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The Journal of Captain Mason

Part Four

Journal on board the Barque Redman Anderson from Sydney

October 27th  1834  Monday

Commenced beating out of the Cove about 9 oclock and cleared the Head about past 3 wind about E.N.E. from she had a terrible list to Starboard and was very crank owing to her having very little ballast and a great quantity of top weight.  Weather fine and clear.  Took a last look at the shores of Australia and felt as miserable as a poor devil could finding himself of board a vessel of 270 Tons on whose poop it was quite impossible to walk even in fine weather.  The light House fron the S Head was visible till past 9 oclock after bidding good bye to which I went to bed

Tuesday 28th

Splendid day wind rather more favorable.  F . Topmast S. Sail set with smooth water but she would not go more than 5 knots.  Capt. lost the sun owing to some rascal having prigged   the Binnacle time piece at Sydney.  Found the passengers very sociable.

                  Wednesday 29th             Lt  34  .  14  S  155  .  30  E

Beautiful weather wind not at all favourable during the last evening came more aft about 10 oclock.  S Sails set still 5 knots.  Begun to get my sea legs and crawl slowly up and down the poop.  Made vast improvement in the arrangement of my Cabin

                                                              Thursday 30th                34  .  32  S  157  .  17  E

Splendid day the wind came roundfrom the N.E. during the night having almost completely failed us in the evening.  S Sails set but still no more than five knots.  Tried to shoot but found there was little game.  Find the Skipper a very obliging person and feeds very well as far as the room will allow.

                                                        Friday 31st                                   34  .  8  S  160  .  2  E

A fine day blowing fresh towards the middle of the day.  Heavy sea from the S & Wrd Wind about N seems rather inclined to head us

                                                   Saturday 1st Nov                 34  .  24  S  162  .  28  E

Blew hard during the night which obliged the Capt to take in sail put a reef in the Main Top Sail.  Strong wind and heavy sea running Wind heading us being about N.N.E.  Took some water in at my skuttle in the evening which gave me a damp bed for the night

                                                     Sunday Novbr 2                 34  .  18  S  164  .  40  E

A most beautiful day with fine steady breeze which came a little more aft about 12 oclock and enabled us to carry S Sails.  The sea had almost entirely gone down tho still a heavy swell

                                                              Monday 3rd                    34  .S  167  .  20  E

Very dull dirty looking weather in the morning and about past 9 oclock it commenced a drizzling rain.  Wind shifted round to the S.W. about 1 oclock when we stood on the other tack much to our relief as we had been on the same tack ever since leaving Sydney and consequently had the benefit of all the stray surf from the Weather side.  Rain came on very heavy about 2 oclock

                                                              Tuesday 4th                 33  .20  S  169  .  38  E

A beautiful clear day Wind about S.W. rather cold.  Heavy swell on the Water tho' not much sea

                                                              Wednesday 5th                 33  .  22  S  172  .   E

Fine steady breeze from the S.W. with a heavy rolling sea.  Made only two miles of S T instead of 30 owing to unsteady steering during the night.  Rather squally at 12 oclock.  Landed in N.S.W. 1831

                                                              Thursday 6th                  34  .  10  S  175  .  3  E

Splendid day with fine rattling breeze from the S.W.  Turned my Cabin topsy turvy

                                                              Friday 7th                                34  .  36  S  178  .  3  E

Wind still strong from the S.W. fine clear weather 

                                                              Saturday 8th                  35  .10  S  178  .  50  W

Strong wind from the W.S.W. with rather a heavy sea running.

Still going about 6 knots & with S. Sails set

                                                              Sunday 9th                   35  .  20  S  175  .  55  W

A splendid clear day but the Wind shifted round during the night to S. by E. which is rather bad for us at present.  Sun very warm but wind very keen

                                                              Monday 10th                 35  .26  S  173  .  70  W

Wind almost died away towards sunset in the evening but freshened up early this morning and began to blow very hard.  Carried away the fore top Gallant Studding Sail boom & main & foar braces snapped.  Blowing very hard with rain and very squally dirty weather.  Wind about S. S. W

                                                              Tuesday 11th                 35  .  38  S  170  .  57 W

Weather very fine and wind about S by W but as we are running in the trough of the sea she only goes 4 & with S Sails Set.  There was a good deal of knocking about during the night tho' as I slept pretty soundly I did not feel it

                                                              Wednesday 12th            36  . 3  S  168  .  21  W

Very fine day but a heavy roll from the Srd &Wrd wind came a little more aft at about 12 oclock

                                                              Thursday 13th              36  .  23  S  165  .  10  W

The wind still from the S & W with a heavy cross swell.  Kicked about terribly during the night the sea washing right over the long boat.  Very dirty looking morning and heavy rain & squally in the middle of the day

                                                              Friday 14th                     36  .  12  S  163  .  7  W

Weather rather squally with an occasional shower.  Wind still S

                                                              Saturday 15th               36  .  16  S  160  .  50  W

Fine clear day but the wind still remaining South & & S by E grew rather scant towards 1 oclock

                                                              Sunday 16th                  35  .  53  S  158  .  40  W

Fine day but wind still from the South tho' very little of it but seems more inclined to head us

                                                              Monday 17th                 35  S  157  .  44  W

Fine clear day wind rather heading us we went on the other tack the greaterpart of the day but found the wind fly round again to its old quarter therefore put about again at about 8 oclock.  Night very fine

                                                                Tuesday 18th           34  .  55  S  157  . .  10  W

Wind still the same fine clear day with smooth water.  Some of the men caught several Albatross there being little wind during the day

                                                              Wednesday 19th                    34  .  27  S  156  W

Wind still the same tho' rather more inclined to head us

                                                              Thursday 20th                34  .  6  S  155  .  20  W

Wind headed us last night at about 10 oclock when we stood on the other tack but she came round of her own accord again about 11 oclock.  Amusement dressing old Fyans   sticks & trying to brush up a little French

                                                              Friday 21st

35  .8  S  155  .  32  W

A splendid clear day sun very warm.  Wind about E.N.E. so that we could not stand better that S.S.E. which with the variation and leeway will not I fear give us much Easting

Saturday 22nd

36  .19  S  155  .  9  W

Splendid fine clear day but the wind just as usual and rather scant

Sunday 23rd

37  .  24  S  154  .  32  W

Beautiful fine clear day with the wind rather more aft and strong tho' the water still keeps smooth.  Completed our 4 weeks on the board this day.  Set S.  Sails at 12

Monday 24th

38  .  41  S  153  .  8  W

Fine clear day wind more favorable than it has been.  S. Sails set.  The Captain took a Lunar.  Sticks and exercise French &c as usual.  Mem.  Never taste butter on board ship if you are a bilious subject

Tuesday 25th

39  .  46  S  151  .  9  W

Fine clear day wind very nearly right aft S.  Sails set steering E.S.E.  Getting rather cold below the warm in the sun

Wednesday 26th

40  .  21  S  149  .  9  W

Fine morning but rather dull towards the middle of the day.  Still smooth water.  Wind came a little more on our Std Quarter

Thursday 27th

40  .  36  S  148  . 34 W

Fine clear day with light wind & smooth water.  Going about 4 knots which is rather above her average rate.  Expect to get to the Horn in about a Month.  If lucky may perhaps make as good a passage as I did outward.  No amusement on board but that eternal Chess which I am getting very tired of.  Tried the experiment of lowering bottles being calm yesterday evening.  One corked up was after being lowered upwards of 100 fathoms had the cork forced in & was full of water, another which the Doctor covered after corking with suet & tied over with bladder came up quite empty thereby shewing that the water does not penetrate thro' the pores of the Glass as supposed by some

Friday 28th

41  .  45  S  145  .  40  W

Raining all day and blowing hard, with heavy sea running.  Moderated rather more towards evening but still very dirty.  Wind shifted from N.W. to S.W.

Saturday 29th

42  .  21  S  142  . 34  W

Fine clear day but still a heavy sea running with strong breeze.  Making 8 knots at 12 oclock !!!

Sunday 30th

42  .  19  S  142  .  52  W

A beautiful day but the wind died away and left us stationary in the fore noon

Monday 1st

43  .  11  S  138  .  39  W

Wet day blowing very hard with thick fog

Tuesday 2nd

44  .  3  S  136  .  39  W

Rather finer tho' still foggy the sun peeping out occasionally.  Getting very cold

Wednesday 3rd

44  .  40  S  134  .  33  W

Very cold the wind having shifted round to the S.W.  Showery and rather foggy.  Fine.

Thursday 4th

44  .  52  S  131  .  36  W

Fine and cold rather cloudy in the forenoon.  Wind shifted to S. by W. in the night & still continues so

Friday 5th

45  .  7  S  129  .  8  W

Calm all the morning & foggy with an occasional gleam of Sun Shine

Saturday 6th

45  .  40  S  128  .  20  W

Heavy rain could not move out and very damp & cold in the Cuddy.  Miserable day wind about N by E.  Everybody looking very glum

Sunday 7th

46  .  21  S  125  .  43  W

Fine day with good stiff breeze right aft.  Heavy sea in the forenoon which went down very suddenly in the evening

Monday 8th

46  .  52  S  122  .  58  W

Beautiful day fine steady breeze about W. S. W.  A Lunar for the first time these three weeks the weather having been always more or less cloudy

Tuesday 9th

47  .  19  S  119  .  49  W

Fine day with good steady breeze without sun but dry

Wednesday 10th

48  .  6  S  116  .  54  W

Fine day rather warm.  Rain 4 in the morning looking showery all day

Thursday 11th

49  .   14  S  113  .  14  W

Fine stiff breeze going 7 or 8 knots all night.  Weather thick and showery in the morning shun came out about 1 oclock

Friday 12th

49  .  24  S  110  .  12  W

Fine steady breeze and fine day tho' rather hazy and cold

Saturday 13th

50  .  16  S  106  .  35  W

Fine clear day with steady breeze as before S. Sail set.  Air very sharp

Sunday 14th

51  .31  S  102  .  34  W

Gloomy day blowing very fresh with a heavy sea running.  Very cold

Monday 15th

52  .  5  S  98  .  59  W

Fine clear day with strong breeze a heavy swell wind about S.W. very cold below

Tuesday 16th

52  .  49  S  94  .  34  W

Fine day with good breeze rather squally with heavy roll from the S & Wd

Wednesday 17th

53  .  24  S  90  .  25  W

Fine clear day wind very sharp being from the S by E.  Heavy swell from the Sd.  Tried my hand at steering which I found very cold work

Thursday 18th

53  .  39  S  89  .  10  W

Find day but wind very scant indeed nearly calm

Friday 19th

54  .  39  S  85  .  40  W

Fine day with good rattling breeze from the W & S.  very cold

Saturday 20th

55  .  34  S  81  .  29  W

Heavy rain in the night fine day tho' rather hazy.  Fine breeze right aft

Sunday 21st

56  .  16  S  79  .  30  W

A beautiful day but calm from about 10 a.m.  Showery in the night

Monday 22nd

56  .  30  S  76  .  26  W

Fine day but very cold the wind having shifted round to S by E. during the morning.  About S at noon.  The longest day in this part of the world.  Heavy fall of hail in the evening

Tuesday 23rd

56  .  48  S  72  .  34  W

Very squally during the night with heavy showers of snow and hail.  A Barque seen at 1 a m about 2 Miles bearing about N.W.  Very cold morning with squalls hail & sleet. Thermometer changed in the Doctor's cabin during our from 46 to 34 (on deck 32) Fine summer weather however we are very lucky in having so good light as it is not now dark for above 2 hours.  Capt. Took a Lunar tho' not good as it was rather thick

Wednesday 24th

56  .  45  S  68  .  20  W

Very squally all night and this Morning with heavy snow and hail.  Very cold.  A xxxxxxx whale struck the ship yesterday about 2 p.m. which gave us a very sensible shock.  I was sitting in my chair and felt it very plain but as there was not a second thump I supposed it could be nothing serious.  Came in sight of land this morning at day break and at 12 oclock the small Island bore NW by W.  18 Miles the outline being something like this beautiful sketch.  There was a very heavy squall about past 10 oclock when a whirlwind passed us very close   [sketch]

                                Diego Ramirez

N W dist 18 Miles

Thursday 25th

55  .  46  S  624  .  53  W

Passed the land off Cape Horn about 7 oclock yesterday evening  Fine Christmas Day the wind rather scant and very cold.  Land at 11 oclock one larger & one small hummock bearing N W by W about 25 miles

Course N E by E

Friday 26th

54  .  54  S  62  .  21  W

A splendid day and much warmer the wind being from the W N W.

Had a capital Xmas dinner yesterday and now going to sit down to xxxours about the same time that all friends in England are sitting down to their Xmas feast having got about 20 hours start of them.  May they all be merry and happy.  Lost sight of land yesterday and suppose we shall be up to the Faulklands on Sunday if we are lucky enough to keep the wind.

Saturday 27th

54  .  26  S  60  .  59  W

A beautiful day and much milder tho' the wind still keen.  Not doing any good the wind being from the N.E. tho' luckily very light.  Sounded at 11 oclock in 68 fathoms brought up a small sea egg, clay blue slate, shells & c

54  .  30  S  60  .  55  W

Sunday 28th

54  .  8  S  60  W

A beautiful clear day but the wind very light and ahead, only able to make an E. N. E. course.  Spoke a Liverpool Brig the Joseph Winter bound to Valdepareizo 94 days out.  She gave us no news except she had spoken the Caroline 2 days before and supposed she could not then be more than 100 Miles ahead of us

Monday 29th

54  .  7  S  58  .  19  W

Splendid day but calm in the forenoon.  Amused ourselves with Rifle Shooting.  Skipper gave me a shot at the Vane at the Mast Head the truck of which I perforated the first shot.  We afterwards rigged a target on the main boom.  Soundings in 60 Fathoms at 10 a.m.

Tuesday 30th

52  .  43  S  67  .  37  W

A fine day but calm.  Expecting to see the Faulklands but were dissappointed.  Ship to the E steering to S before sun set.  8 p.m.  Had a light breeze in the morning taking us at about 3 Knots.  Tried to find soundings the water being very much discoloured but did not reach them with 110 fathom line.  Had a few shot at Penguin with the Rifle which there were a great many.  Preparing to land at the Faulklands

Wednesday 31st

51  .  39  S  57  W

A breeze sprang up yesterday evening about 5 oclock which promised fair to take us up to the Islands by the morning.  Blew fresh and squally during the night and in the morning we made the Faulklands and ran along the coast which appeared very bare & barren tho' rather fine in outline but tho' we had everything ready as it was blowing very hard from the S. and the Captain did not know the harbor nor had any very good Chart as we had such a fine breeze he thought it better to go on as we were certain of nothing but water.  Two vessels seen at past 1 a.m. steering to the Southward.  Fell in with a Yankee Barque bound S. off the F. Isles

                                                      2nd Wednesday                        49  .  9  S  55  .  46  W

                                                            Un jour de trop

Remember all who come this way                     Or old New Years day

For the day gained you lose your pay

A splendid day with fine breeze right aft tho' very cold and at times squally with hail & rain

Thursday January 1st  1835

46. 38  S  55. 59W

A very dirty looking day with heavy swell and wind right in our teeth.  Pitching terribly.  One dip carried away one of the foot boards of the figure head

45  .  42  S  56  .  14  W

Friday 2nd

Fine clear day wind right aft  This was intended for yesterday & vice versa

44  .  10  S  56  .  12  W

Saturday 3rd

Fine clear day but blowing very hard rolling and pitching terribl 

42  .  49  S  54  .  32  W

Sunday 4th

Fine day tho' rather inclined to be showery.  Sea calm but still a swell from all points.  Wind about N.W. bad

Monday 5th

41  .  23  S  53  .  3  W

A beautiful day with good rattling breeze from the S.W. by S. S.  Sails set but still only going 6 &

Tuesday 6th

39  .  16  S  51  .  28  W

A splendid clear day wind right aft but very light.  Capital day for taking a lunar which the Skipper did at 2 oclock.  Growing very warm

Wednesday 7th

38  .  28  S  51  .  5  W

A beautiful day but the wind very light

Thursday 8th

36  .  57  S  50  .  30  W

Splendid clear day and very smooth water.  The long mast sent up

Friday 9th

35  .  43  S  50  .  45  W

Splendid day but very warm.  The old box would not stand better than N.W.  An immense number of black Whale about the ship

Saturday 10th

34  .  52  S  51  .  58,W

A fine day tho' rather hazy and very close & appressive.  Doing very little good.  Spoke a vessel bound to Rio Plata from Santos 9 days.  Blackburn laid on his back with sore eyes.  Sounded at 8 & found 40 fathoms again at 10 found 30 fthms

Sunday 11th

34  .  27  S  51  .  54  W

Close gloomy looking day and the wind still against us.  Water will I fear get very scarce if this lasts

Monday 12th

34  .  51  S  50  .  12  W                                                              34  .  27  S  51  .  54  W

Very wet and hazy.  The vessel pitched terribly in the night.  One of the men was washed clean over the Windlass.  Cleared up in the middle of the day but still a heavy swell making her pitch very heavy.  A great number of small black Whale

Tuesday 13th

34  .  4  S  49  .  33  W

A splendid day sun very powerful  The cap of the long mast renewed. having been split.  Skipper tried to catch some Turtle but lost then partly owing to the bungling way in which the boat was lowered.  Almost calm the Whole day

Wednesday 14th

33  .  35  S  49  .  42  W

Lovely day but the wind very unfavorable being about N by E  We luckily caught some rain water the other day which saves         the stock or we should be nearly run dry ere this.

Thursday 15th

33  .  37  S   49  .  17  W

Beautiful day but wind very shy not making better than N.N.W. course at about 2 knots.

Friday 16th

32  .  47  S    50  .  6  W

Fine day but very light wind.  Not going above 2 & 3 Knots N by E Painting up the boats.

Saturday 17th

31  .  33  S    49  .  8  W

Gloomy looking day but splendid breeze from the Sd & Erd.  all in far better spirits than we have been for this last fortnight.

Sunday 18th

29  .  7  S  47  .  25  W

Beautiful day with occasional showers and strong breeze.  The best run we have had since we started from the land of iniquity.  Begin to think of brushing up our Coats and Portuguese.  Vessel in sight steering for the Plata.  Passed a shoal of small fish covering about an acre of sea which appeared smooth with a slight ripple as from the effect of wind in gusts.

Monday 19th

27  .  31  S    46  .  18  W

Very fine but very close and oppressive.  Wind very shy.  The first flying fish.

Tuesday 20th

26  .  17  S  45  .  53  W

Fine day but threatening to be showery and very close.  Wind drawing rather too much a head.

Wednesday 21st

26  .  9  S   45  .  59  W

Threatening rain almost calm close and sultry.  Find we have made little northing owing to the Currents.

Thursday 22nd

25  .  17  S  44  .  52  W

Fine day but close and oppressive.  Sprung both the Royal Mast and Fore top Gallant Mast which was rather singular asxx there was not a great deal of wind on deck at the time.  Heavy rain during the night.  A vessel in sight at 10 a.m. steering to the Westward.  The crew employed in setting up fresh masts.

Friday 23rd

24  .  37  S  44  .  12  W

Splendid day but very hot.  Wind S.E. rather light.  A vessel in sight at 6 a.m. steering to the Westward.  Caught a Dolphin the first I had seen in its dying beauties.

Saturday 24th

24  .  9  S  44  .  5  W

Splendid day but wind very scant.  A brig in sight at 5 oclock.  Very high mountainous land in sight on larboard beam.  Eat the Dolphin yesterday which we found capital and I think far preferable to any fish I have tasted in the land of iniquity more particularly the

Sunday 25th

23  .  42  S  44  .  2  W

Very fine day but quite calm.  Land very plain distant about 4 leagues very high and mountainous intersected with a number of ravines and one large bay

Monday 26th

23  .  49  S  44  .  2  W

Calm.  Made about 7 miles E & lost about the same of Northing

Tuesday 27th

23  .  49  S  43  .  36  W

Calm in the morning but a breeze got up at about 11 oclock but unfortunately dead against us however it shifted round a little better at 12 oclock


                                                                                                            23  .  32  S  43  .  14  W

Two white lights for one red the white never entirely out but growing very faint the red is bright without fading but disappears in toto

Wednesday 28th

In sight of the sugar loaf at the entrance to the harbour but we could not bear up till 11 oclock the wind being against us and even then could not make her lay high enough to clear it.  Very fine day with moderate breeze

Thursday 29th

23  .  14  S

Fine day but light wind in fact calm till 2 oclock when a breeze sprang up from the E & by N but it would not take us in.  Got a small cask of water from the Packet Cockatrice coming out for PIRio Plata

Friday 30th

Fine day wind very light however with the help of S Sails the breeze shoved us up far enough to the Eastward so that a light breeze springing up at about past 10 oclock we were enabled to run in between the light house Island and another which we had mistaken for the Sugar Loaf more to the Srd but which is not the general passage.  However we cleared both without finding sounding at 17 fathoms and then first viewed the sugar loaf which could not be mistaken after having once seen it the name being a perfect description.  Passing that on our left or larboard xxwe came in sight of the harbour which is certainly very fine in fact from the first entering between the Islands the feature of the coast is very grand mountains rising in every diversity of form all round as far as the harbour which presents a pleasing relief being at this time full of shipping and appearing almost connected with the city on the left bank the right bank being beautifully laid out intersected by small sandy bays and picturesque houses and richly wooded.  We passed a miserable looking fort on the right bank and were obliged to anchor about of a mile further up close to and old Portuguese frigata.  Lt. Rodney from the Spartiate came on board and after hearing all he could tell us we told him of our miserable supply of water and as he said we should not be able to get any till late the next day he very kindly at about 8 oclock returned with a large cask of water much to our delight.

Found he was a brother of Mrs. Riddels of Sydney and cousin of William Rodney.  Some of the Custom House & other Portuguese Officers came on board and told us that we could not leave the ship till next morning.  Found myself telling one of them that the later he came the better (mais sedo melior) not being able to remember the word for early

Saturday 31st

Waited very impatiently till about past 10 oclock when the Portuguese boat came off and released us from our quarantine.  We all went in the Jolly Boat and called on Admiral Sr G. Hamond and the Officers of the Spartiate.  They seemed a very gentlemanly set of young men and were very civil.  The Adm1 was good enough to give us an army List by which we first knew of poor Hovenden's death.  and Bretons Englands Lonsdales Faunces & Pennys promotion which I was delighted to see.  Went from the Spartiate to explore the Town.  Passed the Caroline in our way which arrived two 4 days before us.  They came in worse off than we were having actually nothing on board.  Row between Wilson and the old lady Mrs. G. on board.

Found a very tolerable hotel kept by a Mr. & Mrs. Johnstone where we put up.  Warm & cold Baths on the Ground Floor.  L.B. & myself took a front room together as we could not get single ones.  Had a capital dinner at 6 and being very tired went to bed early.  Rode out at 6 in the morning with L and the Skipper to the village of St. Cristorno and had a view of the Emperors Cuinta at a distance.  Very much pleased without our ride the scenery being much more verdant than any thing I had seen for

the last 2 years.  Sauntered about the Town all the morning after having a bath till 2 oclock when we went on board the Spartiate to dine with the Officers.  Much pleased with them.  One a supernumerary had some thoughts of going on with us.  One Officer belonged to some other vessel on the station having brought in a Slave vessel a very few days before.  Rode out with the Skipper in the morning to the palace of St. Cristoras.  Could not get an order from even the Consul who was very kind to see the inside at the young Pedro & his Sisters were living there.  Much disgusted with the exterior being to a large staring bare mass of building situated on a small hill and entirely shut in by others in every direction without a single beauty to recommend it and a thoroughfare running thro' a small open square directly in front of it.  The situation of the village was far superior being on the bank of the bay with a fine sandy beach.  Got completely soaked going home.  Rained in torrents all day which made a perfect river of the street.  Could not stir out so contented myself with a warm bath and a good dinner.  Newton came in and being regularly weather bound dined with us.  The Adm1 asked us to dine the next day but the two Doctors only accepted as we wished to see as much of the country as we could during our short stay.  Found we were too tired to ride out in the morning therefore we slept till 7 breakfasted at 8 and then amused ourselves with looking about the Town walked over the Naval Arsenal &c &c till 3 oclock when we dined and prepared for a start to the Botanical Gardens but as Newton did not meet us till past past 4 we agreed it was too late to go there and sallied forth on our chargers to see a very pretty place of Mr. Moores situated on a small bay commanding a view of which and the hills beyond the scenery was very perfect from the windows.  As we went along the beach shore of the bay Newton the Captain and myself being ahead my nag slipt on some sloping pavement and tumbled on his nose by which manoeuvre he sprained by knee and thumb very severely by which I have since been regularly laid up and lost all further chance of seeing any more of the country about this.  However I picked myself & my nag up as well as I could and as I did not feel much the worse at the time we all rode on about a mile further to Colonel McGregors.  He was not at home but we were introduced to Mrs. Mc a Portuguese and two Misses Mc who very kindly washed my hands and knee with some of the spirit of the country of which I forget the name but which is considered infallable in all sores & bruises.  We all mounted again and rode home by a circuitous route and I think even in England you will seldom meet with a more picturesque ride having a splendid background of stupendous mountains to the view with the exception of one side which slopes down to the water.  On arriving at the hotel I could but just manage to get off my horse and going up stairs was any thing but a joke making the perspiration flow from me most copiously.  Rodney and another Lt of the S. were there.  Londsale & myself went quietly to bed by times tho' not to sleep as I did not once close my eyes from the pain in my knee which I could only not move from one position and the next day I was regularly done up put on a coronet of 2 & dozen leeches which gave me a little relief.  We had intended to have ridden up the Casa Vadas Hill which is the great Lion of the place but this at any rate put my going quite out of the question.  The rest of the party went over the water but had not time to see much came back at three dined & drove out to the Botanical Gardens which they said were not worth looking at.  On Friday Thursday the Skipper told us we were to all be on board by day light as he intended to sail.  I had not the least idea of going till the evening in fact was in two minds whether I would not wait for the Packet or take a passage with Newton who promised me one in a Man of War Brig however I thought with the help of two Doctors who were both very kind and attentive to me & and the precaution of taking

a few leeches which by the way altogether cost me upwards of 5 I might manage to patch up my leg again tho' at one time I was not at all certain there was not a fracture from the severe pain and swelling.  Hired a John John a most miserable style of sedan chair which I expected to upset every step the Niggers took as you move in an irregular oblique direction and about 4 oclock got into a capital boat with the old Latena Sails and got on board safe not sound.  An old Lisbon friend cheated us terribly in our things.  Mem.  Never employ any rascals who talk English moderately well and are to be seen in sea ports prowling about the streets seeking whom they may devour.  They generally insinuate themselves by some very unassuming question and after offering their services in whatever you may want and by introducing you to their own slop shops, and after this will make themselves useful in any way

Friday 6th

Weighted at about 5 oclock and after being obliged to beat out some way a light breeze sprang up which took us out clear to the Ewd a little sly  Found she had quite as bad a list on the Srd side as when we left Sydney however consoled ourselves with the hope of soon getting into the S.E. trade.  Very fine day.  Did not move from my bed

Saturday 7th

23  .  56  S  42  28  W

Beautiful day but the wind still steady and pretty good breeze from the N & Easterly

Sunday 8th

25  .  5  S  40  .  38  W

Fine day but wind still the same rather a heavy head sea which makes her pitch a great deal

Monday 9th

25  .  51  S  39  .  50  W

Wind still the same weather fine

Tuesday 10th

26  .  16  S  38  .  15  W

Fine day but wind much the same tho' not quite so bad as we have had it.  Very smooth water

Wednesday 11th

26  .  15  S  37  .  0  W

Fine day wind shifted round a little in the afternoon.  Went on the Srd tack tho' the wind being very light we are doing little good

Thursday 12th

25  .  37  S  36  .  52  W

Beautiful day wind rather too much ahead again and light.  Fine smooth water

Friday 13th

24  .  27  S  37  . 7  W

Fine clear day but wind still rather too much ahead.  A heavy shower of rain & squall in the morning about 6 oclock.  A French Barque passed us steering to the N about 11 a.m.

Saturday 14th

23  . 18  S  37  .  16  W

Fine day but not able to make better than N by W course.  Lonsdale was taken very ill in the night with cold in the Chest Doctor obliged to blood him copiously as he could hardly breathe

Sunday 15th

N.N.E                                                                                          22  .  55  S  37  .  16  W

Very fine but wind right ahead.  Rather curious being in the Latitude of the S.E. trade to have the wind hanging about almost entirely to the N of E.

Monday 16th

23  .  44  S  36  .  0  W

Fine day but nasty cross sea which makes her pitch very much.  Heavy showers during the night.  Wind still hanging to the Northwards

Tuesday 17th

N.N.E.                                                                                         24  .  11  S  34  .  44  W

Fine day wind the same as it has been for the last 10 days

Wednesday 18th

23.48  S  34.44  W                                                                       N.N.E.

Fine day looking rather showery in the morning.  Same wind tho' it came round yesterday evening and during the night we stood up on the S tack about N & N by W

Thursday 19th

23  .  4  S  34  .  59  W                                                                                N.E. to N.N.E.

Fine day heavy shower about past 5 A.M.  Wind still rather bad not making better than N by W course.  knee still very weak

Friday 20th

22  .  19  S  35  .  30  W                                                                             N by E     North

Fine day but wind about N by E.  Getting very much puzzled to pass the time having nearly exhausted all our stock of books, and find walking makes my knee much worse

Saturday 21st

22  .  32  S  34  .  26  W                                                                             North

Fine day but wind just as usual

Sunday 22nd

22  .  45  S  33  .  32  W                                                                             N N E to N E

Fine day wind rather more inclined to come round but still very shy

Monday 23rd

22  .  26  S  33  .  54  W                                                                             North  N N E

Fine day very close rather inclined to be showery and squally.  Wind still from the Nrd

Tuesday 24th

22  .  23  S  33  .  0  W                                                                              N  N N W  N W

Fine day but the wind still shy and if anything more inclined to go round to the West

Wednesday 25th

22  .  0  S  32  .  0  W                                                                      N  N N W  N W  N N W

Showery during the latter part of the morning.  Looking up rather better than she has done for some time & at 12 oclock found we had made a wonderful stretch of 25 miles to the Nrd.  Hazy all day.  Hope we are at last going to catch the Trade

Thursday 26th

21  .  19  S  30  .  54  W                                                                    N W  N N W  North

Heavy rain during the night and in the morning.  Steering about N.E. tho' the wind is flying about a great deal.  A Barque standing to the S & Eastward.  Took a Shower Bath in the morning

Friday 27th

N N W  North  N N E                                                                    21  .  20  S  29  .  48  W

Fine day but the wind has got round to its old Quarter again.  New Moon a little after Noon

Saturday 28th

N E  N N E  N E                                                                                  20  .  22  S  30  .  44  W

Fine clear day wind came round a little more to the Ed yesterday.  Steering N.N.W. almost ever since

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