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Regimental History - The War Memorial Village, Westfield, Lancaster

The War Memorial Village, Lancaster
Occupation List published in The Lion and The Rose May 1933

Cottage Name Former Regiment
Leslie T Cragg 5th King’s Own
Morton H Billington 5th King’s Own
Le Cateau E Sallis 1st King’s Own
Ypres H Elderton 1st King’s Own
Marne J Betton Royal Fusiliers
Somme C O’Callaghan 3rd King’s Own
Arras J Curwen Lancashire Fusiliers
Lys J Helme Lancashire Fusiliers
Messines J Sharples 5th King’s Own
France R Bleasdale 5th King’s Own
Flanders P Thompson 5th King’s Own
Gallipoli A E Barlow Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Mesopotamia  Mrs Holden Widow of G Holden 5th King’s Own
Herbert Storey R W Watson 5th King’s Own
Elworthy No. 1 J B Mattocks 5th King’s Own
Elworthy No. 2 A E Bullock 1st King’s Own
Vimy D Atkinson 5th King’s Own
St. Julien W V Wallis The Buffs
Nantyr 1 J Johnstone 5th King’s Own
Nantyr 2 J Pullen 5th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
Nantyr 3 C Howse Worcestershire Regiment
Co-operative J H Lever Royal Artillery
Silverdale R Hull 5th King’s Own
Alexandra J W Barker 5th King’s Own
Oxford M Lancaster York and Lancaster Regiment
Remembrance J Taylor 5th King’s Own
Old Pals S Carney Royal Fusiliers
Tower Wood F Wood 6th King’s Own
Leyell Terrace 1 E Townsend 5th King’s Own
Leyell Terrace 2 E Fisher Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Leyell Terrace 3 A Bowker Royal Artillery
Leyell Terrace 4 J Hall 1st King’s Own
Doiran E Hoggarth 7th King’s Own
Haig Avenue 2 A Lofthouse Seaforth Highlanders
Haig Avenue 3 E Riding 5th King’s Own
Haig Avenue 4 R Braithwaite Royal Artillery
Haig Avenue 5 J Griffiths Northumberland Fusiliers
Haig Avenue 6 J A Oswald 5th King’s Own
Haig Avenue 7 W Makinson Lancashire Fusiliers
Haig Avenue 8 G Smith 1st King’s Own
Haig Avenue 9 C Dennison 5th King’s Own
Aisne C Harmer 9th King’s Own
Suvla R Jackson 5th King’s Own
Struma W C Capstick 5th King’s Own
Mons H Simpson Royal Artillery
Loos D Lambert 5th King’s Own
Cambrai C O Brown Machine Gun Corps
Armentieres J Bradshaw 5th King’s Own
Festubert H Heron 5th King’s Own
Ancre J Woodend 5th King’s Own
St. Quentin R Tyson 5th King’s Own
Bethune T Wenlock 5th King’s Own
Sambre R H Holden 5th King’s Own
Tigris T Woodhouse Border Regiment
Baghdad R Geary 1st King’s Own
Egypt J K Knowles King’s Royal Rifle Corps
Scarpe G Campbell 5th King’s Own
Morval W Hodkinson 5th King’s Own
Pozieres A Melvin Irish Guards
Menin W I Shore Seaforth Highlanders
Frezenberg C Townson 5th King’s Own
Hazebrouck J Sears 1st King’s Own
Delville R Johnson Seaforth Highlanders
Albert W E Parkinson 5th King’s Own
Bapaume T Salthouse Seaforth Highlanders
Cotswold No. 1 W Knowles Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
Costwold No. 2 W Bell Border Regiment
No. 1 Flat Mrs S Brockbank Widow of G Brockbank Royal Army Medical Corps
No. 2 Flat H Gordon 8th King’s Own

Number of Cottages and Bungalows 68
Number of Flats 2

Population, March 1933

Men and Women 137
Children 190
Total 327



© Images are copyright, Trustees of the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum.
 You must seek permission prior to publication of any of our images.

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