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Minorca Garrison - Charges

Between 1753 and 1756 the King's Own were stationed on the Mediterranean island of Minorca.  A pay document exists in the museum's collection with details the 'charge of the Garrison of Minorca' which also details the daily rates of pay for the officers and soldiers of the regiment.

The Establishment of the Forces and Garrison in the Island of Minorca
A Regiment of Foot Commanded by Colonel Rich (The 4th Regiment of Foot)
Circa 1753-1756

                                                                                    Per Diem           For 365 Days

Field and Staff Officers

Colonel as Colonel                                  12 s
In lieu of his servants                             2s                    14s                   255  10s  0d
Lieutenant Colonel as Lt Colonel 7s                                 7s                     127  15s  0d
Major as Major                                                              5s                     91     5s   0d
Adjutant                                                                       4s                     73     0s   0d
Quartermaster                                       4s
            In lieu of his servant                  8d                     4s  8d               85     3s    4d
Surgeon 4s and One mate  2s 6d                                     6s  6d               118   12s   6d

Total                                                                             2  7s  10d        872   19s  2d

One Company

Captain                                                 8s
            In lieu of his servants                2s                     10s   0d             182  10s  0d
Lieutenant                                            4s
            In lieu of his servant                  8d                     4s   8d              85   3s   4d
Ensign                                                   3s
            In lieu of his servant                  8d                     3s   9d              66   18s  4d
Three sergeants                        1s 6d each                     4s   6d              82   2s    6d
Three corporals             1s each                                     3s                     54   15s   0d
Two drummers              1s each                                     2s                     36   10s   0d
70 privatemen               8d each                                     2  6s  8d          851  13s  4d

Total                                                                             3  14s  6d        1359  12s  6d

Allowance to widows                                                      1s  4d               24    6s    8d
Allowance to Colonel for Clothing lost by deserters           1s  2d               21    5s    10d
Allowance to Captain for recruiting                                 1s                     18    5s
Allowance to Agent                                                              6d               9     2s    6d

Total                                                                             3  18s  6d        1432  12s  6d

The pay of eight Company's more of the like numbers
and rates with the Company above mentioned.                31  8s  0d        11461
One Company of Grenadiers
Captain                                                 8s
            In lieu of his servants                2s                     10s  0d              182   10s   0d
Two Lieutenants            4s each             8s
            In lieu of their servants              1s  4d               9s   4d              170   6s   8d
Three sergeants                        1s  6d each                    4s   6d              82    2s   6d
Three corporals             1s each                                     3s   0d              54    15s  0d
Two Drummers              1s each                                     2s   0d              36    10s  0d
Seventy privatemen       8d each                                     2  6s   8d         851  13s  4d

Allowance to Widows, Colonel, Captain & Agent               4s  0d               73   0s   0d

Total                                                                             3  19s  6d        1450  17s  6d

Total for this regiment                                                   41  13s  10d     15217  9s  2d

From KO2490/267

2007 Trustees of the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum