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Soldiers of the Regiment

Regimental Rolls

General Service Medal 'Palestine' 2nd Battalion, King's Own Royal Regiment 1938-39

Awarded to officers and men of the 2nd Battalion, King's Own Royal Regiment for service in Palestine, in 1938 and 1939.  The medal ribbon was issued to the men on 10th March 1940.


Private D Abbott number 3711948
Corporal J Adams number 7583670 Died 13 Nov 1938
Private J Adamson number 3712371
Private E Addle number 5770283
Private J Ahern number 5667480
Private W Ainsley number 3708378
Private L Allen number 1438282
Private L Allen number 5769853
Private R Allen number 5946716
Private J Allinson number 3856004
Private A Amesbury number 3712412
Captain Richard N Anderson
Private T Anderson number 3711822
Private J Anderson number 3712426
Private R Anson number 3711894
Corporal W Arnold number 3652297
Private F Askew number 3710218
Private F Atkinson number 3447850
Corporal G Atkinson number 3709241
Private G Attree number 6396782
Private E Aubrey number 4854830
Private F Austerberry number 3712260
Private J Bailey number 3711498
Bandsman J Bainbridge number 3708590
Private A Baines number 3711831
Major C F F Baker Name deleted from roll - see Staff Roll
Private F Baker number 3712386
Private O Ball number 3709819
Private Ernest Algernon Ball number 4125363
Private B Banks number 3712295
Private C Banwell number 3709931
Private S Barber number 4853983
Private C Bardsley number 3711442
Private W Barlow number 3712249 Died 13 May 1939
Private S Barnett number 3956672
Major J A Barraclough
Corporal Roland Victor Barrett number 3709871
Private J Barrow number 861500
Private R Bartlett number 3710409
Corporal G Bass number 3443992
Private E Bassett number 785025
2nd Lieutenant H T N Batchelor
Major G R R Beaumont
Private J Beaver number 3711985
Private A Bebbington number 3712256
Corporal A Bell number 3703085
Private E Bell number 3711257
Private J Bell number 3711427
WO3 PSM G Belt number 28753
Private W Bennett number 3711489
Private W Bentley number 3706197
Private J Beresford number 3529487
Private E Beresford number 3711825
Private A Bicker number 6284737
Private F Bierman number 3529701
Private W Birch number 3711949
Captain C V B Bird
Private G Birkett number 3710219
Corporal H Black number 2564403
Private J Blackett number 3709258
Private J Blain number 3520980
Private A Bland number 3708762
Corporal T Bland number 3709060
Corporal J Blanshard number 3710373
Sergeant S Blaze number 3708155
Private H Blears number 3711492
Private Frank Blore number 3711398
Private T Bolderson number 5824315
Private A Bollen number 3709274
Private J Bonsall number 3712107
Private R Borrowdale number 3711806
Private J Boucher number 4799928
Private W Boughey number 855928
Private G Boulton number 2037109
Private H Bowers number 3708773
Private W Bradford number 3852618
Private J Bradley number 3444675
Private A Bradley number 3710233
Sergeant J Brady number 3707987
Private A Bragger number 4746416
Private J Brammer number 3711904
Private S Brandreth number 3710907
Private T Brannon number 3712352 Discharged 29 Apr 1939
Private J Bray number 3711590
Bandsman C Brazier number 7010527
Private J Bridge number 3711882
Private E Broadbent number 3712306
Private N Brook number 3711875
Private T Broughton number 3710717
Captain Arthur Edward Bellamy Brown
Sergeant C Brown number 3704937
Private J Brown number 3708286
Private F Brown number 3708856
Private F Brown number 3711781
Private D Brown number 3711805
Private M Brown number 4609754
Warrant Officer Class 1 Bandmaster Basil Brown number 4908998
Private J Browne number 3711909
Private J Buckley number 3525444
Private F Bullock number 3712090
Private L Bulmer number 4535141
Private C Bunn number 3444919
Private J Burdekin number 3709774
Private C Burden number 6283916
Private A Burgess number 3712100
Private J Burgess number 3712266
Private L Burke number 3856794
Corporal H Burrow number 3710380
Corporal J Burrows number 3702693 Discharged 19 Jun 1939 Re-enlisted RA TA 10 Jul 1939
Private A Butcher number 3711912
Private G Butler number 3711632
Private T Butler number 3712438 Discharged 4 Jun 1939
Corporal C E Byrd number 3708906
Private W Byrne number 866000
Private T Byrne number 3650675
Private M Byrne number 3656581
Private P Byrne number 3708690
Private T Byrne number 3768242
Private A Byron number 3707886
Private P Caffrey number 3708452
Private H Caffrey number 6976462
Private W Cahill number 3711920
Corporal F Cain number 3708334
Captain E A Calderbank
Sergeant J Calderbank number 22058
Private J Caldwell number 3712143
Private A Callard number 5435425
Private R Cameron number 3711778
Private G Campbell number 3711807
Private C Campbell number 4531990
Private E Carey number 3524035
Private W Carney number 3711856
Private L Carroll number 3708459
2nd Lieutenant J A H Carter
Private J Carter number 3708362
Private W Carter number 3709035
Private R Carter number 3712246
Private T Carthy number 3766189
Private A Cartwright number 3853382
WO3 PSM W Castleton number 3707462
Private R Catterall number 3448013
Private A Cattermole number 3711839
Private T Cavanagh number 3712269
Private R Cawley number 3384273
Private W Chalinor number 4121873
Private H Chapman number 3711283
Private F Chippendale number 4687816
Private F Christian number 3711319
Private J Christian number 3711997 Discharged 28 Apr 1939
Private E Clark number 5772814
Private W Clarke number 3711676
Private T Clarkin number 7010400
Private C Cleeve number 1414676
Private W Clegg number 2732804
Private R Clinton number 3711939
Sergeant L Coblenz number 3708911
Private D Coggins number 3712370
Private J Coleman number 3709912
Private R Cole-Wilkin number 5824864
Private J Colgan number 3524713 Died 25 Sep 1938
Private T Collier number 3712096
Private W J Collins number 2022885
Private T Collins number 3529594
Private C Coney number 3766760
Private J Connolly number 3711465
Corporal M Conroy number 3708356
Private J Cook number 3710932
Private J Cook number 3711505
Private C Cook number 3712384
Private P Cooke number 3711926
Private T Cooke number 3712246
Private J Cookson number 3708806
Private C Cornthwaite number 3709766
Private W Cotter number 3711188
Private J Count number 3711905
Private F Cousins number 3711847
Sergeant R Coward number 3710839
Private E Cox number 2030903
Private J Cox number 3709052
Private J Cox number 3711425
Private A Craig number 3382867 Died 1 Oct 1938
Private C Craig number 3707683
Private A Crawford number 3710690
Private H Crawley number 3711927
Corporal E Crebbin number 3709784
Captain E E Creedon
Private J Cregan number 3708680
Private L Crocker number 3708941
Private H Crook number 317396
Private J Crook number 3710289
Private J Cull number 2874277
Private M Cunningham number 3711934
Private C Dale number 3712108
Private T Dare number 6340571
Lieutenant H J Darlington
2nd Lieutenant D H Davies
Private B Davies number 3702745
Sergeant F Davies number 3703208
Colour Sergeant G Davies number 3704285
Private H DAvies number 3712279
Private T Dawn number 4687593
Private J Dawson number 3711436
Private E Dawson number 3712055
Private W Dawson number 6284423
Private A Delbridge number 3711553
Private J Dempsey number 3712373
Private F Dempster number 3708027
Private M Devereux number 3712299
Private J Digan number 3853868 2 Died 12 Nov 1938
Private C Dixon number 4799495
Private F Dobson number 3711079
Private A Doherty number 7011089
Private P Dolan number 3708566 Discharged 27 Jul 1939
Sergeant A Dolling number 3766222
Private E Donnelly number 3712465
Private John Dorrian number 3708599 Discharged 1 Dec 1939
Private H Douglas number 3712284
Private P Downey number 4189184 Discharged 31 Mar 1939
Private H Duffield number 3711828
Private H Duffin number 3708706
Private F Duffy number 3711424
Private W J Dunn number 7010645
Private W Dutson number 3702274
Private M Dwyer number 3712441
Private J E East number 3711394
Corporal W Easterbrook number 3707777
Private A Eastwood number 3709182
Private A Eccleston number 3709474
Private A Eckhoff number 3710723
Private N Eden number 3710163
Private W Edwards number 3711999
Private A Edwards number 4186146
Private F Ellerton number 3712265
Private E Elliott number 4968546 Discharged 28 Jul 1939
Private T Ellis number 3710446 Discharged 23 Mar 1939
WO3 PSM Charles Wilson Elsden number 7813765 Died 11 Nov 1939 in Palestine.
Private E England number 7010887 Re-enlisted in RAOC 11 May 1939
Private R Enock number 3704801
2nd Lieutenant R J T Evans
Private W Evans number 2047399
Sergeant J Evans number 3710010
Private B Everett number 3708983
Private C Eyre number 3710085
Rifleman S A Fairbairn number 6607956
Private A Fairweather number 3710354
Private F Farrell number 3711870
Corporal H Farrington number 3706897
Corporal W Fell number 3708896
Private P Ferris number 3529843
Private J Fielding number 3711998
Private C Firth number 3709407 Discharged 19 Oct 1940
Private J Fish number 3712078
Private E Fitch number 5435451
Private J Fitzgerald number 3708696
Private N Fitzpatrick number 3711898
Major C R D O’C Fitzsimmon
Private G Flanagan number 3708505 Discharged 27 Jul 1939
Private F Flanagan number 3712315
Private J Flannery number 3711849
Private G Fletcher number 3709630
Private W Flower number 3711950
Private C Flynn number 3709245
Corporal A Forbes number 3709844
Private P Fordham number 3710327
WO3 PSM W N Foster number 3703269
Private H Foulkes number 3711596
Private R Fox number 782169
Private H France number 3856860
Private G Frank number 3711823
Private J Frankish number 3711354
Private W Fuller number 3712139
Corporal V Gaffney number 757640
Private J Gallagher number 3706140
Private F Gamble number 5379452
Colour Sergeant G Gardiner number 3702748
Private J Gardner number 3712173
Private E Gardner number 3712383
Private W Gaskins number 4074800
WO3 PSM R Gault number 3849149
Private E George number 3708854
Sergeant D Gibb number 3708595
Private W Gibbons number 3440520
Private J Gibbons number 5046669
Private C Gibson number 2612434
Private F Gill number 3522469
Private H Gillibrand number 3708888
Private J Gilliver number 3448205
Private G Gittens number 3711722
Private G Glass number 3711041
Private L Gleeson number 3383360
Private J Glynn number 3711668
Private A Goad number 3709932
Private G Goddard number 3710197
Corporal J Godsmark number 3702486
Private J Godwin number 3712298
Private D Golden number 3386033
Private F Goll number 3766474
Private H Gooch number 36806
Private R Gooding number 3710455
Private Alfred Goodwin number 3448884
Private W Gordon number 3186492
Private A Gordon number 3708889
Private j Gordon number 3709440
Private J Gorman number 2047328
Private J Gorman number 6339754
private W Gouldson number 3767217
Private W Graham number 3708976
Private F Graham number 3709297
Private A Graham number 3711636
Private R Graham number 3711756
Private J Grant number 6975637
WO2 CSM H Green number 3702314
Private A Green number 3708998
Private F Green number 3711655
Private A Greenough number 3712031
Captain H V B Greenwood
Private E Greenwood number 3386610
Private J Gregg number 3711439
Private J Gregson number 3594461
Private j Gregson number 3712270
Private T Grimes number 3711935
Private J Hadfield number 3448829
Private T Hadfield number 3712339
Private J Hagan number 2717048
Private F Hainsworth number 3712259
Private J Hall number 3711731
Private E Hallett number 3708758
Sergeant E Halliday number 3704159
Private A Halsall number 3710311
Colour Sergeant F Hamblett number 3703193
Private T Hamilton number 3709389
Private D Hamilton number 3711262
Private J Hanratty number 3051593
Private J Hardman number 3708848
Private W Hardman number 3710190
Private W Harford number 3711495
Colour Sergeant G Harmer number 3704403
Private M Harney number 3767192
Private J Harrison number 2051764
Private S Harrison number 3707420
Private H Harrison number 3711514
Private W Hart number 3712227
Private C Hart number 5106170
Private W Harwood number 865903
Private J Harwood number 3712314
Corporal W Hay number 3709246
Private J Hayes number 3708810
Private T Hayes number 6976024
Private R Hazlehurst number 3711564
WO3 PSM L Heap number 3706935
Private A Heard number 3518695
Private W Heaton number 3515477
Private G Henderson number 3712342
Private H Hennessey number 3711878
Private j Hernon number 3712408
Private J Hewett number 3710232
Sergeant T Hewson number 3703267
Private James Heyes number 3712258
Private J Heywood number 4126007
Private J Hickey number 3710185
Private T Hickey number 3711754
Private R Higham number 3711552
Private F Higson number 761931
Private R Hill number 3386437
Private G Hill number 3526067
Private J Hilton number 3711520
Private W Hinds number 3711616
Private W Hirst number 3711776
Private J Holden number 3712069
Private A Holden number 6137366 Discharged 7 Jun 1939
Lance Corporal J Holding number 20983
Private J Holker number 3711208
Private J Holleran number 3711838
Private N Holloway number 3712272
Corporal R Holmes number 3710132
Corporal A Holt number 3710255
Private J Holyomes number 3712136
Private A Hook number 3707567
Private D Hopkin number 3709228
Private B Hornby number 3382748
Private R Hornby number 3522506
Private J Horridge number 3711936
Private M Howard number 3712077
Captain V E Howse
Private R Hughes number 4188596
Private T Hughes number 7343626
Private J Hulse number 4687819
Private S Hurst number 3712067
Private J Hushion number 3712469
Private A Ikin number 3855844
Private M Irving number 3712194
Private J Jackson number 30419
Private R Jackson number 2034985
Private A Jackson number 3386375
Private G E Jackson number 3711962
Private George Jackson number 3712009
Private S Jackson number 3765403
Corporal H James number 3709663
Private A James number 3712337
Private G Jayne number 5769272
Lieutenant H R G Jebb
Private W Jenkins number 3709437
Private T John number 3711524
Private H Johnson number 3708974
Private T Johnson number 3709343
Private H Johnson number 3712001
Private J Johnson number 3712032
Private H Johnson number 3712056
Private H Johnson number 5046263
Private R Johnston number 3712310
Private D Jones number 3651336
Sergeant A Jones number 3709478
Private R Jones number 3709872
Corporal E Jones number 3710281
Private J Jones number 3711787
Private T Jones number 3711850
Private T Jones number 3712047
Private J Jones number 3956847
Private H Jones number 5495664
Corporal J Jordan number 3711133
Corporal J Kavanagh number 3708292
Private J Kay number 3711877
Private B Keaney number 3709368
Corporal W Kelly number 3708402
Private F Kelly number 3710297
Private J Kelly number 3712471
Private F Kelly number 3768020
Private J Kelsall number 3712321
Private J Kemister number 3709287
Private A Kemp number 3651187
Private J Kendel number 870539
Private T Kenley number 3712368
Private J Kennedy number 3708745
Private I T Kennedy number 3708745
Private A Kewley number 3852461 Discharged 11 Jul 1939
Private A King number 3709252
Corporal P King number 3709515
Private W Kingswell number 5495489
Private J Kintas number 3712014
Private J Kirby number 3711869
Private J Kirkbride number 3711664
Private A Kitchen number 3709655
Private J Knowles number 2035588
Private J Lakin number 869796 Discharged 28 Apr 1939
Private G Lambert number 3709152
Private A Lambert number 3711809
Private J Lancaster number 3712427
Private J Larkin number 3651470
Private D Laws number 3712387
Private H Leach number 3710676
Private F Leedham number 3704426
Private L V Leighton number 3712000
Private C Lever number 3449111
Private H Lewis number 3710024
Private L Lewis number 3711234
Private G Liderth number 3708345
Lieutenant C H Lincoln
Private M Little number 3710215
Private D Lloyd number 3710227
Private J Lofts number 3711884
Private A Lofts number 3712360
Private J Lowe number 3710770
Private H Lowe number 3711015
Corporal H Luff number 3709236
Private A Luke number 3710687
Private J Lythgoe number 3708742
Private G Lyttle number 3712389
Private J MacKenzie number 3712253
Private H Mackey number 1055532
2nd Lieutenant J H MacLiesh Died 18 Nov 1940
Private J MacRory number 3710962
Private S Magill number 7010767
Private C MaGuire number 3653489
Private L Makey number 3711910
Private A Mallinson number 3711692
Private W Mann number 3529850
Private J Marks number 3712005
Private F Marley number 3711609
Private W Marmion number 3712250
Private C Marsh number 2611021
Private C Martin number 3710371
Private J Martland number 3443137
WO2 CSM A Masaon number 3703205
Private R Mashiter number 3712248
Private T Mason number 3651485
Private J Mason number 3712297
Private F Matthews number 5045695
Private R May number 3711491
Private E McCall number 3707737
Private W McCann number 3445252
Private B McCann number 3708880
Private P McCarroll number 3711599
Private J McCormick number 3711810
Private J McDermott number 3711502 Later called Crowder.
Private J McDowell number 3704831
Private A McGlone number 3711430
Private P McGoldrick number 3710091
Private J McGovern number 3385291
Private A McGuinness number 3711458
Private P McGuire number 3702347 Discharged 24 Mar 1939
Private J W McIntyre number 3708925
Sergeant p McKee number 3708807
WO3 PSM P McKeever number 3706973
Private J McKenna number 4123719
Private J McLean number 3241883
Private W McLoughlin number 3710376
Private S Melia number 3708465 Discharged 23 Apr 1939
Private W Melia number 3711832
Private A Melton number 3712283
Private W Mercer number 3712365
Private Philip Merga number 3711748
Private W Metcalfe number 3711941
Private W Middleton number 3711012
Private H Middleton number 3712273 Forfeited
Private J Midgley number 3710691
Private E Milburn number 3712443
Private R Miller number 3709036
Private J Millington number 3711871
Private A Milloy number 3711732
Private A Mills number 3710287
Private J Mills number 3711990
Private H Milsom number 3443169
Private J Mitchell number 2039591
Private V Mitchell number 3383108
Private A Monaghan number 5044999
Private W Moon number 3712104
Private J Mooney number 3708914
Private E Moore number 3712257
Private A Moores number 3711300
Private W Moorman number 3710276
Private M Moran number 3711618
Private J Moran number 3712327
Private J Mordew number 2574506
Private F Morgan number 3709413
Private W Morris number 3710264 Forfeited
Private J Morris number 3711963
Private R Morrison number 6455990
Sergeant A Moseley number 3704203 Died 26 Oct 1938
Private R Moulton number 3522510
Private F Moxham number 3712359
Private J P Muir number 6396356 Discharged 12 Aug 1938
Private F Mullaney number 3651536
Private J E Mullaniff number 3708691
Private W Mullins number 3712378
Private F Murphy number 3443495
Private M Murphy number 3650578
Private R Murray number 2716668
Private P Murray number 3383024
Private T Murray number 3649653
Private William Murt number 3712437
Corporal A Myers number 3710733
Private J Neave number 3708715
Private R Nesbitt number 3709888
Private R Newman number 6084241
Corporal A Nicholls number 3709548
Private D Ninian number 3712281 Forfeited on conviction of desertion on 16 May 1945. Restoration of medal approved 29 Jan 1958
Private F Noble number 3711913
Private B Noble number 4610978
Private A Norris number 3711102
sergeant j Northam number 3706032
Private A Nuttall number 3710184
Private A Nutter number 3711937
Private W O’Brien number 3447456 Discharged 15 Jun 1939
Private H O’Grady number 3386477
Private C O’Malley number 3383751
Private J O’Neill number 3650492
Private W Olivo number 3710916
Captain J R M Openshaw Name deleted from roll - see Staff Roll.
Private J Ormerod number 3386262
Private E Ormonde number 3711444
Private T Ostle number 3712417
Corporal George Alfred Owen number 4799947
Private J Owens number 3711659
Private A Padgett number 3711028
Private G Palmer number 3712379
Private A Palmer number 5179308
Private L Panzer number 2047670
Private J Pape number 3853855
Private E Parker number 3709827
Private F Parker number 3711830
Private D Parkes number 3711647
Captain (Quarter Master) W Parkinson
Private B Parkinson number 3712382 Discharged 4 Dec 1939
Private H Parnell number 3711761
Private S H Peacock number 3525369
Private R Pearce number 3711441
Private H Pearce number 3712399
Private A Pendlebury number 3711612
Corporal F Penkethman number 3704528
Corporal L Percival number 3703189
Private E Perkins number 3709948
Private G Perry number 3712210
Private H Peters number 3445488
Sergeant G Phenna number 3704867 Military Medal for Palestine
Private V Pickering number 3712349
Private A Pidgeon number 3712328
Private J Pilkington number 3711886
Private D Pocock number 3711646 ‘Medal Refused’
WO2 RQMS J Pogue number 7177983 Discharged 10 Jul 1939
Private E Pole number 3710421
Corporal H Price number 3710182
Private A Priestley number 3711932
Private A Proctor number 871912
Private J Pynches number 1052909
Private J Quail number 3711943
Private M Quain number 3711139
Private L Quantrill number 3709933
Private R Radcliffe number 3710470
WO1 RSM R Ralph number 3702698
Private W Redfern number 3711840
Private J Redman number 3711853
Private P Reeve number 2693221
Private L Reid number 3528507
Private A Reid number 7010927
Sergeant Richard Reilly number 3709469 Died 3 Feb 1940 in Egypt.
Private W Reynolds number 3712070 Medal forfeited.
Private C Richards number 3383881
Private H Richardson number 3711843
Corporal C Richmond number 3704026
Private J Rigby number 3711764
Private J Riley number 3711306
Private J Riley number 3712006
Lieutenant Colonel N M Ritchie
Private J Roberts number 3711614
Private T Roberts number 3712099
Private L Roberts number 4798705
2nd Lieutenant W A Robinson
Private A Robinson number 3522416
Private F Robinson number 3709121
Acting Sergeant S Robson number 3710127
Private T Rogers number 3712353
Private R Rolfe number 6456241
Private F Ross number 3711824
Private J Ross number 3712409
Corporal J Rothwell number 3526025
Private J L Rowlandson number 3708694
Private M Ryan number 3712012
private J Sanders number 3710926
Private G Sanderson number 4126037
Private N Sandiford number 3711508
2nd Lieutenant R B V Savill Died 25 May 1939
Private W Schofield number 3711765
Sergeant F Scott number 3709296
Private A Scott number 5823857
Private R Shackley number 3711792
Private J Sharples number 3707966
Sergeant J Sharples number 3708873
Private J Sharples number 3711085
Private W Shaw number 3703762
Private A Shepherd number 3709728
Sergeant T Sheriden number 3709155
Corporal J Shimmins number 3707644
Private P Shore number 3712275
Private G Sibley number 6007718
Private J Simpkin number 3711851
Private J Simpkin number 3712028
Private T Simpson number 752124
Private F Singleton number 2043180
Private R Sked number 2817070
WO2 CSM A Slade number 3703639
Private H Sly number 3711518
Private R Smethurst number 3712105
Private A Smethurst number 3712106
Private A Smith number 3383732
Private L Smith number 3528431
WO2 Mr Clark P Smith number 3704980
Private W Smith number 3708330
Private W Smith number 3711595
Private J Smith number 3711945
Private L Smith number 4121164
Private C Smythe number 3712277
Private H Snelling number 5495594
Private A Spencer number 3856308
WO2 CSM J Spilsbury number 3703213
Private H Stacey number 3712103
Private W Steel number 3853700
Private F Stevenson number 3186133
Private A Stock number 3711837
Private W Storey number 3711011
Private M Stretch number 3449318
Private M Stringfellow number 3712377
Private W Stroner number 3712407
Corporal G Stubbs number 3709235
Private A Styles number 3708700
Private G Styles number 3711376
Private J Sullivan number 3711568
Private R Sutton number 771763
Corporal E Sutton number 3704565
Corporal L Swan number 3708899
Private L V Swan number 3711069
Corporal G Taft number 3709179
Private F Talbot number 3711855
Private A Tasker number 4532663
Private G H Taylor number 68060
Sergeant L Taylor number 3702214
Private W Taylor number 3710288
Private B Taylor number 3710563
Private R Taylor number 3711816
Private T Taylor number 4855658
Private A Teachen number 3851918
Private A Teat number 3711952
Private J Tennyson number 7010703
Private P J Thomas number 3709227
Private R Thomas number 3711503
Private J Thomas number 3712252
Private J Thompson number 2041983
Private A Thompson number 3711417
Private F Thompson number 5335187
Private A Thorley number 3711784
Private J E Thornley number 3710960
Private W Tierney number 3711613
Private F Tildsley number 3711620
Private J Tildsley number 3711841 Discharged 3 Aug 1939
Private A Tillotson number 4743170
Private W Timlin number 3710609
Private T Tipping number 3711846
Private J Tombling number 3707555
Private J Tombling number 6723216
Private S Tomlinson number 3711844
Private G Tomlinson number 3711942
Private B Towe number 3711777
Private B Townley number 3710714
Private C Travis number 3712347
Private S Tremayne number 3712285
Corporal R Turnbull number 3710516
Corporal H Turner number 3708986
Private A Turner number 4267497
Private S Tweedale number 3447672
Private W Twist number 3711854
Private H Tyrrell number 3442394
WO3 PSM A Valiant number 3702916
Colour Sergeant H Varley number 3442090
Private A Vine number 3709275
Private A Vipond number 3710047
Private A Wakeham number 3708826
Private J Walker number 3711914
Private G Walker number 3711964
Private W Wall number 3711953
Private W Walmsley number 3709276
Private W Walsh number 3711981
Private S Warbrick number 3712280
Private J Ward number 3711610
Private N Ward number 3712288
Private J Ward number 3712462
2nd Lieutenant Samuel Carden Ondeslowe Waring number 71096 Awarded MC for Palestine.
Private C Waters number 3707985 Discharged 25 Jan 1939
Private R S Watson number 3709189
Private E Watson number 3710323
Private J Webb number 3707690 Discharged 28 Jun 1938
Private Henry Creswell Webb number 3711638
Major R H Welch
Private C Wellman number 3710937
Private W Wells number 543975 Medal Returned Location Not Known
Private E Welsh number 3523003
Private G Westhead number 3523906
WO2 CSM J Whelpton number 3702926
Private O White number 3384015
Private W White number 3654145
Private H White number 3710283 Name deleted ‘Deserter?’
Private F White number 4912534
Private J Whiteley number 3520332
Private F Whiteside number 3712372
Lieutenant J N Wickham
Private T Widders number 2211745
Private E Wild number 3530195
Private E Wilding number 3711771
Private P Wilding number 3711929
Private R Wilkinson number 3709952
Private J Willacy number 3712247
Private R Williams number 3708973
Private E Williams number 3712307
Private J Williams number 3853799
Private A Williams number 5378611
Private W Williamson number 3712245
Private V Williamson number 3712325
Private K Wilmshurst number 3709987
Colour Sergeant R Wilson number 3701722
Private A Wilson number 3709096
Private J Wilson number 3711713
Private J Wilson number 3854510
Private C Wilson number 5379453
Private H Winley number 5433897
Private C Winterbottom number 3712007
Private J Winward number 3711915
Private C Withington number 3711438
Private W Woodburn number 3710307
Private R Woods number 3709326
Private S Woodward number 3711834
Corporal R Wooldridge number 3708365
Private W Woollerton number 3712198
Captain F M Woolmer
Private W Worrell number 3712034
Sergeant C Worsley number 3707245
Corporal F Wright number 3710636
Private J Wright number 3711348
Private R Wright number 3712211
Private L Wright number 3712440
Corporal S Wyllie number 2752010
WO2 CSM P Yates number 3515863
Corporal J Yates number 3590404
Private J Yates number 3856081




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