalous charge & I am endeavouring to resist it but fear I shall be obliged to pay it having been in those quarters only on sufferance and as a favour. If therefore I make much matter about it they will (illeg) it & it may put a stop to such indulgences in future the charges amount to more than the sum I have mentioned but of this Capt Power has a part to pay. I hope your Mother & sisters are well & quite settled in their new house. Pray give my best love to them. Kiss our dear little boys for me, and believe me always your most affectionate and faithful


i) The Regt was preparing for what turned out to be the raid on Copenhagen to seize the Danish fleet Sept 2 5 1807 to forestall Napoleon
ii) Col Johnson C.O. 1/28th Ft
iii) Julia CBs sister
iv) Bursledon Evidently Marys father Vice Admiral J R Dacres had moved to a new appointment from Plymouth
v) Brighton CBs mother liked visiting Brighton. Mrs B? & Dr Hunter unidentified
vi) Capt Power Capt W.M. Power is shown in 28th Officers list 1806. Power is mentioned by Blakeney as temporarily in command of some 28th in Gibraltar in about 1810

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