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South African War (Boer War) Medal Presentations

Presentation of South Africa Medals to the 2nd Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, at Blackdown in April 1903 by General Wynne CB.

2nd Battalion medal presentation at Blackdown, April 1903.
Standing, left to right:
W Batchelor; Mrs Batchelor; unknown; Major Charles Gerard Barton DSO; Major Guy Audouin Carleton DSO;
Major Alexander James King DSO; Major Antoine Dominique Thorne; Murray (?); M Yeatherd (son of Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Yeatherd, killed during the war.); Captain Frederick Montgomerie Carleton DSO;
Lieutenant Eric Francis Hausburg; Captain Alfred McNair Dykes; Higginson (?); Lieutenant Washington Charles Thomas Hibbert; Lieutenant Charles Walter Grover; Captain William Sandbach; Lieutenant (QM) Charles William Jepson; Lieutenant Rowland Money; Lieutenant Russell Mortimer Luckock; Lieutenant John Thornton Lodwick;
Lieutenant George Ernest Weatherhead; 2nd Lieutenant John Maitland Salmond; Captain Robert Nelson Dobson;
Lieutenant Arthur Llewelyn Edward Meredith; Lieutenant Frank Cornwall Naper; 2nd Lieutenant Denis Gage Deane-Tanner; Lieutenant Eugene von Brockdorff; 2nd Lieutenant Thomas Otho Fitzgerald; Lieutenant Thomas Charles Reginald Higgins.
Seated: Captain (Adjutant) Aylmer Richard Sancton Martin; Lieutenant Colonel Frank Broadwood Matthews;
General Sir Archibald Hunter; General John Winburn Laurie MP; Mrs Stokes; General A S Wynne CB (Deputy Adjutant General); Mrs Matthews; General Herbert Cuthbert Borrett; Colonel Fitzherbert; Major Walter Henry Duffin;
Captain Nigel Lucius Samuel Lysons; Captain Charles Edward McIver Morrison.
Accession Number: KO0314/01-008d

2nd Battalion medal presentation at Blackdown, April 1903.
Accession Number: KO0314/01-009a

Pensioner Evans, late of the King's Own, a veteran of the Crimea and Abyssinian Campaigns, at the medal presentation.  Could this be the husband of Mrs Elizabeth Evans?
Accession Number: KO0314/01-009b

2nd Battalion medal presentation at Blackdown, April 1903.
Accession Number: KO0314/01-009c

2nd Battalion medal presentation at Blackdown, April 1903.
Accession Number: KO0314/01-009d

2nd Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, Officers at Presentation of South African War Medals, April, 1903.  Blackdown.
Accession Number: KO0375/08

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