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Regimental History - Volunteers

Rules and Regulations of the Royal Lancaster Volunteers, 1797

Rules and Regulations to be observed by the Royal Lancaster Volunteers

I. That the Officers and Privates of this Corps shall serve without Pay or other Emolument, and on no occasion whatever to be taken more than a moderate Day’s March from the Town of Lancaster.

II. That the Officers and Men do assemble at the Town Hall in Lancaster every Tuesday and Friday in each Week, (except on Field Days) to parade in Uniform, the drum to beat at half past five o’Clock in the Afternoon and the Roll to be called at six.

III. That all Officers and Privates shall appear with their Hair dressed with Powder when in Uniform.

IV. That each Officer shall forfeit for Non-attendance at Roll Call at the Time appointed, on Tuesday and Friday Evening, Five Shillings; Non-Commissioned Officer, three Shillings; and Private, two Shillings; and if they appear before the Company march off the Ground, then the fines shall be reduced one half. Reasonable cause of Absence will be allowed by the Committee on sending a previous written Notice to the Serjeant of the respective Company, and not otherwise.

V. That each Officer and Private attending Parade, shall conduct himself in a decent and orderly manner, or be fined as follows, Commissioned Officer 5s. Private 2s. 6d.

VI. That the Non-Commissioned Officers, Drummers and Fifers shall attend as in the 5th Article, or be fined 2s. 6d. to be stopped out of their Pay, and for the third Offence be dismissed.

VII. That each Private in the Company attend Parade with Arms and Accoutrements thoroughly cleaned and in good Order, fit for Inspection, or be fined one Shilling.

VIII. When the Battalion is formed and the word “Attention” given, the Persons in the Ranks not allowed to speak, until the Command “Stand Easy”, under the Penalty of 6d. Any Person quitting the Ranks without leave, to forfeit 6d.

IX. That there shall be General Field Day on the second Tuesday in every Month, at such an Hour as the Commanding Officer for the time being shall appoint; and that double the above-mentioned Fines, shall be imposed on the Officers an privates for Non-attendance on such Days, and that the Corps shall appear in full Uniform.

X. That any Private disobeying the Orders given by any Officer belonging to the Company whilst on Duty, or making use of any improper Language to any officer whatever, Commissioned or Non-Commissioned, and not conducting himself in every respect in a Soldier-like manner shall be reported to the Committee then acting, the Majority of said Committee to judge an determine on such Report, and Fine the Offender not exceeding 5s.

XI. That all Fines be collected by the Serjeant Major immediately, if the Defaulters are present, and if absent, the first time of their Appearance, unless such Person expresses a wish to appeal to the Committee at their next Meeting, and in such Cases the Determination of the Committee shall be final.

XII. That the Hours of Attendance be altered from time to time by the Commanding Officer for the time being, according to the length of the Days and Season of the Year, and when such alteration is intended to be made, Notice thereof, shall be given on the preceding Parade Day.

XIII. That a Meeting of the Committee be held on every Monday at 10 o’Clock in the Forenoon. Any 7 Members shall be sufficient to form a Committee.

XIV. That if any Mis-understanding shall take place between an Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer, an Officer and Private, or a Non-Commissioned Officer and Private, either of the Parties may make a Complaint in writing to the Commanding Officer and Committee who shall order a Court Martial composed of an equal Number of the respective Ranks of the Parties to be chosen by Ballot, in the same manner as the Officers were. In all Cases the Court shall choose a President from amongst themselves.

XV. The only Punishments which Court Martials shall inflict are Fine to the Extent of one Guinea, Censure, or Expulsion from the Corps; a Majority of two-thirds having it in their Power to impose either of the two first, the latter requiring the unanimous Vote of the Court.

XVI. That the Commanding Officer shall have the power to take such Persons as are imperfect out of the Ranks, and order them into a separate Drill; and shall also order the Adjutant or Serjeant Major to attend at such other times as he thinks necessary for the purpose of instructing those who wish to attend.

XVII. That all fines shall be applied to the General Fund.

XVIII. We the undersigned do engage to clothe and accoutre ourselves, also to give personal Service to the Royal Lancaster Volunteer Corps, agreeable to the above Rules and Regulations, and to all such Regulations as shall hereafter be made by the Committee and sanctioned by the majority of the Corps.

June 27th, 1797

Rules and Regulations to be observed by the Royal Lancaster Volunteers
Accession Number: From a photocopy in the museum's collection.


© Images are copyright, Trustees of the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum.
 You must seek permission prior to publication of any of our images.

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