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First World War

RAMC at Park Hall Camp, Oswestry

Album of photographs mainly relating to members of the Royal Army Medical Corps at Park Hall Camp, Oswestry, Shropshire, First World War. Including camp views, gas training etc.
Accession Number: KO2917/74

Seven soldiers of the Royal Army Medical Corps at Camp.
G I Jones; J J Jones; G Thomas; R Roscoe; T Davies; D W Jones.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-01

Three soldiers and a dog in front of bell tent.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-02

Four soldiers of the RAMC
Accession Number: KO2917/74-03

Soldier of the RAMC, preparing to put on respirator, he is stood next to a large cylinder of gas, marked with a red star and the words ‘Red Star’ on either side, indicating that it contained chlorine gas
Accession Number: KO2917/74-04

View of Park Hall Camp, Oswestry, 1916
Accession Number: KO2917/74-05

Group of soldiers and two ladies outside terraced house.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-06

“Come to the cookhouse door Boys”, soldiers carrying dishes outside the cookhouse.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-07

Group of four soldiers of the RAMC
Accession Number: KO2917/74-08

Group of soldiers of the RAMC outside a hut.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-09

Large group of soldiers sat on grass having lunch.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-10

“ready to enter gas chamber”, three soldiers, however the photograph has been spoiled by a leakage of light into the camera.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-11

Three soldiers and a dog in front of bell tent.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-12

Group of soldiers with Beer barrels, caption ‘Moving Day’
Accession Number: KO2917/74-13

View of camp: North 1. Park Hall Camp, Sep 16 to Apr 1917
Accession Number: KO2917/74-14

Group of soldiers of the RAMC outside hut.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-15

Two soldiers and a man wearing an army tunic but civilian hat and trousers. Captioned ‘a fresh ‘un’
Accession Number: KO2917/74-16

Four soldiers, one of which his reading the last rights to another who is having his head placed into a noose.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-17

Soldiers sat on chair.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-18

Captioned: “Entering the gas chamber” Seven soldiers of the RAMC are going into a trench system along side a notice board and a wind direction pointer.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-19

Five soldiers and one lady outside terrace house, assumed to be billets.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-20

Group of soldiers walking across make shift bridge.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-21

Group of soldiers of the RAMC playing cards in hut.
Accession Number: KO2917/74-22


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