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Military Definitions

From The Soldiers’ Own Note Book and Diary for 1918, Published by Charles Letts & Co.

Military Definitions

bulletAlignment – Any straight line on which a body of troops is formed, or is to form.
bulletBattalion – The administration unit of infantry, consisting of headquarters, four companies, and machine gun section.
bulletBrigade – Headquarters and four Battalions.
bulletChange of Position – A movement by which a body of troops takes up a new alignment.
bulletColumn – Bodies of troops on parallel and successive alignments, at a distance from one another equal to their own frontage.
bulletCompany Column – A company in column of sections.
bulletQuarter Column – Companies on parallel and successive alignments, at a distance from one another of six paces.
bulletCompany – The tactical unit of infantry, consisting of four platoons.
bulletCovering – The act of one or more men placing themselves correctly in rear of one another.
bulletDeploying interval – The lateral space between units in quarter column or in column on the same alignment, the space being equal to the frontage of a unit in line.
bulletTo Deploy – To change formation from column to quarter column into line on the same alignment.
bulletDepth – The space occupied by a body of troops from front to rear.
bulletDirection (Battalion, Platoon, Company, Section or File of) – The battalion, platoon, company, section or file, responsible for keeping the direction of the line of march.
bulletTo Dress – To take up the alignment correctly.
bulletDrill – The execution of movements in unison.
bulletEchelon – A formation of successive and parallel units facing in the same direction: each on a flank and to the rear of the unit in front of it.
bulletFile – A front rank man and his rear rank man.
bulletFrontage – The extent of ground covered laterally by troops
bulletInner Flank – That nearer to the point of formation or direction
bulletInterval – The lateral space between men, units, or corps, measured from flank to flank
bulletLine – Troops formed on the same alignment
bulletOuter flank – That opposite to the inner or directly flank.
bulletPatrol – A body of men sent out to reconnoitre or to guard against surprise
bulletPlatoon – Fourth of a company.
bulletPoint of formation – the point on which a formation is based.
bulletRank – A line of men, side by side
bulletRifle Ranges:
bulletDistant – 2,800 to 2,000 yards
bulletLong – 2,000 to 1,400 yards
bulletEffective – 1,400 to 600 yards
bulletClose – 600 and under.
bulletSection – The quarter of a Platoon
bulletSquad – A small number of men, formed for drill or for work.
bulletSupernumeraries – The non-commissioned officers, etc. forming the third rank.
bulletWheeling – A movement by which a body of troops brings forward a flank on a fixed or moving pivot.

List of Abbreviations for Military Terms etc

bulletAB Army Book
bulletADC Aide-de-Camp to the King
bulletAdjt Adjutant
bulletAF Army Form
bulletAG Adjutant-General
bulletAL Army List
bulletAMO Administrative Medical Officer
bulletAmmn.Col Ammunition Column
bulletAPC Army Pay Corps
bulletASC Army Service Corps
bulletAux. Auxiliary
bulletAVC Army Veterinary Corps
bulletBatt. Battery
bulletBde. Brigade
bulletBn. Battalion
bulletCav Cavalry
bulletCF Chaplain of the Forces
bulletCO Commanding Officer
bulletCo. or Coy Company
bulletCol Column or Colonel according to context
bulletCorpl Corporal
bulletCVO Companion of the Royal Victorian Order
bulletDAA Deputy Assistant Adjutant (General)
bulletDCM Distinguished Conduct Medal
bulletDG Dragoon Guards
bulletDns Dragoons
bulletDSO Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
bulletFd Field
bulletGOC General Officer Commanding
bulletGOC-in-C General Officer Commanding in Chief
bulletGent-at-Arms Hon Corps of Gentlemen at Arms
bullet(H) Qualified at School of Musketry
bulletHAC Honourable Artillery Company
bullethp Half Pay
bulletHrs Hussars
bulletInf Infantry
bulletL 1st Class Interpreter in a language
bulletISC Indian Staff Corps
bulletLce-Corpl Lance Corporal
bulletMC Military Cross
bulletMMP Mounted Military Police
bulletMT Mechanised Transport
bulletNCO Non-Commissioned officer
bulletOC Officer Commanding
bulletOTC Officer Training Corps
bulletp Certificate of Proficiency
bulletps Passed School of Instruction
bulletPc Attended Cavalry Officers’ Pioneer Class
bulletPMO Principal Medical Officer
bulletPVO Principal Veterinary Officer
bulletQMG Quarter Master General
bulletQMS Quarter Master Sergeant
bulletR Reward for Distinguished and Meritorious Service
bulletRA Royal Artillery
bulletRAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
bulletRE Royal Engineers
bulletRes Reserve
bulletRFA Royal Field Artillery
bulletRFC Royal Flying Corps
bulletRGA Royal Garrison Artillery
bulletRHA Royal Horse Artillery
bulletRif Rifle or Rifles
bulletRNAS Royal Naval Air Service
bulletRND Royal Naval Division
bulletS Qualified as Instructor in Signalling
bulletSAA Small Arms Ammunition
bulletSM Sergeant Major
bulletSco Scottish
bulletSergt Sergeant
bulletSqdn Squadron
bulletTD Territorial Decoration
bulletTF Territorial Force
bulletT & S Transport and Supply
bulletUnattd Unattached
bulletVC Victoria Cross
bulletVD Volunteer Decoration
bulletVTC Volunteer Training Corps


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