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Collections - Letters

Letters of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan, 1804-1811.

Letter Number 28

Dated: 12 Feb 1810 from CB Yarmouth Roads
Addressed to Mrs C Bevan, Money Hill, Rickmansworth, Herts

We sailed yesterday morning, my dearest Mary, and in the Evening arrived in this anchorage; how long we shall remain must depend on the wind, which now seems more determined than ever to fix in the South West – However we are here quite ready for a -? and shall lose none of the Breeze when it does consider ? to alter in our favour – I received your letter in which you mention you wish to take a house for six months in Rickmansworth. I have no objection you wish to be able to get one in the Town, but I hope that whatever you wish that you wish else; I shall try to home as soon as I can; at all events I will send you money, that is will when I have been long enough in the Regiment to have a balance, In all the Paymaster authorises the Agents to answer your bill – or I believe the best may well be to make them pay a certain sum into Mary’s hand then you will have no trouble.

I am glad to hear that James is now likely to be in the way of a ship – and hope that he may soon get one.

Mrs Mullins is I understand -? her husband much better and he hopes that the climate of Gibraltar will benefit her complaints – I fear that England would be of much (word obliterated) use – Dewes has got leave of absence but now ------ it and proceeds with the Regt. I understand that Sir D. Dundas gave Belson a sort of hint that it was not impossible that the 1st 28th would be sent to where the 2nd were and in that case of course they would send the second home – But I imagine that just at this moment it is very uncertain what may be done

Pray give my best love to all your family and believe me always most affectionately yours


H.M. Ship Jamaica Yarmouth Roads 10 deleted 12 Feb 1810


i) CB with 2nd Bn 4th Ft is sailing to Ceuta after delays
ii) Money Hill Rickmansworth was Mary’s parents’ house
iii) Mrs Mullins, wife of a 28th Foot officer was with her husband in Portsmouth waiting to sail to Gibraltar. Mullins fell at Barossa 3 March 1811 – where 28th suffered heavily
iv) Dewes was Lieut Paymaster of 1st 28th, CB’s former Regt
v) General Sir D Dundas had succeeded the Duke of York as C in C of the Army (and was to hand it over to Wellington). He had also chaired the Enquiry into the Convention of Cintra
vi) Belson – C.O, 1st 28th Ft
vii) HMS Jamaica – 26 Gun Corvette



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