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Collections - Letters

Letters of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan, 1804-1811.

Letter Number 44

Dated: 20th July 1810 from CB Ceuta
Addressed to Mrs C Bevan, Money Hill, Rickmansworth, Herts

My dearest Mary,

I have been here for two days and up to my Eyes in business you must not therefore expect a long epistle from here. I return to Ceuta as soon as possible. There is no news of any kind or sort; hurry, bustle & confusion and heat enough. The Packet is daily expected from England and will I therefore assume before my departure from Gib. I came here principally to get things for the Regt and to enquire into the probable destiny of the Ceuta garrison, that is of this 4th Regt. I am afraid will not be as quick; however if all my hopes fail in this way, still I shall be able to get leave of absence, I found all my friends from 28th tolerably well. Mrs Mullins looking very thin & her poor little boy you would not know. I mentioned to you in a former letter that she had lost one child, since then several. – Some people talk of Belson’s marriage but I should imagine it only a Gibraltar report which are very numerous but not always very true – The Commissioner is very civil and has offered his big Yacht to return to Ceuta, of which offer I shall certainly avail myself – and I shall be glad to be back. Poor Browne has been dangerously ill at Tarifa --- the Walcheren fever – But 4th is now recovering. Our men here begin to get a little better but we have still a long list of sick – I hope they will soon send the Regiment home. That will be the best way to come cure them all. – I think that if they can do so they will, but at present I imagine Lord Wellington’s Army must occupy a great place of the mind of government.

I have not heard from Paterson I talked to Fraser (?or Isaac) who has had a letter from him – But containing no particular news – I hope that will feed you and all little sisters quite well

Please make my best love to all at ------ Both yours and Bevans God Bless you my dear Mary

Ever your Own C.B.
Gibraltar July 20th 1810


i) CB was expecting to return to England where 1st Bn 4 Ft was, to take over as C.O. when Lynch received his expected promotion to Brigadier
ii) 28th – His former 28th Foot was at Gibraltar, part at Tarifa
iii) Mrs Mullins – wife of Hon Capt E Mullins 28th Ft
iv) Belson – Lieut Col C.O. 28th Foot
v) Commissioner - there has been mention before of this official – presumably equivalent of Governor
vi) Browne – Major F Browne 2 i/c 28th Foot – the Senior when CB was Major in 28th
vii) Paterson – CB’s old friend in 28th who had recently married Mary’s sister
viii) Fraser? This scrawled name pres a 28th Officer – not identified

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