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Soldiers of the Regiment

Private John Albert Crossley

In the 1911 Census John Albert Crossley is shown as age 28 years. He was married to Hannah, aged 25 years and had two children, Hilda, age 5 and John Albert, age 1. They had been married for 6 years. He was employed as an Engine Tenter (Stationery) at the Picture Printing Company, Lancaster, the Rembrandt Works. 

Private John Crossley enlisted on the outbreak of the First World War in to Lancaster's 5th Battalion and after training he went across to France with the 1st/5th Battalion, King's Own, on the 14th February 1915.

Private John Crossley was wounded on 28th May 1915 and died of those wounds on 1st July 1915 at Stubbs Hill Hospital, Glasgow, age 33.


Letter from CQMS Grindrod No 1289 'D' Company 1st/5th Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, from France to Mrs Crossley (mother of Private J Crossley) re the wounding of Private Crossley, dated 30th May 1915
CQM Sergeant Grindrod, 1289
D Company, 1/5 King’s Own R L
Expeditionary Force, France
30 May 1915

Dear Mrs Crossley,
It is with the deepest regret I have to inform you of the misfortune which befell your husband (Jack) last night, we had been to the trenches with the rations for the boys and were returning through Ypres when a shell dropped in the roadway in front of us, Jack said “I am wounded Ted” and on looking I found he had 3 hits, 2 in the leg and one in the back. I bandaged him up to the best of my ability and then went for a Doctor and an ambulance and we had him removed to hospital in a very short time, I saw the Doctor after he had made his examination and he said that although his wounds were nasty ones, there was nothing dangerous about them and certainly nothing to cause any great anxiety and I therefore wish you to know exactly what the Doctor said, I am very sorry indeed, for Jack was a chap I took a tremendous liking to, I could not have felt more respect than if it had been my own brother, he was a brave chap to say the least and exclaimed whilst I was dressing him “The D- have got me and I can’t have a bang back at them” he was quite cheerful and was talking to me, all the time up to being taken away, even saying I shall be in Blighty (England) before you after all old man, at which I laughed although to tell you the truth, I was too frightened and upset for anything, as soon as I returned I told CQMS Byrne, who I believe is going to send you his things, we are all very sorry to lose him I assure you, for he made himself a general favourite which his wags accounted for and although we have been shelled on other occasions, he stuck to his job like the trump he was.

Again tendering to you the sympathy of all.

Yours sincerely,
Edw. Grindrod.

Accession Number: KO2278/01

Letter dated 14th June 1915 to Private Crossley in hospital.
The Rembrandt Intaglio Paper Co. Ltd.
Dear Private Crossley,
I was very glad to hear from your wife that you were doing well, so I hope you will make a quick recovery. If you are lame I will run you up from the station when you get leave home, and I shall be very glad to see you.
Yours truly,

Accession Number: KO2278/02

Letter dated 30th June 1915 from CQMS Ted Grindrod to Private Crossley recovering in hospital
30th June 1915
Dear Old Pal,
I was very pleased indeed to hear from you, but sorry to hear or your prolonged illness. I sincerely hope however that you are improving by now. We have at last reached a quiet spot. Our Coy has had six days in and only 2 wounded. ‘A’ went in last night and ‘C’ tonight, it is a treat up there, in fact you can get to the firing line in the daytime, so you will understand what it is like, we are working on the 6 in & 6 out now I think, all the boys are in the pink at present. Robinson has been in Hospital with his teeth, but he has come out again, and returned to day. Please give my kindest regards to Mrs Crossley. I know she must be very upset, tom and Omar are in the pink. Algy of course is as lively as ever, his latest craze is acting as guide to carrying parties, Major Cadman is back with us again, and is acting CO. Captain Fawcett is with ‘A’ again and is at present in the trenches, don’t know what that I have any extra news so will conclude with best wishes for your recovery, kindest regards old man.
Yours to a cinda

Accession Number: KO2278/03

Envelope postmarked 14 Jun 1915 to Private John Crossley in 4th Scottish General Hospital, Stobhill.
Accession Number: KO2278/04

5th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Group at Sevenoaks, 1914. Including two officers and ten soldiers including Private J Crossley front row extreme right. Seated second from the right is Omar Steel who was awarded the Military Medal whilst serving with the battalion in France and Belgium.
Photograph by and marked on mount, W Johnston, 4 Great John Street, Lancaster.
Accession Number: KO1185/01 and KO1336/02

Lancaster Guardian, part of, 10 Jul 1915 reference to Private John Crossley
Accession Number: KO1185/02

11th Battalion King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, Recruiting Advert in Lancaster Guardian newspaper also reference to Private John Crossley of the King's Own.
Accession Number: KO1185/03

Diary of Private John Crossley, number 1805, A Company, 1st/5th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Minimal entries for the period covering 14 Feb 1915 to Jul 1915
Accession Number: KO1185/04

Certificate from Mayor of Lancaster to Private John Crossley
Accession Number: KO1185/05


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 You must seek permission prior to publication of any of our images.

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