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Mrs Owtram's Letters from soldiers and their relatives, First World War.

From Sister Matilda Goulding to Mrs Owtram, Newland Hall, Bay Horse, Lancaster, concerning her brother, Private Nicholas Goulding (Prisoner of War),  25th February 1917.

The Convent
25 Feb 1917
Ave Maria

Dear Madame,
Perhaps you will feel a little astonished at receiving a letter from a person you do not know but I write on behalf of my poor brother Private Nicholas Goulding who is unhappily a prisoner of war in Germany. To thank you for the great kindness you have shown him by sending so many welcome parcels. He felt his inability to thank you himself and asks me to do so in his name. He cannot find words to express the gratitude he owes you and I must confess I too am at a loss to express my admiration and sincere gratitude at your constant generosity, as I am a religious I cannot assist him in any material way but I have often asked our Divine Lord to inspire some kind friend to do this act of mercy for me you are the kind friend dear Madame and I will consider it my sacred duty to pray very specially for you ever day for charity is a bond which knits together all hearts as one. We are all the children of the same Lord. Whatsoever ye do to the least of my little ones ye have done it units me (these are his words). Part of our Convent is turned into a small military hospital containing twenty five beds which has been constantly occupied since the beginning of the war. The good aim of Grayshott very quickly restores them to health and we are very happy to do all in our power to help our men who have sacrificed all for the defence of our County accept the assurance of my deepest gratitude.
Believe me,
Yours sincerely,
Sister Matilda Goulding.

Accession Number: KO2490/124

Private Nicholas Goulding, number 5906, 1st Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, went overseas on 23rd August 1914.  His home address, in 1919, was 31 Heathfield Street, Manchester.  He appears in the 1st Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, Prisoners of War/Princess Mary Gift Tin Roll, 1919.

King's Own Prisoners of War from a postcard sent home by Private Nicholas Goulding, number 5906, of the 1st Battalion King's Own who was taken prisoner in August 1914, only a few days after he arrived in France on 23rd August.  The sign reads: "Campaigners, 65 South Africa Medals, Total Service 676 Years, Total Age 1354 Years, Friedrichsfeld, June 1916." 
Accession Number KO2490/346

King's Own Prisoners of War from a postcard sent home by Private Nicholas Goulding, number 5906, of the 1st Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. 
Accession Number KO2490/347


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