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Commissions - Hodgson Family Collection

The museum's collection includes a large collection (46 examples) of commissions relating to the Hodgson and Studholme-Hodgson family between 1727 and 1861 which includes commissions from the British and Indian Armies.

Ensign Studholme Hodgson, First Regiment of Foot Guards, 22 January 1727.
Accession Number: KO0640/02

Items in the museum's collection:

bulletEnsign Studholme Hodgson, 1727. KO0640/02
bulletCaptain/Lieutenant Studholme Hodgson, 1746. KO0640/03
bulletCaptain Studholme Hodgson, 1747. KO0640/04
bulletColonel Studholme Hodgson, 1756. KO0640/05
bulletMajor General Studholme Hodgson, 1759. KO0640/06
bulletColonel Studholme Hodgson, 5th Regiment of Foot 1759. KO0640/07
bulletMajor General Studholme Hodgson, 1760. KO0640/08
bulletMajor General Studholme Hodgson, 1761. KO0640/09
bulletMajor General Studholme Hodgson and Archibald Stuart? 1761. KO0640/10
bulletLieutenant General Studholme Hodgson, 1761. KO0640/11
bulletLieutenant General Studholme Hodgson, Governor of Fort St. George and Fort Augustus, 1765. KO0640/12
bulletColonel Studholme Hodgson of the 4th Regiment of Foot, 1768. KO0640/13
bulletGeneral Studholme Hodgson, 1778. KO0640/14
bulletGeneral Studholme Hodgson Colonel of the 4th Regiment of Foot. KO0640/15
bulletGeneral Studholme Hodgson, Colonel of the 11th Regiment Light Dragoons. KO0640/16
bulletLieutenant John Hodgson, 4th King’s Own Regiment of Foot, 1780. KO0640/17
bulletJohn Hodgson, 1787, Fort Major of Halifax. KO0640/18
bulletCaptain Hodgson, 4th Foot, 1789. KO0640/19
bulletLieutenant Colonel John Hodgson, 4th Foot, 1795. KO0640/20
bulletColonel John Hodgson, Major General in the Army, 1810. KO0640/21
bulletMajor General John Hodgson, Lieutenant General in the Army, 1814. KO0640/22
bulletLieutenant General John Hodgson, Colonel in the 83rd Regt of Foot, 1823. KO0640/23
bulletJohn Hodgson, Colonel of the 4th Regiment of Foot, 1835. KO0640/24
bulletLieutenant General John Hodgson, General in the Army, 1837. KO0640/25
bulletEnsign Studholme John Hodgson, 1820. KO0640/27
bulletCaptain Studholme John Hodgson, 1830. KO0640/28
bulletMajor Studholme John Hodgson, 1838. KO0640/29
bulletColonel Studholme John Hodgson, 1854. KO0640/30
bulletMajor General Studholme John Hodgson, 1860. KO0640/31
bulletMajor General Studholme John Hodgson, 1868, Colonel, 54th Regiment of Foot. KO0640/32
bulletLieutenant General Studholme John Hodgson, 1868, in the Army. KO0640/33
bulletGeneral Studholme John Hodgson, 1876, Land Forces, Colonel 54th Regiment of Foot. KO0640/34
bulletEnsign John Studholme Hodgson, 1822. KO0640/35
bulletEnsign John Studholme Hodgson, 1822. KO0640/36
bulletLieutenant John Studholme Hodgson, 1824. KO0640/37
bulletLieutenant John Studholme Hodgson, 1824. KO0640/38
bulletLieutenant John Studholme Hodgson, 1824. KO0640/39
bulletLieutenant John Studholme Hodgson, 1825. KO0640/40
bulletCaptain John Studholme Hodgson, 1835. KO0640/41
bulletCaptain John Studholme Hodgson 1835. KO0640/42
bulletMajor John Studholme Hodgson, 1847 in the Army in the East Indies. KO0640/43
bulletLieutenant Colonel John Studholme Hodgson, 1849, in the East Indies. KO0640/44
bulletColonel John Studholme Hodgson, 1858. KO0640/45
bulletColonel John Studholme Hodgson, 1864, Bengal Infantry. KO0640/46
bulletMajor General John Studholme Hodgson, 1861 in the army. KO0640/47
bulletEnsign William Hodgson, Gent, in the Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards, September 1775. KO0640/48


Only a proportion of our collections are on display at anyone time.  Certain items are on loan for display in other institutions.  An appointment is required to consult any of our collections which are held in store.

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