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Soldiers of the Regiment

Private Jabez Smith

Newspaper Cutting Mounted:

Death of Private Jabez Smith, number 17253, 2nd Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.
Brother of Thomas Henry Birkett Smith, number 3169/241071, 1st/5th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.

Private Jabez Smith, of the 2nd King’s Own Royal Lancasters, who was reported killed last week, was 32 years of age, and leaves a widow with three children residing at Bank Top, Ingleton. The youngest child was born during the war. Private Smith was a fireman on the Midland Railway before he enlisted, and lived in Alexander Road, Skerton. A brother lives in Nun Street, and Mrs Montgomery, 1 Earl Street, Skerton, is a sister. The latter has a brother and son in France. Her husband, Joseph Montgomery, is in the National Reserve at Birkenhead; her son Stanley is in the Scots Guards; and her younger son John is in the King’s Own. A son-in-law, Gordon Riding, is in the Australian (Adelaide) Contingent; and two brothers-in-law, Thomas Cummings and George Riley, are serving, besides 11 cousins.

Private Tom H B Smith, deceased’s brother, who is serving in the 5th King’s Own in France writing to his brother, Mr Jack Smith, 2 Nun Street, Lancaster, on 5th September, says:- I have received from the British Red Cross Enquiry Department for wounded and missing soldiers an answer to the letter I wrote to them:-
We deeply regret to have to inform you that according to a German list of 14 Aug 1915, received by us through Geneva, on 31 Aug, Private J Smith, 17253, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, is reported to have died, and to have been buried to the east of Ypres, between Bellenaard and Poelcapelle, on some date between 28 Apr and 26 Jun 1915. A military note book and a Testament were found on his body. These are the only particulars we have at present. Please accept our sincere sympathy. Yours faithfully. Louis Talbot, Secretary

Private Tom Smith adds: “This I think proves that ‘Jab’ must have been a prisoner and died of wounds. Although all of us must deeply regret his loss, we must be thankful that we have got to know something about him, and now rest content that he died doing his duty and a little bit for the sake of the country.
…… If ever we go into the district he is buried in I will try and find his grave.”

Accession Number: KO1271/05


© Images are copyright, Trustees of the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum.
 You must seek permission prior to publication of any of our images.

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