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Collections - Letters

Letters of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan, 1804-1811.

Letter Number 10

Dated 21 June 1807 from CB at Dambury, addressed to Mrs Charles Bevan, Vice Admiral Dacres, Bursledon, Nr Southampton, Hants

You will find that I have arrived here safe and sound. The whole of the Regt are now here. I am encamped with about 300 men on a very nice common in front of the Barracks where my Marquee proves a most comfortable habitation. Col Johnson has heard nothing more of moving but as the first division of the troops have already sailed, I look upon it as we shall not be long without receiving orders. I will not however mind airing our property until I know we are to embark I hope you received my letter from London Today I am busilling to get my things in order as I can in Camp but took a walk to call on Col Johnson and Dewes and children the little Johnsons are nice little Children but I do not think so engaging as our two little Boys Poor little Charles would I think be delighted to be among his old friends the drummers but he is better where he is and little John too for the moment. The nice air and the grounds at Bursledon will bring them charmingly forward. I have got here a most kind letter from the Admiral written conjointly to both of us if you wish to have it forwarded I will do so but there is of course nothing more in it than is contained in your Mothers letter. He begs you will write to James and says just the same about the new house as we read in your Mothers letter. I have also heard from Brighton where all are very well but Mrs Brown (?illeg) who has suffered seriously from a violent cold, accompanied by a stiff neck. I am sure you, my best and dearest Mary, will not neglect your cough as I shall not be comfortable until I hear you are perfectly free from it. About our little dear Boys I have no fear as I know you will not allow the eldest (sic) to be spoilt as the other gentleman is in no danger yet. Everybody have enquired very kindly after your health and appear to regret you have been so long absent from your Regt. I have not yet slept in camp but I shall commence if possible this night Paterson desires to be remembered to all your family

Pray give my best love to all & Believe me my best love
Always your faithful and most affectionate


i) Bursledon on the Hamble River possibly the Admirals?
ii) Dambury a few miles east of Grantham. Troops were assembling for the expedition to Copenhagen to take the Danish fleet before Napoleon did. They landed 2 Sept 1807
iii) Johnson C.O. 1st Bn 28th
iv) Dewes Paymaster 1/28th
v) Little Charles CBs elder son Charles Dacres later a Barrister and Judge
vi) Paterson Capt Charles married Eleanor Dacres
vii) Brighton CBs Mother etc were there


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