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List of Books in Accession Number Order KO2501-KO3000


bullet30 Corps in Germany
History of of 30 Corps in Germany, 1941-45.
Accession Number: KO2513/161
bulletBadges on Battledress – Post-war Formation Signs; Rank and Regimental Badges
by Lieutenant Colonel Howard N Cole
Gale and Polden, Aldershot, 1953
Accession Number: KO2534/09
bullet30 Corps in Germany
History of of 30 Corps in Germany, 1941-45
Accession Number: KO2541/01
bullet“A Chaplain with the Chindits” by The Reverend Wilfred H Miller, MA, Padre to the 2nd Battalion, King’s Own Royal Regiment, Lancaster.
Privately published.
Accession Number: KO2542/01
bulletThe World at Arms - The Readers Digest Illustrated History of World War II
Editor Michael Wright
Published by The Reader’s Digest Association Limited, London, 1989
Accession Number: KO2546/01
bulletArnhem The Battle Remembered by Robert Jackson
Published by Airlife Publishing Ltd, 1994.
ISBN 1-85310-345-4
Accession Number: KO2546/02
bulletBattle Honours of the British Empire and Commonwealth Land Forces, 1662-1991
By Alexander Rodger
The Crowood Press, 2003
ISBN 1-86126-637-5
Accession Number: KO2546/04
bulletBritish Military Rifles
By Peter Duckers
Shire Publications
ISBN 0-7478-0633-0
Accession Number: KO2546/05
bulletModern Small Arms - An illustrated encyclopaedia of famous Military Firearms from 1873 to the present day.
By Major Frederick Myatt MC
Salamander Books, 1978
ISBN 0-86101-024-8
Accession Number: KO2546/06
bulletOne Step Further - those whose gallantry was rewarded with the George Cross, Book B.
By Marion Hebblethwaite.
Published by Chameleon HH Publishing Ltd
ISBN 0-9546917-3-3
Includes detail for Richard Leslie Brown GC of the King’s Own.
Accession Number: KO2546/07
bulletFirst World War Poets. National Portrait Gallery - Character Sketches, - Including Private Isaac Rosenberg of the King’s Own.
by Alan Judd and David Crane
Published by National Portrait Gallery
ISBN 1-85514-203-1
Accession Number: KO2546/08
bulletLancashire 1939-1945 The Secret War
by Ron Freethy
Published by Countryside Books, 2005
ISBN 1-85306-933-7
Accession Number: KO2546/09
bulletRed Cross and St. John. The Official Record of the Humanitarian Services of the War Organisation of the British Red Cross Society and Order of St. John of Jerusalem, 1939-1947
Compiled by P G Cambray and G G B Briggs.
Published 1949.
Accession Number: KO2546/10
bulletMilitary Bands and their uniforms
By Jack Cassin-Scott and John Fabb
Blandford Press, Poole, Dorset, 1978
ISBN 0-7137-0895-6
Accession Number: KO2546/11
bulletWellington’s Infantry 1 - Men at Arms Series
By Bryan Fosten
Osprey Publishing Ltd, 1996
ISBN 0 85045 395 X
Accession Number: KO2546/12
bulletThe British Army 1939-45 (2) Middle East and Mediterranean. Men at Arms Series
By Martin J Brayley, illustrated by Mike Chappell
Osprey Publishing Ltd, 2002
ISBN 1-84176-237-7
Accession Number: KO2546/13
bulletArmy Return of the Names of the Officers of the Army, who receive pensions for the loss of limbs, of for wounds or injuries.
Ordered by the House of Commons 18 Apr 1822.
Accession Number: KO2546/14
bulletBrave Men’s Blood, the Epic of the Zulu War 1879
By Ian Knight
Guild Publishing, 1990
Accession Number: KO2546/35
bulletThe Auxiliary Territorial Service - The Second World War - 1939-45 Army
By Controller Julia M Cowper, ATS
Published by the War Office 1949
Accession Number: KO2546/36
bulletFit for Service The Training of the British Army 1715-1795
By J A Houlding
Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-822647-0
Accession Number: KO2546/39
bulletThe Drum - A Royal Tournament Tribute to the Military Drum
By Hugh Barty-King
Published by The Royal Tournament, 1988
ISBN 0-9513588-0-4
Accession Number: KO2546/40
bulletWellington’s Infantry (2) (Osprey Men at Arms Series Number 119)
By Bryan Fosten
Osprey Publishing Ltd, 1983
ISBN 0 85045 4190
Accession Number: KO2546/41
bulletThe Military Sniper since 1914
By Martin Pegler and Ramiro Bujeiro
Osprey Publishing Ltd, 2001
ISBN 978-1-84176-141-1
Accession Number: KO2546/69
bulletIraq 1941 The battles for Basra, Habbaniya, Fallujah and Baghdad
By Robert Lyman.
Osprey Publishing Ltd, 2006
ISBN 1-84176-991-6
Accession Number: KO2546/70
bulletEnvironment and Community: Motive and Practice in the Case of Westfield War Memorial Village, 1918-1939 A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the degree of MA in Historical Research by Alexander Drury, University of Lancaster, September 2004
Accession Number: KO2552/01
bulletThe Ingleton War Memorial 1914-18 1939-45
By Andrew Brooks
Published 2005
Accession Number: KO2565/01
bulletRobert Jones 1895-1969. Private Robert Jones, 15410, 8th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.
An Appreciation by Mr Allan Jones
Published by the Author
Accession Number: KO2578/01
bulletPasschendaele In Perspective The Third Battle of Ypres,
Edited by Peter H Liddle.
Published by Pen and Sword, 1997
ISBN 0-85052-588-8
Accession Number: KO2585/01
bulletA Field Artillery Group in Battle - A Tactical Study based on the Action of 2nd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, during the German Offensive, 1918, the 100 days Battle, and the Battle of Cambrai, 1917.
By Colonel W H F Webber, CMG, DSO psc. 1923
Accession Number: KO2585/02
bulletBloody Red Tabs - General Officer Casualties of the Great War, 1914-1918
By Frank Davies and Graham Maddocks.
Published by Leo Cooper, London, 1995
ISBN 0-85052-463-6
Accession Number: KO2585/03
bulletHistory of the East Lancashire Regiment in the Great War 1914-1918
Published by Littlebury Brothers Ltd, 1936.
Accession Number: KO2585/04
bulletWar Diaries 1939-1945 Field Marshall Lord Alanbrooke.
Edited by Alex Dancheve and Daniel Todman.
Pheonix Press, 2002
ISBN 1-84212-526-5
Accession Number: KO2585/05
bulletAssignment to Catastrophe - Prelude to Dunkirk and the Fall of France - 1 Aug 1939 to 17 Jun 1940.
By Major General Sir Edward Spears
Published by the Reprint Society, 1956
Accession Number: KO2585/06
bulletInfantry Officer - A personal record
An account by a junior officer of the campaign with the BEF in 1940.
Published by B T Batsford, Ltd, London, 1943
Accession Number: KO2585/07
bulletThe Red Beret - The Story of the Parachute Regiment at War 1940-45
By Hilary St. George Saunders.
Published by Michael Joseph, London, 1950
Accession Number: KO2585/08
bulletWavell, Supreme Commander, 1941-43
By John Connell
Edited and Completed by Brigadier Michael Roberts DSO
Published by Collins, London, 1969
Accession Number: KO2585/09
bulletBritish Military Spectacle from the Napoleonic Wars Through the Crimea.
By Scott Hughes Myerly.
Harvard University Press, 1996
ISBN 0-674-08249-4
Accession Number: KO2585/10
bulletHistory of the British Army
Edited by Peter Young and J P Lawford
Published by Arthur Barker Ltd, 1970
ISBN 213 00050 4
Accession Number: KO2585/11
bulletWaterloo Battle of Three Armies
Edited by Lord Chalfont
Book Club Associates, London, 1979
Accession Number: KO2585/12
bulletUniforms of Waterloo
By Philip Haythornwaite, Jack Cassin-Scott and Michael Chappell
Arms and Armour Press, London, 1996
ISBN 1-85409-394-0
Accession Number: KO2585/13
bulletNapoleon’s Enemies
By Richard Warner
Osprey Publishing Ltd, London, 1977
ISBN 0-85045-172-8
Accession Number: KO2585/14
bulletThe Victorian and Edwardian Army from Old Photographs
By John Fabb
Published by B T Batsford, Ltd, London, 1975
ISBN 0-7134-2973-9
Accession Number: KO2585/15
bulletBritish Army Vehicles & Equipment Part Two – Artillery
By R E Smith
Published by Ian Allan, London
Accession Number: KO2586/01
bullet‘The Art of Command’ by Colonel Von Spohn, Translated by the General Staff, War Office, 1907. Date stamped ‘Orderly Room 4th Battalion, The King’s Own (R.L.) Regt. Jul 29 1908’
Accession Number: KO2590/002
bulletCollection of Twelve Views of Waterloo and a plan of the Battle The most correct published
Accession Number: KO2590/006
bulletWar Graves of the British Empire
Mikra British Cemetery, Salonika, Greece
Published by Imperial War Graves Commission
Accession Number: KO2590/363
bulletA Guide to Military Temperance Medals
By David A Harris.
Published in conjunction with the Orders and Medals Research Society.
ISBN 1-894183-24-X
Accession Number: KO2590/410
bulletBattle at Grimbosq on the River Orne, 7 Aug 1944 and 8 Aug 1944 compiled by John Browning. Reference to the 107th Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, The King’s Own.
Privately published, 2004. Spiral Bound.
Accession Number: KO2594/01
bulletThey Shall Grow Not Old -The Barton, Bilsborrow and Myerscough War Memorial Project 2003-2004.
Compiled by Joan M Pilkington
Accession Number: KO2595/01
bulletThe Last Post - The War Memorials of Lancaster and Morecambe
Editor James Dennis
Published by Lancaster Military Heritage Group
ISBN 978-0-95511935-0-7
Accession Number: KO2613/01
bulletLions and Dragons An Illustrated History of The King’s Own Royal Border Regiment, 1959-2006
By Stuart Eastwood.
Published for the Regiment by Silver Link Publishing, 2006
ISBN 978-1-85794-279-8
Accession Number: KO2628/01
bulletTwo Military Men the Letters of Father and Son 1794-1816
James Radford of the 1st Royal Lancashire Militia 1756-1812
Edited by E W F Radford
Published by Roundtuit Publishing, 2006
ISBN 1-904499-11-2
Accession Number: KO2632/01
bulletBallads of the Boer War, 1902.
By “Coldstreamer”
Published by Grant Richards, London, 1902.
Marked as “The property of the Officers, 2nd King’s Own Regiment”
Accession Number: KO2641/01
bulletNo Place for Ladies - The Untold Story of Women in the Crimean War
By Helen Rappaport
Published by Aurum Press, Ltd
ISBN 978-1-84513-220-0
Accession Number: KO2676/01
bulletWar and Medicine – Wellcome Collection, London
Black Dog Publishing, London
ISBN 978-1-906155-52-0
Accession Number: KO2684/33
bulletWellington’s Doctors. The British Army Medical Services in the Napoleonic Wars. Includes reference to Mrs Francis Maguire of the King’s Own.
By Dr. Martin Howard.
The History Press, 2008
ISBN 978 1 86227 493 8
Accession Number: KO2684/34
bulletThe Peninsular War
By Charles Esdaile
Penguin Books
ISBN 0-14-27370-0
Accession Number: KO2684/35
bulletRailwaymen of Cumbria Remembered – A Roll of Honour in remembrance of those who gave their lives in the service of their country during the Great War 1914-1918
Researched and Compiled by Peter Robinson
Published by the Cumbria Railways Association
ISBN 978-0-9540232-6-3
Accession Number: KO2684/42
bulletOmdurman - Account of the 1898 Battle in the Sudan.
by Philip Ziegler
Book Club Associates, 1973
Accession Number: KO2684/52
bulletFollowing the Drum The Lives of Army Wives and Daughters Past and Present
Including information on Mrs Evans etc.
By Annabel Venning.
Published by Headline Book Publishing, 005
ISBN 0 7553 1258 9
Accession Number: KO2689/01
bulletWellington’s Scapegoat The Tragedy of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan
By Archie Hunter
Published by Leo Cooper, London, 2003
ISBN 1 84415 029 1
Accession Number: KO2689/02
bulletBarbed Wire Memories of Stalag 383
By M N McKibbin, Illustrated by A Dallimore
A Staples Publication, London, 1947
Accession Number: KO2689/03
bulletRedcoat - The British Soldier in the Age of Horse and Musket
By Richard Holmes
Published by Harper Collins, 2001
ISBN 0 00 257097 1
Accession Number: KO2689/04
bulletWeathered Witness - Relics of the First World War
By Wim Degrande and Patrick Goossens.
Featuring the memorial of Lieutenant Morris of the 1st Battalion King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment
ISBN 978-90-5826-484-8
Accession Number: KO2697/01
bulletWar Graves of the British Empire
Register for Pernes British Cemetery and Churchyard, France. Missing cover.
Including a number of King’s Own Burials.
Imperial / Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Accession Number: KO2721/01
bulletRemembering Osnabruck, The British Garrison 1945-2009
By Sarah Elsom, Jul 2008
Accession Number: KO2748/01
bulletDidcot’s Heroes Remembered
By Richard Polley and Clare Wadley
Published by the Authors, 2008
Accession Number: KO2758/01
bulletThe King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment – the Volunteer Active Service Companies during the South African War 1900-1902
By Emily Smith, David Smith and Andy Moss. Mar 2009.
Published by the Authors.
Accession Number: KO2815/01
bullet‘Regions Caesar Never Knew’ The Abyssinian Expedition, 1867-1868.
By Michael White, Belgium, 2009
ISBN 9789081492409
Accession Number: KO2825/01
bulletSoldiers’ Accoutrements of the British Army 1750-1900
By Pierre Turner
The Crowood Press, 2006
ISBN 978 1 86128 883 9
Accession Number: KO2839/09
bulletKitchener’s Men, the King’s Own Royal Lancasters on the Western Front 1915-1918 by John Hutton.
Published by Pen and Sword, 2008
ISBN 978-1-84415-721-1
Accession Number: KO2839/10
bulletReport on the War Office Committee of Enquiry into ‘Shell Shock’
First published in 1922, this edition reprinted by the Imperial War Museum, London, 2004
ISBN 1-901623-66-
Accession Number: KO2839/11
bulletDefending Britain – Twentieth Century Military Structures in the Landscape By Mike Osborne
Published by Tempus, 2006
ISBN 0-7524-334-X
Accession Number: KO2839/12
bulletUnknown Soldiers the Story of the Missing of the First World War
By Neil Hanson.
Published by Alfred A Knopp, 2005
ISBN 0-307-26370-3
Accession Number: KO2839/13
bulletThe Fighting Padre. Letters from the trenches 1915-1918 of Pat Leonard DSO.
Edited by John Leonard and Philip Leonard-Johnson.
Published by Pen and Sword, 2010
ISBN 978-1-84884-159-8
Accession Number: KO2841/01
bullet1939-45 The War Dead of the British Commonwealth and Empire Tobruk War Cemetery, Part I (Aba-Kut)
Published by the Imperial War Graves Commission, 1957
Accession Number: KO2848/54
Their Name Liveth Volume III Part II ‘North Africa to Sicily’
Some Pictures of Commonwealth War Cemeteries 1914-1918 and 1939-1945.
Published by the Imperial War Graves Commission 1957
Accession Number: KO2848/55
bulletCrimea, the Last Crusade.
By Orlando Figes.
Published by Penguin Books Ltd, 2010
ISBN 978-0-713-99704-0
Accession Number: KO2858/01
bulletThe Battle of The Lys, 1918, Givenchy and the River Lawe
By Phil Tomaselli. (Battleground Ypres Series)
Published by Pen and Sword. 2011
ISBN 978 184415911-6
Accession Number: KO2871/01
bulletAltcar, The Story of a Rifle Range,
By Lieutenant Colonel Michael Cook MBE, TD,
Published by Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve Association, 1989.
ISBN 0-9515684-1-8
Accession Number: KO2873/20
bullet‘Another Bloody Mountain Prisoner of War and Escape in Italy 1943’ by Vic Duke, Concerning the war time escape, in Italy, of Wallace Douglas Duke, 1st King’s Own Royal Regiment.
Iron City Publications. 2011
ISBN 978-0-9559212-1-6
Accession Number: KO2878/01
bulletThe First World War Diaries and Letters of Private William Hodgson, 2nd/5th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.
Published by the King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum, Lancaster. Sep 2011
ISBN 978-1-904448-22-8
Accession Number: KO2888/01
bulletMy Dear Annie, the Abyssinian Letters of Lieutenant Herbert Borrett of the King’s Own Royal Regiment.
Published by the King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum, Lancaster. Sep 2011.
ISBN 978-1-094448-09-7
Accession Number: KO2888/02
bulletBritish Army Cap Badges of the Second World War
By Peter Doyle and Chris Foster.
Published by Shire Books
ISBN 978-0-74781-091-8
Accession Number: KO2917/18
bulletMen of Steel, Surgery in the Napoleonic Wars
By Michael Crumplin FRCS.
Published by the Quiller Press, 2007.
ISBN 978-1-904057-94-9
Accession Number: KO2917/24
bulletMilitary Photographs and How To Date Them
By Neil Storey.
Published by Countryside Books
ISBN 978-1-84674-152-4
Accession Number: KO2917/25
bulletChristmas in the Trenches
By Alan Wakefield
Published by The History Press
ISBN 978-0-7524-5807-6
Accession Number: KO2917/26
bullet‘Medals will be worn’ Wearing Medals Past and Present 1844-1999
By Lieutenant Colonel Ashley R Tinson
Token Publishing, 1999.
ISBN 1 870 192 23 0
Accession Number: KO2917/27
bulletThe Great War Medal Collectors Companion
By Howard Williamson, Copy number 502 (of 3500).
Published by Anne Williamson
ISBN 978-0-9527544-4-2
Accession Number: KO2917/28
bulletThe Call Up A History of National Service
By Tom Hickman.
Published by Headline, 2004.
ISBN 0-7553-1240-6
Accession Number: KO2917/29
bulletBritish Army Cap Badges of the First World War
By Peter Doyle and Chris Foster.
Published by Shire, 2010, reprinted 2012.
ISBN 978-0-74780-797-1
Accession Number: KO2917/30
bullet24 Hour Trench A Day in the Life of a Frontline Tommy
By Andrew Robertshaw.
Published by Spellmount/The History Press, 2012
ISBN 978-0-7524-7667-4
Accession Number: KO2917/31
bulletThe Bayeux British Cemetery, 1944-45.
By William Jordan.
Published by The Pitkin Guide/Harrod Publishing, 2006.
ISBN 978-1-84165-176-7
Accession Number: KO2917/32
bulletThe First World War
By H P Willmott.
Published by Dorling Kindersley, 2003
ISBN 1-781405-300292
Accession Number: KO2917/33
bulletA Surgical Artist at War. The Paintings and Sketches of Sir Charles Bell 1809-1815.
By M K H Crumplin and P Starling.
Published by The Royal College Surgeons of Edinburgh. 2005.
ISBN 9 -780954-621315
bulletFeaturing Samuel Pritchard, 4th Regiment of Foot, illustration showing musket ball wound to the head sustained at the Battle of Waterloo.
Accession Number: KO2917/34
War Surgery 1914-1918.
bulletEdited by Thomas Scotland and Steven Heys.
Published Helion & Company Ltd
ISBN 978-1-907677-70-0
Accession Number: KO2917/35
bulletTea, Rum and Fags. Sustaining Tommy 1914-1918.
By Alan Weeks.
Published by The History Press, 2009
ISBN 978-0-7524-5000-1
Accession Number: KO2917/37
bulletKitchener’s Army – The Raising of the New Armies 1914-1916.
By Peter Simkins.
First published 1988, This Edition, 2007 by Pen & Sword.
ISBN 978-1-84415-585-9
Accession Number: KO2917/62
bulletTracing Your Prisoner of War Ancestors – The First World War, A Guide For Family Historians.
By Sarah Paterson.
Published by Pen & Sword in Association with the Imperial War Museum.
ISBN 978 1 84884 501 5
Accession Number: KO2917/63
bulletThe British Soldier in Europe, 1939-45
By Peter Doyle and Paul Evans.
Published by The Crowood Press, 2009.
ISBN 978-184797102-9
Accession Number: KO2917/67
bulletMilitary Report on the Sind Independent Brigade Area, General Staff India, 1928.
Printed by the Government of India Press, Calcutta.
Including three maps.
Accession Number: KO2947/03
bulletDress Regulations for the Army, 1934
Published by HMSO, London, 1934
Accession Number: KO2947/04
bulletTroopships and their history.
By Colonel H C B Rogers OBE
Imperial Services Library Volume VII
Published by Seeley, Service & Co Ltd, 1963
Accession Number: KO2950/34
bullet‘Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major’ The Songs and Ballads of World War II
By Martin Page.
Granada Publishing Ltd, 1973
ISBN 0-246-10748-0
Accession Number: KO2950/35
bulletThe French Army, Osprey Military, Men-At-Arms Series Number 284
By Ian Sumner and Gerry Embleton
Osprey Publishing Ltd, 1995
ISBN 1-85532-516-0
Accession Number: KO2950/36
bulletArmies in East Africa, Osprey Military, Men at Arms Series Number 379
By Peter Abbott
Osprey Publishing Ltd, 2002
ISBN 978-1-84176-489-4
Accession Number: KO2950/37
bullet1812 War with America
By Jon Latimer
Published by The Belknap Press Of Harvard University Press, 2007
ISBN 978-0-674-02584-4
Accession Number: KO2950/38
bulletForgotten Lunatics of the Great War
By Peter Barham.
Published by Yale University Press
ISBN 978-0-3000-12511-5
Accession Number: KO2950/39
bulletTold in the Huts, The YMCA Gift Book.
First World War publication.
Dedicated to Lacy Rowlandson by Mr Edgar (Sergeant Edgar, number 05426 10th Hampshire Regiment, Demob Camp Staff, Chanak, Turkey) on his return from the front. 1919. Sergeant William R Edgar had also served with the Wiltshire Regiment as number 33383.
Accession Number: KO2951/018
bulletThe History of the 107 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps (King's Own), June 1940 - February 1946
By Lieutenant Colonel Hamish Taite
Published by the Regiment, 1946
Copy of Mr J Rowlandson, 59 Kent Street, Barrow in Furness and later 8 Dundee Street, Barrow in Furness. With citation for Croix De Guerre marked.
Accession Number: KO2951/048
bulletThe Fourth Battalion The King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment and The Great War.
By Lieutenant Colonel W F A Wadham and Captain J Crossley
Published Nov 1935
Named to T H Pritchard, with a few notes by him.
Thomas Henry Charles William Pritchard
From Officer Training Corps, to 4th King’s Own as 2nd Lieutenant 27 Jun 1917. Lieutenant 27 Dec 1918.
1st/4th King’s Own Nov 1917; Military Cross 16 Sep 1918; 1/4th King’s Own Mar 1919. Out of Army List Mar 1919.
Lieutenant TA Reserve of Officers, 27 Dec 1918. War Substantive Captain and Temporary Major 18 Aug 1942. Died 18 Mar 1974.
Accession Number: KO2956/01
bulletThe Fourth Battalion The King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment and The Great War Early Dates Notes
By Lieutenant Colonel W F A Wadham
Soft covers published, 1920
Accession Number: KO2956/02
bullet55th (West Lancashire) Division at Givenchy – Festubert, 9 Apr 1918 – 16 Apr 1918.
“It has been thought that all ranks of the Division might like to possess in convenient form a collection of extracts from Telegrams, Letters and Press Cuttings, referring to the part played by the Division in the fighting in April 9th-16th.
This booklet contains such a collection and it is issued in the hope that it may inspire all ranks with the determination to maintain, and still further deserve, the reputation to which these pages give expression. In the Field. Jun 1918”
Printed Imprimeries Reunies, Boulogne-sur-Mer.
Named to 2nd Lieutenant T H Pritchard, ‘B’ Company, 1st/4th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.
Accession Number: KO2956/32
bulletBehind the Front British Soldiers and French Civilians 1914-1918.
By Craig Gibson.
Published by Cambridge University Press.
ISBN 978 0 521 83761 3
Accession Number: KO2985/80
bulletThe Greater Game. A History of Football in World War One.
National Football Museum.
Published by Shire Publications.
ISBN 978 1 78442 036 9
Accession Number: KO2985/81
bulletWar Games The Story of Sport in World War One
By Tony McCarthy.
Published by Macdonald Queen Anne Press.
ISBN 0-356-17564 -2
Accession Number: KO2985/82
bulletDominating the Enemy. War in the Trenches 1914-1918.
By Anthony Saunders.
Sutton Publishing.
ISBN 0 7509 2444 6
Accession Number: KO2985/83
bulletAround the Coast and Across the Seas. The Story of James Fisher and Sons. By Nigel Watson.
Published by St. Matthew’s Press.
ISBN 0 9534101 2 9
Accession Number: KO2985/84
bulletWingate’s Phantom Army
By W C Burchett.
Published by Thacker & Co. Ltd, Bombay, 1944.
Accession Number: KO2993/01
bulletWingate’s Raiders, The Expedition of the Chindits,
By Charles J Rolo.
Published 1944, this edition 1945 by Guild Books.
Accession Number: KO2993/02
bulletOrder Wingate and the Historians
By Peter Mead
Published by Merlin Books Ltd, 1987.
ISBN 0 86303 318 0
Accession Number: KO2993/03
bullet194 Squadron Royal Air Force ‘The Friendly Firm’ (Burma Campaign)
By Flight Lieutenant Douglas Williams.
Published by Merlin Books Ltd, Devon.
ISBN 0 86303 326 1
Accession Number: KO2993/04
bulletWingate and The Chindits
By David Rooney,
Published in 1994 by Arms and Armour Press.
ISBN 1 85409 204 9
Accession Number: KO2993/05
bulletThe Campaign in Burma.
Prepared for South-East Asia Command by the Central Office of Information. HMSO London.
Accession Number: KO2993/06
bulletDover’s Western Heights in the First World War.
By Phil Eyden.
Published by the Western Heights Preservation Group.
ISBN 9780957620216
Accession Number: KO2994/01



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