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Soldiers of the Regiment

Sergeant Frederick Winterburn

Frederick Winterburn enlisted into the King's Own Royal Regiment on 18th September 1931, as number 3710004, signing up for seven years regular service and five in the reserve.  He left the regiment in 1938, but was recalled from the Reserve on the outbreak of the Second World War.  In February 1940 he transferred to the Royal Engineers and served with Number 159 Railway Construction Company in Iran and Italy.  His peace time job appeared to have been with the permanent way department of London Transport, thus his service with the Railway Construction Company would appear logical.

This collection of documents and photographs covers his service with both the 1st Battalion, King's Own and the Railway Construction Company.

Ships and Boats

Unidentified Royal Navy ship in Malta Harbour circa 1930s
Accession Number: KO2953/195

HMT Dorsetshire, 1930s
Accession Number: KO2953/196

HMT Somersetshire, 1930s
Accession Number: KO2953/197

Unidentified ship in harbour circa 1930s
Accession Number: KO2953/198

Unidentified Royal Navy ship circa 1930s
Accession Number: KO2953/199

Unidentified Troopship, circa 1930s
Accession Number: KO2953/200

View of troop deck of HMT Dunera, 1930s
Accession Number: KO2953/201

Unidentified Troopship, circa 1930s
Accession Number: KO2953/202

Unidentified Sailing Ship, circa 1930s.
Accession Number: KO2953/203

Scene with flying boat, sailing ship and harbour side buildings
Accession Number: KO2953/312

Scene with dredger and smaller river craft
Accession Number: KO2953/313

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