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Sergeant Frederick Winterburn

Frederick Winterburn enlisted into the King's Own Royal Regiment on 18th September 1931, as number 3710004, signing up for seven years regular service and five in the reserve.  He left the regiment in 1938, but was recalled from the Reserve on the outbreak of the Second World War.  In February 1940 he transferred to the Royal Engineers and served with Number 159 Railway Construction Company in Iran and Italy.  His peace time job appeared to have been with the permanent way department of London Transport, thus his service with the Railway Construction Company would appear logical.

This collection of documents and photographs covers his service with both the 1st Battalion, King's Own and the Railway Construction Company.

Documents and Booklets


Attestation of Frederick Winterburn, King’s Own Royal Regiment. Attested 18 Sep 1931
Accession Number: KO2953/001

Army Book 64, Soldier’s Service and Pay Book to Private Frederick Winterburn, number 3710004, King’s Own Royal Regiment. Attested 18 Sep 1931. Born 28 Mar 1918. Book dated 5 Jul 1943.
Accession Number: KO2953/002

Identification Card for MT Drivers: Sergeant Winterburn, issued from 5 Oct 1942. Stamped on the rear 159 Railway Construction Company, Royal Engineers, with who Sergeant Winterburn was then serving.
Accession Number: KO2953/003

Booklet: Regimental and old Comrades Associations, issued to soldiers on their discharge from the army. Printed Sep 1945.
Accession Number: KO2953/004

Income Tax Notice of Coding for Year 1945-46 to Mr F Winterburn.
Accession Number: KO2953/005

Army Form W5258 Record of Service, for Corporal F Winterburn, number 3710004. Showing served with the King’s Own Royal Regiment between 18 Sep 1931 and 17 Jan 1940, and with the Royal Engineers between 18 Jan 1940 and 25 Feb 1946.
Known to have served at some stage with 159 Railway Construction Company of the Royal Engineers in Iran, circa 1942.
Accession Number: KO2953/006

Pay Form R 3 Release from Army Pay Arrangements
Accession Number: KO2953/007

Notification of Release Serial Number
Accession Number: KO2953/008

Booklet: For Your Guidance – What to do on leaving the Service, and How to Do It.
Accession Number: KO2953/009

National Registration Identity Card: Frederick Winterburn, dated Sep 1947
Accession Number: KO2953/010

Letter regarding post war employment as a conductor in the bus department, from the Permanent Way Engineer (Railways) of the London Passenger Transport Board, dated 1 Jul 1943, to Mrs A Winterburn, Battersea.
Accession Number: KO2953/011

Folder containing notes. ‘Tregantle Wing. Army Gas School.’ Corporal F Winterburn, 3710004. ‘These notes must not fall into enemy hands.’
Contents: Army Gas School, R I Course
Various notes etc Mar 1941.
Metal binder removed for conservation reasons.
Consider giving each sheet a part number
Accession Number: KO2953/012

Regimental certificate presented to soldiers leaving the regiment. Presented to Private Frederick Winterburn, number 3710004, King’s Own Royal Regiment, after 7 years service.
Accession Number: KO2953/013

Printed Cloth Coronation Souvenir, 1937, the Coronation of HM King George VI and HM Queen Elizabeth, Accession Day 11 Dec 1936 for 1937 Coronation.
Accession Number: KO2953/328

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