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Soldiers of the Regiment

Private Adam Houghton Moon


Soldiers of 'A' Company, 2nd/5th Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment at Rushmoor Camp, 1916.
Accession Number: KO2286/01

British War and Allied Victory Medals to Private Adam Houghton Moon, number 241886, 2nd/5th King’s Own.
Accession Number: KO2286/02-03

Silver War Badge number B337397 to Private Adam Houghton Moon, number 241886, 2nd/5th King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.
Enlisted 11 Dec 1915 discharged wounded 5 Nov 1919.
Accession Number: KO2286/04

Cap Badge of Private Adam Houghton Moon, number 241886, 2nd/5th King’s Own.
Accession Number: KO2286/05

British Legion Badge of Private A H Moon
Accession Number: KO2286/06

Crossed swords and crown ‘infantry’ badge of Private A H Moon
Accession Number: KO2286/07

Storage tin ‘St. Bruno Flake’ in which Private A H Moon kept his medals, badges and some coins from France and elsewhere, as well as two currency notes.
Accession Number: KO2286/08

Silver War Badge certificate to Private Adam Houghton Moon dated 3rd December 1919 for No B337397
Accession Number: KO2286/09

Official letter, dated 5th November 1917 to Mr William Moon, Stakepool Post Office, Pilling, that Private A H Moon of the 2/5 Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, has been wounded
Accession Number: KO2286/10

Official letter, dated 29 Apr 1924 from the ministry of Pensions awarding A H Moon a pension of 16 shillings for life.
Accession Number: KO2286/11

Letter dated 25th March 1916 from Private Adam H Moon, No 4492 of A Company 2/5th Battalion KORLR to his Father and Mother.

Private Adam H Moon No 4492 A Company 2nd 5th King’s Own Corn Exchange Ashford

Dear Father and Mother and all

No doubt you will have been wondering were on earth I am so now I have the opportunity of letting you know. I have had a lossing time but am no worse and am not downhearted yet so dont fret yourself about me although I hadn’t the slightest idea of getting here. When we arrived Garstang on Friday morning we reported ourself and then was free till the 12.30pm train from Pilling arrived, then with our papers about 9 of us boarded it for Lancaster. We arrived where we lingered about in the rooms and eventually had to go before the Doctors and we all passed bu three. then we lingered about again and at 4.30 went marching down town to the drill hall where we all got full kit and uniform, fancy! it was like gurthing a horse was straping the kit on your back then we had our kit bags all-together weighing about 70 lbs, leg boots overcoat and everything except Gun etc. After we had got our uniform on we were dismissed so we went in town and got some grub.
A little before 10 pm found us marching through Lancaster to Castle Station about 30 of us. People shouting ‘good lads’ ‘good by’ and ‘God bless you’. When we arrived Preston women came running with cakes and hot tea so of course we helped our-selves we then had changed into express for London. There were the 2 Corporals in command and me Joe, Harry Riley John Ainsworth cattle buyer’s driver and a Galgate lad in a compartment to ourselves. We were trying to lay easy one against each other to get a few winks sleep. I had my kit in a corner for a pillow but all was useless we none of us could get a wink for the ----ing of the train and the -----ing noises of other trains meeting us. After stopping at about five stations we landed London about 5 am we dismounted and marched out of Uston Station to a YMCA a distance away in London, where we had to buy some more grub and loitered about inside of course for we wasn’t allowed to go out-side till 8.30am then we formed up and marched to Charing Cross station through Great London Trafalgar Square etc and the shuffling throng. We had to halt in front of the Police Station on account of a chaps putties being to tight . After that we proceeded as a for said, eventually landing at Charing Cross just fancy again! a squad of about 30 and your son! in as little time as that, marching through London almost causing as much excitement as if we where bound for France. Well however we have landed Ashford they first gave us a meal of bread margarine and Salmon. This was about 11am, at what they call the Corn Exchange we had a small route march with officers, and was inspected with Cornal then went back for dinner, Potatoes in there jackets peas half cooked and a lump of fatty beef of course some of this went down ‘considering’. After this we went back to our Billets which is almost the best thing we got here, for Joe and Me has a little room, two more down, Raby and the Galgate Lad xxxxx and two in another room, they have been here about 8 weeks they are all nice chaps and our billet is private houses and the lady is very nice too. I have met a few Pilling lads here. Last night I met Jack Little, Fred Ranson Jack Thornton from Damside, Jack Williamson and I tell you it was nice to meet a few lads I new from Pilling. After I had been with Jack Little we went into the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx various games to play at but nearly every lad I have heard yet, swears even my pals. It is Sunday now and I feel much better after a good sleep. We have to be in at half past nine at night and rise at about 6 am and be ready for breakfast at 7.10 am bread and salmon again. We had to be on Parade at 9 then we marched about xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Chapel we had to fetch our kit for inspection. Well I am taking no harm yet we are only starting in this great change of life to tomorrow we have to be inoculated so before
(no further pages)
Accession Number: KO2286/12a-k

Sketch of building by Private A H Moon -A cottage about one mile south of Flubua and abut 15 miles SSE of Armentiers in the year 1917 about 4 miles behind the firing line.
Accession Number: KO2286/13

Adam Houghton Moon, at the age of about 3 or 4 years old
Accession Number: KO2286/14

Adam Houghton Moon, circa 1915 in King’s Own uniform
Accession Number: KO2286/15

Adam Houghton Moon, and others in hospital recovering from wound received in the First World War
Accession Number: KO2286/16

Adam Houghton Moon and Mrs Annie Moon, married 30 Jun 1923
Accession Number: KO2286/17

Wedding Card of A H Moon and A Walkden, 30 Jun 1923
Accession Number: KO2286/18

Adam Houghton Moon, pre war circa 1914
Accession Number: KO2286/19

G H Moon outside Stakepool Post Office, Pilling, circa 1920s
Accession Number: KO2286/20

Stakepool Post Office, Pilling, 1940 in the snow
Accession Number: KO2286/21

Stakepool Post Office, Pilling, and filling station, 1950s
Accession Number: KO2286/22



© Images are copyright, Trustees of the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum.
 You must seek permission prior to publication of any of our images.

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