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Exhibition - 2012 - NOW REOPEN!

The King's Own - The National Service Years Exhibition

Between 3rd January 2012 to 28th January 2012 the City Museum ground floor exhibition room hosted a special King's Own exhibition.  The exhibition, and lunchtime talk on 23rd January, were very very popular.  Because the exhibition was so popular, and also attracted new items to the museum's collection, we have decided we shall adapt the exhibition which will go on display on the mezzanine floor of the King's Own gallery.  The new (smaller) exhibition is now open and will run to Easter 2013.

What some of our visitors said:

bulletExcellent and informative, well worth visiting.
bulletVery good.  Glad I came, took me back with lots of memories.  Excellent!
bulletInteresting exhibition, plenty of good photos!
bulletImage and text rich plenty to see and enjoyable.  Some nice littler display touches.
bulletIt was totally awesome.
bulletGood exhibition.
bulletSuperb, many memories.
bulletMany happy memories.
bulletInteresting display, worth incorporating in the main regimental museum.
bullet1. Glad I was too young.  2.  Cracking exhibition.  Thank you!
bulletAn excellent exhibition.  Evocative of National Service years.
bulletExcellent!  A lot of work has gone into this, like all the museum's exhibitions.  (I missed National Service by a year.  I was glad at the time, but it would probably have done me good!)
bulletExcellent display.
bulletExcellent display.  Stirred many memories, especially Aden and Kenya.  We as a nation have lost something when we discontinued National Service.  It made better men!
bulletServed with the King's Own Royal Regiment between 1958-60.  Was in 3" Mortar Platoon.  Happy times in Kenya, Aden, Bahrain and Gil Gil.  Wouldn't have missed it for the world.
bulletMy dad, Michael Gardner, is the drummer on the large photo.  He was so loved, and missed so badly by our family.
bulletGreat exhibit.

Photographs of the January 2012 exhibition can be seen below.  Many of the photographs are more appear in the National Service Years photo gallery.



Only a proportion of our collections are on display at anyone time.  Certain items are on loan for display in other institutions.  An appointment is required to consult any of our collections which are held in store.

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