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Collections - Letters

Letters of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan, 1804-1811.

Letter Number 23

Dated: 1 Feb 1810 from CB Portsmouth
Addressed to Mrs C Bevan, No 1 Little Stanhope St, May Fair, London

Rain: and Wind at the South West – a very pretty prospect for people wanting a fair Easterly Wind to go down channel – Now my dearest Mary do you not think that enough to try any man’s patience but that of your most patient and enduring husband? – The wise people however say this wind is not to last, that it will blow again tonight and then it is to come round to a more favourable quarter – I wish it would for all this is miserable work – There is tonight a gay ball & supper to which all the gay people go – Not being one of that description I stay at home – and go to bed like a sober man – Tell James that Captain Lake is to be tried on Monday next, so that if he intends to get his ship he must look sharp.

I hope Mrs Dacres has been able to leave Town and that she will find much benefit from the tranquillity of Money Hill. I am very much obliged to you for your New Year’s gift – I shall take great care of it – It is very nice and a very useful one as it contained much information on various most important points – I have this morning been to pay a visit to Captain and Mrs Deans (?) Dundas – this is a very kind lady like woman – They have also very nice little children – (hole in letter obliterated about 3 words on 2 lines)
--- pocket book was dirested – to Major Bevan 28th Reg - & by c--- Torrens; I was afraid my appointment was cancelled – Poor old g—is obliged to go out with the Regiment – No answer having been given to his application for leave. He is now glad of it as he thinks he will easily get leave there – I hope to have a letter from you by tomorrow’s post – Captain Gordon desiring to be particularly remembered to you all – My best love to everybody. God Bless you!

I am always yours

Part tell Paterson I will write to him before we sail – I hope the Club; (the select (?) will go over well


i) Evidently at Portsmouth – as is revealed by letter 24
ii) Gay of course had none of the American modern usage
iii) James – Mary’s brother Capt James Dacres later Rear Admiral who was waiting for a ship – and was soon to get the Frigate Gueriere
iv) Capt Lake – not identified
v) Mrs Dacres – Mary’s mother – Money Hill was her recently acquired house near Rickmansworth, Herts
vi) Dundas – the family name of Lord Melville – lawyer & politician, resigned with Pitt in 1801 and later impeached for misconduct as Treasurer of the Navy; no obvious traces found of this Dundas
vii) ‘Pocket’ this passage almost destroyed by removal of seals on the other side of the page. Torrens was the name of the Prince Regent’s Military Secretary
viii) Capt Gordon not identified


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