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Mrs Owtram's Letters from soldiers and their relatives, First World War.

Letter to Mrs Owtram from Private Edward Pickthall, number 3936 later 241489, 1st/5th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, dated 2 Sep 1916.

Ward 1 Block A, Queen’s Section, Graylingwell Hospital,
2 Sep 1916
Dear Mrs Owtram
Your kind letter and most welcome gift came as a very pleasant surprise to me.
I hardly know how to thank you. But I must say the kindness of the people round about home makes pain easier to bear. Thank you for your enquiry about myself, I am mending quite nicely now. But I am still in bed. I know Captain Owtram and hope he comes back safe.
I am Corporal William Pickthall’s brother being next younger. He hopes to leave hospital soon. I hear he is lame and I am afraid I will be lame to. I have lost all the bone out of my ankle. But after all I am proud to feel we have done our little bit for King and Country.
I would always be most thankful for a letter or paper. With being in bed I am thankful for something to read it helps to pass the time away.
I must also thank you for asking my brother and I to have tea with you. I will look forward to seeing you.
Again thanking you for your kindness.
I hope to remain
Yours most respectfully
3936 Private Edward Pickthall.

Accession Number: KO2490/121

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