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Soldiers of the Regiment

Regimental Rolls

South Africa 1879 Medal


Private J Abbot number 1360
Private W Adams number 1206
Colour Sergeant W Adams number 2267
Private M Aithwaite number 2407
Private D Allen number 2309
Private C Allen number 2573
Private P Allen number 2922
Private T Allen number 2925
Private T Anderson number 2581
Private J Anderson number 31 (J Anderson listed as died 29 Oct 1879 no number given)
Private F Andrews number 1122
Lance Corporal E Archer number 2575
Private J A Armstrong number 3136
Private T Arnold number 2349
Corporal J Arnold number 2453
Private F Ashenden number 2659
Private F Aspell number 585
Private T Bacon number 1141
Private T Bahan number 2443
Private J Bailey number 2518
Private J Baker number 2464
Private J Baker number 2584 Deserted no medal
Private T Balnam number 2434
Private C Banks number 3137
Private T or S Barber number 1270 Died 30 May 1879 of Enteric Fever
Corporal G Barfield number 323
Sergeant P Barkey number 415
Private C Barley number 2463
Private J Barnard number 3065
Corporal G Barnes number 327 Deserted
Private W Barnes number 971
Private S Barnett number 381
Private W Barnett number 1588
Private M Barrett number 785
Private D Barrett number 849
Private B Barrett number 1241
Private T Barrett number 2488
Sergeant J Barrington number 638
Private T Barron number 1119
Drummer J Barry number 1915
Private P Barry number 2561
Private W A Bartlett number 587
Private C Bartlett number 2166
Private W Batcheldar number 2572
Private F Bateman number 2388
Private W Baxter number 290
Private W Beaver number 2957
Lance Corporal W Beckett number 1871
Private T Bedlington number 803
Private S Belcher number 2924
Private C Bennett number 1663
Private F Bennett number 1886
Private A Bennett number 2141
Private J Bennett number 2718 Deserted no medal.
Private J Bermingham number 776
Private R Beswick number 631 Severely wounded Kambula, 29 Mar 1879
Private J Bibby number 2756
Corporal W Bing number 1130
Private J Bingham number 359
Corporal W Binns number 1119
Private J Birch number 702
Private C Bird number 2386
Private J Bird number 2406
Private D Birrell number 1851
Sergeant T Bishop number 1443
Sergeant G Bishop number 2912
Major W F Blake number
Private J Blake number 568
Private W Blake number 2182
Private J Boland number 2423
Lieutenant J I Bonomi number
Private E Booth number 540
Private J Borden number 208
Private J Borkin number 816
Private T Bourke number 739
Private W Bowner number 2501
Private E Boxall number 3046
Private J Boyce number 956
Private R Boyd number 2173
Private J Bradley number 2303
Private J Bradley number 2446
Private D Bradshaw number 1227
Private H Bray number 2310
Brevet Colonel E W Bray number
Private S Breakwell number 865
Private J Breen number 416
Private T Brennan number 405
Private C Brennan number 643
Private W Brewin number 2489
Private T Bridgeman number 2502
Private J Brockbank number 429 Deserted no medal.
Private George Brooker or Brookes number 1036 Died 17 Mar 1879 of Enteric fever grave lists him as Brookes
Private G Brooks number 1897
Private W Brophil number 713
Private J Brown number 2503
Private T Brown number 2619 Medal Forfeited. No reason given
Private W Brusey number 717
Drummer J Brusey number 2237
Private L Bryan number 768
Private M Bryan number 960
Private J Bryan number 2286 Medal Forfeited. No reason given
Private J Buckingham number 1195
Drummer C Bucknall number 2169
Private R Bundle number 2620
Private J Buntin number 2470
Private T Bunting number 2376
Private D Burgoine number 2537 Deserted no medal
Private T Burke number 615 Deserted no medal
Private D Burness number 2435
Private T Burns number 2739 Deserted no medal.
Private J Burrows number 2353
Sergeant W Burton number 1899
Private J Burton number 3074
Lance Corporal W Butler number 818
Private G Butler number 1044
Private J Butterfield number 1296
Private J Byrne number 642
Private J Byrne number 660
Private B Byrne number 786
Private W Byrne number 1187
Private T Byrne number 1842
Lance Corporal W Byrne number 2504
Private E Byrne number 2794
Private W Byrne number 2799
Sergeant J Cain number 613
Private J Callagahan number 671
Private J Callagahan number 2311
Private A Callagahan number 2757
Private M Callanan number 600
Private P Calncy number 448
Private H Calvert number 2758
Private J Campbell number 393
Private J Cannon number 3043
Private C Carberry number 326
Private J Carberry number 439
Private J Carroll number 780
Private P Carroll number 2798
Lieutenant E A F Carter number
Private J Carter number 2621
Private F Cartledge number 2817
Private O Casey number 576
Corporal E Casper number 2187
Private W Catterall number 368
Private J Catterall number 1265
Private T Cawley number 961
Private W Chadwick number 2127
Private J Chadwick number 2894
Private H Chalk number 2233
Colour Sergeant Henry Chapman number 652
Private G Chapman number 2790
Lance Sergeant R Charley number 37
Private A Chater number 1994
Private T Chowne number 2661 Deserted no medal.
Sergeant C Clancy number 745
Private J Clarke number 351
Private G Clarke number 2382
Private F Clarke number 2659
Private D Clarke number 2761
Private T P Clarke number 2917
Private W Clarkson number 492
Private P Cleary number 1034
Private R Clissold number 2755
Private T Clough number 1189
Private P Clune number 2647
Private S Coates number 2312
Private W Coburn number 2765
Private R Colbert number 3061
Drummer S Coleman number 1696
Private D Collins number 1018
Private G Collins number 1147
Private J Collins number 2276
Sergeant W Colvin number 2106
Private J Compton number 373
Private M Condon number 2490
Private J Connell number 436
Private J Connor number 1162
Private D Connors number 1097
Private W Conroy number 763
Private T Constant number 193
Private W Constant number 446
Private G Constant number 941
Private J Conway number 1315
Sergeant R Cook number 1234
Private J Cooney number 2653
Private T Cooper number 2803
Corporal C Coote number 664
Private A E Cope number 674
Private R Cope number 2380
Private S Corbett number 2489
Private J Corcoram number 2562
Private G Corduck number 3039
Private J Cornhill number 966
Private B Cosney or Covney number 3057
Sergeant W Costello number 1208
Private T Costello number 2475
Private J Cottle number 2061
Private G Coughtrey number 2179
Private A E Court number 396
Corporal G Cowley number 3050
Private W Cox number 937
Private A Cox number 2919
Private C Cox number 3047
Private W Crabtree number 2454
Private R Cragg number 1274
Private J Craig number 2566 No Medal Deserted
Private E Cramer number 384
Private J Craven number 566
Private W Crawley number 2180
Lance Corporal J Croft number 1575
Captain Adjutant M E Crofton number
Private C Cronin number 1589 T Cronin died of dysentery 24 Feb 1879
Private J Cronshaw number 2029
Private G Croxford number 2505
Corporal T Cullemore number 782
Private T Cummings number 749
Private J Cummings number 954
Private A Cummings number 987
Private J Cunniffe number 2228 No Medal Deserted
Private J Cunnigham number 395
Private J Curley number 729
Private J Dale number 2313
Private W Darton number 2424
Sergeant B or J Darwell number 621 Died - unknown cause - 29 May 1879
Corporal W D'Aton number 668
Private T Davis number 101
Private J G Davis number 586
Private G Davis number 976
Private W Davis number 1110
Private J Davis number 1293
Private H Davis number 1970
Private R Davis number 2230
Private G Davis number 2334
Private E Davis number 2338
Private J Davis number 2364
Private J Davis number 2379
Private D Davis number 2389
Private W Davis number 2455
Private R Davis number 341 Died Enteric Fever 27 Feb 1879
Private W Day number 1045
Sergeant J Dean number 2186
Private J Dean number 2409
Private J Deegan number 2455
Private T Deighton number 1007
Private W Delaney number 762
Private K Delaney number 1064
Private D Delaney number 2551
Private J Dempsey number 2235
Private M Dempsey number 1085 No Medal Deserted
Private A Dennis number 2908
Private M Devine number 604
Private H Devine number 2468
Private G Devison number 874 Corporal G Devison listed as died 15 Nov 1879
Private J Devlin number 771
Private D Dillon number 2636
Private C Dobbins number 2473
Private J H Dobble number 2770
Private J Dobson number 1636
Private J Dolan number 877
Lieutenant E Dolphin number
Private P Dooley number 731
Private J Dootson number 595 No Medal Deserted
Private H Douglas number 705
Private S Douglas number 2072
Private S Dowbiggin number 1048 Medal forfeited, no reason
Private J Dowling number 629
Private G Downes number 662
Private S Downton number 2771
Private M Doyle number 716
Private B Doyle number 1038
Private J Doyle number 1135
Private J Doyle number 3068
Private T Dring number 2491
Private J Duck number 1879
Private M Duckworth number 2206
Private J Dunn number 752 Died Asthma 29 May 1879
Private T Dunn number 1022 Medal forfeited, no reason
Private T Dunn number 374 No Medal, Deserted
Private G Dutton number 632
Private J Dwyer number 635
Private M Dwyer number 2661
Private J Dyer number 2623
Corporal J Earle number 1100
Private A Ede number 3045
Private W Edmonds number 1137
Private G Edwards number 259
Private J Edwards number 1204
Private E Edwards number 2183
Private J Edwards number 2200
Private J Edwards number 2371
Private H Edwards number 2571
Private C Edwards number 2778
Private G Edwards number 2773 Died unknown cause 26 Jul 1879 listed as initial J
Private T Egan number 898
Private J Eggleton number 1640
Major J Mc D Eilliot number
Private R Elder number 787
Private E Elley number 1277
Lieutenant G H B Elliott number
Private J Elliott number 2574
Private W Ellis number 714
Private W Ellis number 2198
Private J English number 2236
Private G Ettridge number 348 Medal forfeited, no reason.
Private T Evans number 412
Lance Corporal T Evans number 1982
Lance Sergeant J H Evans number 2506
Lance Corporal J H Evans number 2506
Corporal W Evitt number 325
Drummer H Ewing number 3051
Corporal C Fairplay number 379
Private H Fall number 2645
Private C Farrell number 729 No Medal, Deserted
Private J Fennelly or Finnelly number 2182 No Medal, Deserted 6 Sep 1879.
Lance Corporal H Field number 2384
Private D Finn number 1853
Private J Finnegan number 677
Private J Fitzpatrick number 2410
Private M Flaherty number 2675
Private G Fletcher number 1004
Private J Flood number 741
Private F Flynn number 489
Private P Foley number 3152
Private A Foote number 2314 Died - drowned - 7 Apr 1879
Private J Foster number 3040
Corporal J Fox number 1241
Private D Francis number 2372
Private M Freeman number 903 S Freeman no number as died of dysentery 18 May 1879
Sergeant T Fulcher number 1379
Private J Furlong number 1642
Private W Gale number 2357
Private J Gale number 2507
Corporal B Gall number 761
Private T Gallagher number 2315
Private M Garhety number 472
Private G Garlick number 125
Pioneer Sergeant A Garner number 1240
Private M Garrally number 2373
Lieutenant J M Gawne number
Corporal M Geoghegan number 754
Private E George number 2352
Sergeant J Gibbons number 1940
Private J Gibbons number 2430
Private J Gibbons number 2456
Drummer B Gibbs number 2900
Private T Gibson number 2317 Deserted
Private W Gibson number 1265
Private C Gill number 2891
Private S Gillegan number 2411
Sergeant J Gillett number 578
Private M Gillon number 2480
Private J Gillson number 491
Private J Gladwell number 1107 No Medal Deserted
Private P Gleeson number 634
Private M Glynn number 579
Private J Goddard number 2400
Private D Good number 2534 No Medal Deserted
Private D Gordon number 357
Corporal J Gordon number 1311
Private J Gorman number 2339
Private F Goston number 1976
Private G Gould number 2759
Private H Goulding number 3048 No Medal Deserted
Private M Graham number 640
Private A Grainger number 2168
Private H Grant number 2336
Private G Grantham number 2436
Private H Gray number 2570
Private J Greaves number 1299
Private J Green number 644
Private T Green number 1740
Lance Corporal G Green number 2185
Private J Green number 2485
Private J Green number 2775
Private J Griffiths number 366 No Medal Deserted
Quartermaster Sergeant R Griffiths number 114
Private A Griffiths number 2492
Private D Griffiths number 2807
Lance Corporal J E Grimmer number 2111
Private T Grundy or Griggs number 2142 South Africa Medal, with 2 KO 1879 Died Enteric Fever 19 Apr 1879 - man with No 2142 listed as J P Griggs on Grave Details
Armourer Sergeant J Guest number 34
Private J Gunn number 606
Private R Haggis number 2482
Private J Hainley number 2452
Private W Hale number 2447 No South Africa Medal Deserted
Private T Haley number 2469
Private T Hall number 339
Private H Halliday number 2508 No details other than died of dysentery 16 Mar 1879 Not on medal roll.
Private B Halliday number 2511
Private T Halpin number 3053
Drummer E Hamblett number 620
Private D Hanna number 2897
Private S Hannaghey number 1030
Private P Hannigan number 2660
Corporal W Harcourt number 302
Private J Harrington number 2552
Corporal R Harris number 994
Private J Harrol number 2155
Private J Harrold number 2172
Private R Hartshorn number 2318
Private E Harvey number 755
Private S Harvey number 2888
Private W Harwood number 2921
Private J Hatch number 2585
Private B Hathaway number 2811
Private E Hattam number 2228
Private W Hawkey number 2493
Private W Hawkins number 2631 No South Africa Medal deserted
Private W Hawthorne number 721
Lieutenant A W Hay number
Private D Hayward number 2354
Lance Corporal C Hayward number 2625
Private James Heath number 610
Private T Hemmings number 3077
Corporal W Hemsley number 1192
Private E Hennell number 2632 No South Africa Medal deserted
Private J Hennessy number 2366
Private J Hepworth number 2426
Sergeant J Herd number 431
Private J Hersey number 2139
Private J Hessian number 972
Private J M Hicks number 2512
Private I Higgins number 2576
Private I Higgott number 2280
Private T Hill number 809
Drummer H B Hill number 2064
Private A Hill number 2437
Drummer J Hills number 2170
Private G Hills number 2573
Private T Hills number 2895
Private T Hinchey number 2668
Private R Hindle number 573
Private T Hobbs number 2457
Private W Hobson number 2319
Private J Hobson number 2680
Lance Sergeant J Hogan number 638
Lance Corporal J Hogan number 663
Private C Hogan number 2397
Private H Holden number 1313
Private B Holditch number 812
Private F Holland number 2487
Private D Hollerow number 2403
Private T Hollingberry number 2583
Private F Holloway number 2768
Private H Holmes number 2183
Private J Horn number 2404
Private R Hornett number 1203
Private G Howarth number 2892
Private C Howse number 1242
Private T Howse number 2626
Private D Hoystead number 2354
Private J Hudson number 1182
Private P Hughes number 617
Private J Hughes number 2359
Drummer T Humphries number 1593
Private C Humphries number 2462
Private G Hunt number 1283
Private W Hunt number 2207 Died Enteric Fever 16 Apr 1879
Private W Hurden number 3066
Drummer A Hurley number 2165
Private S Hurley number 2905
Lieutenant F M G Hutchinson number
Private J Ingle number 602
Private I Inwood number 401
Schoolmaster F Ireland number
Private J Irvine number 1176
Private J Isherwood number 623
Private D Isles number 2514
Private C Izzard number 2019
Private H Jackson number 782
Private J Jackson number 1063
Private J Jackson number 2450
Lieutenant W L James number
Private J Jarman number 2797
Private E Jarvis number 2569
Private J Jenkins number 2916
Private R Jennings number 2577
Private J Johnson number 914
Sergeant W Johnson number 967
Lance Corporal W Johnson number 1021
Private W Johnson number 2457
Private A Johnstone number 2412
Private J Jones number 2387 No South Africa Medal Deserted
Private H Jones number 303
Lance Corporal R Jones number 2012
Private J Jones number 2231
Private J Jones number 2343
Private D E Jones number 2355
Private W Jones number 2375
Private A Jones number 2612
Private J A Jones number 2792
Private W Jones number 3069
Private J Jones number 2810 Died Enteric Fever 27 Feb 1879
Private W C Jordan number 3064
Private M Judge number 2647 or 2614 No South Africa Medal Deserted on 10 Sep 1879.
Corporal L J Kavanagh number 715
Private D Kehoe number 2565 No South Africa Medal Deserted
Private J Kehoe number 2431
Private W Kellaher number 1130
Private E Kellick number 2413
Private J Kelly number 2909 Discharged with Ignominy
Private O Kelly number 672
Private J Kelly number 1039
Private E Kelly number 2050
Private J Kelly number 2282
Private C Kelly number 2700
Private P Kelly number 2760
Private J Kelly number 2808
Private T Kelly number 2918
Lance Corporal W Kemplin number 1790
Private H Kennedy number 735
Private J Kennedy number 850
Private E Kennedy number 2212
Private T Kennedy number 3060 Two medals issued to same man
Private W Keogh number 996
Corporal W Kercourt number 1302
Private L Kernon number 2795
Private D Kewell number 957
Private J Kiernon number 2568
Private T Kilbride number 494
Private P Kilbride number 567
Private J King number 2628
Lance Corporal F Kirwan number 736
Private W Knight number 2317
Private R Knowles number 2530
Private J Knowles number 2787
Captain R A Knox number
Sergeant L J Lacey number 3524
Private G W Laffan number 2297
Private P Laing number 1767
Private D Laing number 2498
Private E Lambell number 2320
Private E Lamden number 2605
Private J Lancaster number 882 listed as died 8 Sep 1879
Private T Lane number 2132 No Medal Deserted
Private E Lane number 2629 No Medal Deserted
Private W Lane number 2674
Private H Langdell number 625
Private W Langham number 291
Sergeant Cook H Langmead number 2642
Private C Large number 3067
Lance Sergeant E Larkin number 792
Captain H B Laurence number
Private F Lawler number 2793
Private D Leahy number 2563
Colour Sergeant W Ledsham number 1936
Private F E Lee number 609
Sergeant N Lee number 1292
Private J Lee number 2516
Captain C G Leggett number
Private J Leggott number 2499
Private R Lennon number 304
Private J Lewis number 2341
Private W Lewis number 2398
Private R Lewis number 2804
Private T Lightburn number 2134
Private H Liney number 2517
Private G Little number 916 No Medal Deserted
Private W Llewellyn number 2531
Private T Lloyd number 2805
Private E Longham number 2374
Private F Lovell number 2458
Private W Lovelock number 2518
Private J Lyons number 599
Corporal W Lyons number 1215
Private P Lyons number 2776
Lieutenant R H MacCarthy number
Private Mack number 1037 No Medal Deserted
Corporal W Madelaine number 1594
Private J Maher number 2815
Private J Maher number 3070
Private W Mahoney number 127
Private K Mahoney number 2350
Private J Mahoney number 2673
Private P Maloney number 1789 No Medal Deserted
Private J Maloney number 1118
Private T Mandsley number 965
Private W Manton number 2414 Died Enteric Fever 3 Mar 1879
Private W Markey number 1552
Private F Marshall number 2495
Private J Martin number 2466 No Medal Deserted
Colour Sergeant A Martin number 202
Private S Martin number 679
Private G Martin number 2606
Private J Marvin number 360
Private F Mason number 2459
Private C W Mason number 2603
Private A Massingham number 2416
Lieutenant F B Matthews number
Private D Matthews number 508
Sergeant J Matthews number 591
Private J Matthews number 889
Private T Matthews number 1072
Private S Matthews number 1281
Private J Matthews number 2520
Private A Maxwell number 364
Private R Mayberry number 2567
Private J Maysbank number 2802
Private J McAuley number 367
Private J McBride number 2429
Private J McCann number 605 No Medal Discharged with ignominy
Private J McCarthy number 1601 No Medal Deserted
Private J McCarthy number 1449
Private M McCarthy number 2342
Private J McCarthy number 2535
Private F McConnell number 712
Private J McCullagh number 670
Private P McDonald number 343
Private T McDonald number 2322
Private J McDonough number 2500
Private S McDowell number 2519
Private P McGowan number 675
Private D D McGowan number 2769
Private J McGrail number 1796
Private D McGraith number 2914
Private P McGrath number 2323
Private T McGrath number 2438
Private M McInnessy number 2428
Private N McKay number 2637
Private E McKee number 2564
Private D McKee number 2899
Private H McKeog number 2298
Private J McLauchlin number 484
Private J McLauchlin number 2370
Lance Corporal D McLelland number 2494
Private A McLeod number 2195
Private H McLoughlan number 480
Private Thomas McMahon number 2672 No Medal Deserted
Private P McMahon number 636
Private J McMahon number 2321
Private T McNalty number 6809
Private M Mechan number 2484
Private H Medley number 307
Private R Menzies number 3071
Major O R Middleton number
Private W Middleton number 2178
Private H Miller number 1199
Corporal W Millet number 1228
Private W Mills number 2393
Private J Minggel number 2415
Private E Mitchell number 1246
Private J Moles number 2902
Private H Molloy number 638
Private G Monaghan number 388
Private W Monaghan number 2896
Private A Montgomery number 2440
Private H Mooney number 2663
Private T Moore number 2777 No Medal Deserted
Captain H Moore number
Lance Sergeant J Moore number 792
Private J Moore number 904
Private H Morgan number 2394
Private J Moriarity number 2655
Private J Morris number 608
Corporal J Morris number 2014
Private J Morris number 2772
Private J Morrissey number 2555
Private M Moss number 1243
Private J Mottley number 2671
Private J Mousley number 1251
Colour Sergeant T Moyens number 1466
Private C Moynihan number 2632
Private W Mulhall number 1098
Private W Mullans number 1791
Private J Mulverhill number 2556
Private T Murphy number 2399
Private T Murphy number 2448
Private T Murphy number 2667
Private J Murphy number 2670
Private P Murphy number 2335 Died Enteric Fever 8 Mar 1879
Private S Murray number 590
Private W Murray number 658
Private W Muzzle number 3041
Private F Nash number 1217
Private J Neil number 2486
Private J Neil number 2651
Private A Nelson number 2522 No Medal Deserted
Private J Newbury number 2890
Private J Newbury number 1193 Died Enteric Fever 23 Feb 1879
Private W Newman number 2594
Private J Nichols number 1483
Private J Nicholson number 614
Private W Nockolds number 3078
Private S Noden number 2788
Private D Nolan number 1151
Private R Oakley number 905
Lance Sergeant G Oates number 424
Private T O'Brien number 2669 No Medal Deserted
Lance Corporal J O'Brien number 715
Sergeant V O'Brien number 779
Sergeant J O'Brien number 855
Private J O'Brien number 2586
Private J O'Connell number 2650
Private J O'Connor number 692
Private P O'Dea number 2664
Lieutenant R A Ogilby number
Private M O'Keefe number 1124
Private J O'Keefe number 2324
Private T O'Leary number 2677 No Medal Deserted
Private W O'Leary number 2367
Private C Oliver number 2809
Private J O'Neill number 764 Medal forfeited no reasons
Acting Conductor O'Neill number 1771
Private J O'Neill number 2422
Private P O'Shaughnessy number 665
Private M O'Shaughnessy number 2654
Private W Ottoway or Ottaway number 2385 Died of Fever 2 Mar 1879
Private R Owen number 3055
Private J Ownes number 3258
Private T Pallas number 693
Private T Pardoe number 2427
Colour Sergeant W Parker number 2088
Private A Parry number 2441
Private W Parsons number 957
Private T A Pattenden number 2587
Private A Patterson number 417
Private J Patterson number 2325
Private G Patterson number 3072
Private T Paul number 1831
Private J Paul number 1903
Private T Pearce number 301
Private J Pearce number 3138
Private A Peddison number 2476
Private H Pendergast number 690
Private J Penn number 1952
Lance Corporal G Penny number 1888
Lieutenant E R Penrose number
Private H Perrett number 2363
Private P Pinkham number 2390 No Medal Deserted
Private S Pinnock number 1319 No Medal Deserted
Private F Pitt number 2634
Lance Corporal J or I Pompet or Pomfret number 910 Killed in action Luneberg, 8 Sep 1879
Private J Pomphery number 2423 No Medal Deserted
Private T Poole number 2356
Private J Pope number 3076
Private H Porter number 2595
Private T Potter number 2910 No Medal Deserted
Private M Powell number 2348
Private J Power number 678
Private W Price number 2243
Private P Price number 2806
Private M Purcell number 682
Private H Quelch number 2595
Private L Quinn number 2181 No Medal Deserted
Lance Sergeant W F Radcliffe number 1887
Durm Major W Rafter number 2181
Paymaster Sergeant A Rainsbury number 2273
Private D Rees number 2378
Private J Reeves number 2396
Private A Reeves number 2615
Private M Reeves number 2887
Private C Reid number 397
Private S Reid number 2405
Private J Reilly number 610
Private J Reilly number 653
Private H Reilly number 2600
Private J Reynolds number 3054
Private D Richards number 2402
Private T Richardson number 2326
Private J Ricout number 1369
Lieutenant A B Ridley number
Private D Riordan number 532
Private P Riordan number 533
Private J Riordan number 2559
Private J Rix number 2327 No Medal Deserted
Private A Roach number 1043 No Medal Deserted
Lance Sergeant W Roberts number 995
Private C Roberts number 1933
Private R Roberts number 2442
Private A Robey number 2328
Colour Sergeant T Roddis number 1675
Corporal W Rogers number 917
Private J Rogers number 3073
Private A Rooney number 2213
Private J Ross number 2288
Private J Rouse number 2417 No Medal Deserted
Lance Sergeant M Rowe number 1272
Lance Corporal M Rowe number 1272
Quartermaster H Rowland number
Lieutenant J Rowlandson number
Private J Russell number 2467 No Medal Deserted
Private W Russell number 2460
Private W Russell number 2913
Private P Ryan number 2560
Private J Ryan number 2565
Private J Ryan number 2665
Private A Ryan number 2679
Orderlyroom Clerk T B Ryle number 1366
Private T Salter number 2800
Private J Saunders number 612
Private J Saunders number 2658
Private J Savage number 414
Private L Saye number 440
Private A Sayers number 1006
Private C Schway number 3056 Medal forfeited no reason
Private H Sears number 2395
Private C Selway number 3056
Private T Semar number 2477
Private J Seville number 2232
Captain J R Sharp number
Private J Shaw number 521
Private J Shaw number 1877
Private C Shaw number 2377
Private J Shaw number 2764
Private M Shea number 2340
Private P Shea number 2461
Private J Shea number 2662
Lieutenant C S Shephard number
Drummer J Sherwin number 2234
Lance Corporal W Shipp number 2763
Private J Shuttleworth number 2521
Lance Corporal A Singleton number 1268
Private J Skipper number 2449
Lance Sergeant G Slight number 1694
Private T Smith number 1019 No Medal Deserted
Private C Smith number 2465 No Medal Deserted
Private E Smith number 297
Private R Smith number 350
Sergeant F Smith number 457
Private W Smith number 499
Private G Smith number 506
Private J Smith number 613
Private J Smith number 969
Corporal W Smith number 1062
Private G Smith number 1123
Private A Smith number 1364
Private S Smith number 1546
Sergeant Major E Smith number 1641 or 1644 Killed in action Luneberg, 8 Sep 1879
Private T Smith number 1912
Private T Smith number 2331
Private J Smith number 2408
Private W Smith number 2432
Private F Smith number 2444
Private J Smith number 2471
Private C Smith number 2478
Private H Smith number 2523
Private J Smith number 2524
Private J Smith number 2680
Private D Smith number 2785
Private H Smith number 2898
Private W Smith number 3059
Private F Smyth number 765
Private F Soden number 1247
Private J Soley number 2646
Private J Sollis number 2244
Private J W South number 1033
Private T Southgate number 1232
Drummer J E Spooner number 2238
Private W Squibb number 2903
Sergeant J Stafford number 1759
Sergeant F Stalder number 1889
Corporal J Stamp number 985
Private J Stamper number 437
Private H Stanley number 2791
Private W Steins number 2579
Private W Stevens number 1114
Private L Stevens number 2401
Private J Stevens number 2525
Captain J C Stockley number
Private H Stokes number 2479
Private D Stonehouse number 2329
Private T Stubbings number 2901
Private J Styling number 2383
Private B Sugden number 2330
Private D Sullivan number 422 or 421
Private D Sullivan number 2611
Private T Sullivan number 2643
Private J Surry number 2578
Captain H B Sutherland number
Private E Sweeny number 2553
Private J Sweeny number 2648
Private E Sweeny number 2649
Private R Sweetland number 1047 No Medal Deserted
Private E Swift number 2232
Private J Swingwood number 2779
Brevet Lieutenant Colonel W J Sykes number
Private J Taylor number 3063 No Medal Deserted
Private H Taylor number 1172
Private T Taylor number 2225
Private J Teasdale number 829
Private G Tedford number 646
Private D Thomas number 2597
Private J Thompson number 1202
Private J Thompson number 1206
Private A Thompson number 2322
Private W Thompson number 2345
Private W Thompson number 2392
Private T Thompson number 2445
Private S Thompson number 2923
Drummer W C Thorpe number 1119
Private J Thrower number 2678
Private W Tilley number 3062
Private P Timmins number 780
Sergeant R Todd number 2330
Private T Todd number 2580
Private T Tonge number 2893
Private J Toole number 501
Private J Tougher number 2676 No Medal Deserted
Private G Treadaway number 1102
Private H Tripp number 2889
Lance Corporal J Trott number 2798
Private J Troughton number 418
Private J Trower number 3041
Private J Trusler number 2643
Private G Tucker number 2365
Private H Tudor number 1236
Private D Tunbridge number 2582 No Medal Deserted
J Tunncliffe number Listed as died of Bronchitis 29 Dec 1878
Private H Turner number 1019
Drummer W Turner number 2227
Private J Turney or Tierney number 428 Shown as Tierney on medal and Turney on roll.
Major A C Twentyman number
Corporal T Tyson number 355
Private W Tyson number 1061
Private L Villiers number 719
Private A Vincent number 2562
Private H Vincent number 2598
Private T Wagstaff number 1870
Sergeant W Wakefield number 946
Private J Wakely number 2926
Private P Walker number 1245
Private W Wallace number 2418
Private G Walliker number 2911
Private W Wallis number 2419 No Medal Deserted
Private H Walls number 2481
Private W Walsh number 522
Sergeant J Walsh number 740
Private R Walsh number 789
Private D Walsh number 2337
Private G Walton number 2420
Private W Warburton number 1287
Private T Ward number 433
Private W Ward number 770
Colour Sergeant J R Ward number 1928
Colour Sergeant J Wardle number 886
Private F Warner number 2641
Private F Warnford number 1139
Private R Warrett number 2767
Private J T Watson number 1191
Private F Watt number 588
Private J Watts number 2496
Corporal T Webb number 2180
Private A D Webb number 2527
Private F Wegg number 618
Private J Weir number 4
Private R Wells number 526 No Medal Deserted
Sergeant Instructor of Musketry A Wheeler number 1677 or 1671 Died 16 Oct 1879
Private J Whelan number 756
Private A Whelan number 2666
Private T White number 2762
Private C White number 2781
Private F White number 2786
Private W Whitfield number 2333 No Medal Deserted
Private G Whitman number 2360
Private A Whitman number 2361
Private F Whittaker number 2801
Private W Wignall number 2368
Private T Wilkinson number 1153
Private E Wilks number 1975
Private W Wilks number 2784
Private W Williams number 445
Private H Williams number 830
Private H Williams number 1380
Private T Williams number 185?
Private W Williams number 2118
Private W Williams number 2334
Private D Williams number 2362
Private G Williams number 2483
Private E Williams number 2547
Private J Williams number 2766
Private E Wills number 1975
Private J Wilson number 1000 No Medal discharged with ignominy.
Private J Wilson number 338
Drummer W Wilson number 1598
Private F Wilton number 1898
Private E Windmill number 2097
Corporal H Windus number 1198
Private G Winstanley number 227
Private R Winterton number 296
Private J Wixon number 2236
Captain E R P Woodgate number
Private G Woodman number 1174
Corporal D Wooldridge number 2474
Private H Wooley number 2529
Private C Wooster number 3075
Private W Worsley number 3058
Private J Wright number 605
Private J Wright number 2471
Private G Wythe number 2906
Private F Zimmer number 2347



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