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Collections - Letters

Letters of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan, 1804-1811.

Letter Number 2

Dated 20 May 1804. Addressed to Miss Dacres – no address

(First sheet missing)

… as I have heard you express a regard for his Aunt and Sister – Whatever I have seen of him has been perfectly what his best friends could wish, but not living with the Regt, I of course do not see as much as other people. I am concerned to observe that among all the recent naval appointments the papers do not mention the name of Dacres – Is Lord Melville any acquaintance of your Father? at all events Sir J Colpoy is a friend – and you will know before this can reach you that he is in the Admiralty. – Young Pellew a Commander and the Flag!!! can that be the boy that was lately at Plymouth - & Sir Edward a Flag in the East Indies – his support of the late Admiralty board is tolerably rewarded. I hope it is no longer necessary to enquire after Jemima as an invalid and most sincerely trust that you are all quite well and very happy – Pray give my best love to your Mother and to your Sisters and to Barrington should he be with you.

Farewell! My beloved Mary
I am for ever only yours
Chas Bevan


i) Lord Melville – Henry Dundas made 1st Viscount Melville 1802 supporter of Pitt. 1st Lord of the Admiralty
ii) Sir J Colpoy Admiralty
iii) Jemima – Mary Dacre’s sister
iv) At this time Mary’s father Admiral J.R. Dacres had hopes of obtaining a bigger command of one of the Home Fleets
v) Barrington Dacres – one of Mary’s brothers – in RN
vi) Written from Major Gen Edward Paget’s command house in Fermoy – no doubt the naval contact names were obtained from Paget


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