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Lance Corporal Thomas Henry Rose MM

bullet Military Medal to Lance Corporal Thomas Henry Rose MM, number 15669/16069, 8th and 9th King's Own.  KO2791/01
bullet1914/15 Star to Lance Corporal Thomas Henry Rose MM, number 15669/16069, 8th and 9th King's Own.  KO2791/02
bulletBritish War Medal to Lance Corporal Thomas Henry Rose MM, number 15669/16069, 8th and 9th King's Own.  KO2791/03
bulletAllied Victory Medal to Lance Corporal Thomas Henry Rose MM, number 15669/16069, 8th and 9th King's Own.  KO2791/04

Stretcher Bearer Section of the 8th Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster, Regiment, taken in around 1915.  Some men can be seen wearing the lapel badge issued instead of the regimental cap badge which was in short supply.  Seated first left is Private Thomas Henry Rose, number 16069, who was later awarded the Military Medal whilst with the battalion for action on 14th July 1916 during the battle of the Somme.  He later transferred to the 9th Battalion and served in Salonika and was awarded a bar to the Military Medal.
Accession Number KO2791/05

Lance Corporal Thomas Henry Rose.
Accession Number: KO2791/06

Photograph of Thomas Henry Rose, stood on the left, whilst working at Baytree Mill, Middleton Junction, Manchester. Circa 1920s or 1930s.  KO2791/07

Pass for Recruits (Army Form B 216)
Thomas Henry Rose, Enlisted 21 Nov 1914 into the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. KO2791/08

Distinguished Conduct Card. Third Division BEF to 15669 Lance corporal J Rose, 8th King’s Own. ‘Distinguished yourself in the field, 18 Jul 1916’  KO2791/09

Letter to Sergeant J A Cott [14104 8 KO]
Sergeant G Hughes [8123 8 KO]
Corporal John Walsh [18169 8 KO]
Lance Corporal Rose,
8th King’s Own from Commanding Officer: “It gives me the greatest of pleasure to inform you that your gallant conduct during the operations on 14 Jul 1916 has been recognised by the High Command…..Meanwhile I enclose a piece of ribbon which you will wear on your service jacket. Lieutenant Colonel Smith, Commanding 8th King’s Own, 7 Sep 1916.
Accession Number: KO2791/10

Letter to Lance corporal Thomas Henry Rose, 8th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, No. 1 Coy, Bowerham Barracks, Lancaster. Dated 7 Sep 1916:
“I am very glad to know you are making a satisfactory recovery from your wounds. I have already written to inform you that you have been granted the Military Medal and I hope that you may belong spared to wear it.
Whenever you are able to return to duty, I am prepared to do anything in my power to assist you to return to the battalion as a Stretcher Bearer and if you will show this letter to OC reinforcements I have no doubt he will see that you are sent back to my battalion. If any difficulty should be thrown in your way you will at once communicate the fact to me and I will do what I can for you.
Lieutenant Colonel Commanding 8th (Service) Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.
Accession Number: KO2791/11

Receipt dated 25 Jul 1916, Ballymena Station, 16069, Lance corporal Thomas Henry Rose. 
Accession Number: KO2791/12

Protection Certificate and Certificate of Identity to Corporal Thomas Rose, number 16069, 9th King’s Own. 9 Mar 1919. 
Accession Number: KO2791/13

Certificate of Transfer to the Reserve 16069, Corporal Thomas Rose. 6 Apr 1919.
Accession Number: KO2791/14

Certificate of Employment during the War. 16069, Corporal Thomas Henry Rose, 9th (Service) Battalion, King’s Own. Nov 1918 to Feb 1919 shown as Provost Corporal. 
Accession Number: KO2791/15

Card to Corporal Thomas Rose at Middleton Junction concerning the Post Office to which he should present Military Documents. 
Accession Number: KO2791/16

Soldier’s Demobilization Account of 16069 Corporal Thomas Rose, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.
Accession Number: KO2791/17

Army Form W5112, letter sent with 1914/15 Star. 
Accession Number: KO2791/18

Memorandum Form from Infantry Records, Preston, to Mr T H Rose, Press Heath to Middleton Junction with Military Medal and Bar. 29 Jul 1919.
Accession Number: KO2791/19

Third Class Railway Warrant to Middleton Junction for Corporal Thomas Henry Rose. 
Accession Number: KO2791/20

Receipt for Returned Great Coat, to 16069 Corporal Thomas Henry Rose, 9 Apr 1919. 
Accession Number: KO2791/21

Out of Work Donation Policy (HM Forces) 16069 Corporal Thomas Rose, 9th King’s Own. 
Accession Number: KO2791/22

Furlough Pay and Allowances on Demobilization Payable to Corporal Thomas Rose of the 9th Battalion King’s Own.
Accession Number:  KO2791/23

Letter of reference from Baytree Mills Limited, Cotton Spinners, Middleton Junction, Manchester. “Mr T H Rose has been employed by this company for the past 50 years. We have always found him to be honest and conscientious in all his duties, and have no hesitation in giving this reference.”
Born in 1893 this reference must therefore be from the 1960s. 
Accession Number: KO2791/24

Small piece of medal Ribbon for the Military Medal sent to Thomas Rose by his commanding officer.
Accession Number: KO2791/25

Birth Certificate of Thomas Henry Rose, 29 Jun 1893. 
Accession Number: KO2791/26

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