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Collections - Letters

Letters of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan, 1804-1811.

Letter Number 26

Dated: 8 Feb 1810 from CB Portsmouth
Addressed to Mrs C Bevan, Mrs Dacres, Money Hill, Rickmansworth, Herts

My dearest Mary

Contrary to my expectation this day past has brought no intelligence to the Admiral respecting the destination of the two Regiments now embarked; many think we are to land, many think otherwise and for my part I hardly know what to think.

Tomorrow ---------(4 illeg words) ---

I am glad to hear Mrs Dacres is so much better – Should we go to Portugal. Paterson will of course hear from his friend Torrens. This however is not the prevalent opinion here, though I am much inclined to think that unless a change takes place in the government we shall go there then – In that case the second Batalion of the 28th will certainly return to England immediately, as the two would do no more than make one efficient Battalion, of course this would be the First. I will however write to him the moment I hear anything certain – He will probably hear it first from the Horse Gds.

I shall be very sorry if our convoy is changed as I like Capt. Lysaght very much – and indeed I may not succeed in getting a passage with another man. Captain Cadogan is now here and made many enquiries after your family – I hear he is immediately to be married but this is a secret so keep it to yourself to oblige Lady Errol I think, a Miss Blake.

I am going to dinner with General Whitham – much to my satisfaction as it will cost me nothing –

I have no more today – but love to my young men – God Bless you

Your C.B.

February 7 1810

I quite forgot to tell you I saw Genl Paget here yesterday – I had a moving enquiry about you – he will go to Town this morning


i) Patterson (or Paterson_ sometimes spoken of in these letters as ‘Jim’ – but seems likely to have been Capt Charles Paterson who married Eleanor Dacres and appears in 28th Regt Lists – is mentioned by Blakeney for his gallantry in the Pyranees battles when he was a Brevet Lieut Col
ii) Cadogan – not id – perhaps con with the family of the Earl Cadogan (created 1800)
iii) Lady Errol & Miss Blake not identified
iv) Genl Paget – Must have been Major Gen Hon Sir Edward Paget whose first Brigade Major CB was 1800-1804

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