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Letters of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan, 1804-1811.

Letter Number 68

Dated: 28th February 1811. C.B. Torres Vedras Addressed to Mrs C Bevan, Money Hill, Rickmansworth, Herts
Stamped on address fold Mr 12 1811 & Lisbon

I have at length, my dearest Mary, the pleasure of receiving letters from you those of the 16, 21 & 28 January all containing good news of our dear little people, of their dear Mother and of all their and my friends, except poor Mrs Bevan for whom I am most truly sorry The course that you say her disorder has taken will I hope for one favourable and that she will recover her health and good looks. With regard to my Mother changing her plans of abode I am a good deal astonished; not hearing from any one of my own family concerned the more distressed I was of such proceedings: however I am to suppose they no longer consider me as belonging to them, and certainly not over the case ---; rather the lot of poverty. Had I a fortune of Five Thousand a year I dare --- in the eyes of all my friends. I might become a clever parson (person?). But I must have the last spoon of patience, if I can it is difficult in acquiring but I have been now some time at school and perhaps shall, before I die, take my degree. I humbly confess I should have thought the neighbourhood of Chenies the last place on earth except Bedington that would have been selected! But I suspect there is more in this than meets the eye I am perfectly acquainted with the movements of that corps & I will know who takes a leading part in preparing the measures. Poor Julia I am sure, would rather stay where she is; & as to the means of keeping a second servant I could suggest other ways than that of changing houses I dare wager that in three years more they will be in London. This is so very disagreeable to me because I know how folks make these things a matter of conversation and ridicule. But I know not what end my writing on this subject will achieve except indeed that of filling my letter and in the present dearth of any thing to say perhaps that is something, as I flatter myself there is one person on earth who has some regard for me and that person would rather read stuff written by me than nothing. I am glad your Mother is making a trip to Town The change for a short time will be of benefit to her. With regard to some other parts of yours, I have no right to say one word --- --- Mrs P. I insufficiently know (hole near seal) the parting to give any opinion, but from what I have heard from many people of Mrs ?Meades, I should apprehend much cloudy weeks in that part of the region. I heard a good deal of that family from Colonel Trench ? of the 89th who was Adjutant General to the Newcastle station when Sir Tr --- commanded the district.

I conclude Paterson has received letters as well as myself. I have just been wishing to know. I hope your next letter will give me an account of the perfect restoration of poor little Edward & also pray be so good as to tell me how Mrs T.C. Bevan does because in your three letters there is not one word of her and as she is a tolerably good sort of person I wish particularly the state of her health. I conclude that the London Party consists of your Mother & the younger sisters leaving the Two Matrons in the country.

I am going to write to Mrs Williams but I shall not mention a word about the act--- operations.

I perhaps by the next packet may hear from them. These same packets are sadly uncertain in their coming. Our latest paper date is the 4th of this month and we ought to have those up to the 16th or 17th.

Make my best love to all our friends

God Bless you & yours I am always Yrs

Torres Vedras
28th February 1811


i) Mrs Bevan & later Mrs T.C. Bevan: although it seems strange that he does not speak of his grandmother this lady is possibly CBs paternal grandmother his grandfather was certainly Thomas Bevan
ii) Chenies is a small town/village between Latimer and Chorley Wood
iii) Bedington as spelled not identified Beddington is part of Croydon from W Croydon between W Croydon and Wallington (near the latter South Beddington) Elsewhere there is some indication that CBs mothers house was near Croydon
iv) Mrs P only suggestion is Mrs Paterson i.e. Marys sister who CB has elsewhere jocularly written of in this way
v) Mrs Meades fairly clear - not identified
vi) Col Trench fairly clear but not identified. 89th became Royal Irish Fusiliers (a list of 1794 shows a Maj Gen Trench. Newcastle presumably on-Tyne
vii) General Tr---? Cannot guess
viii) Edward CBs second son
ix) Mrs Williams CB elsewhere referred to a Col Williams recently promoted



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