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Collections - Photographs & Postcards

Photographs and postcards sent by Drummer James Taylor, 1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, to his family in Manchester, in 1913


bulletOrder of Service Coronation Durbar, Dec 1911. Obtained by Drummer James Taylor.
Accession Number: KO1218/001
bullet1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment at Lydd, 1913. Drummers marching.
Accession Number: KO1218/002
bullet1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment at Lydd, 1913. Drummers
Accession Number: KO1218/003
bullet1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment at Lydd, 1913. Drummers and Band
Accession Number: KO1218/004
bullet1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment at Lydd, 1913.
‘one inch of cheese and a piece of onion, it died quite natural, but we buried it decent...’ see rear of postcard!
Dear Lucy This is rather a sad photo, as we have buried our Breakfast, and we are giving it the salute, you cannot see my face so very plain, as my rifle is in the way, but that smile is there. I may say that Breakfast was CHEESE and ONIONS, one inch of cheese and a piece of onion, it died quite natural, But we Buried it decent, George is on the left of the other rifle.
Accession Number: KO1218/005
bullet1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment at Lydd, 1913.
Band and Drums returning to Lydd from the King’s Birthday parade, 1913.
Accession Number: KO1218/006
bulletPicture postcard: Cherat Hill, Showing Officers Club and Football Ground
Accession Number: KO1218/007
bulletPicture postcard: Wellington Lines Bombay
Accession Number: KO1218/008
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Dalhousie Barrack Fort William
Accession Number: KO1218/009
bulletPicture postcard: Benares Monkey Temple
Accession Number: KO1218/010
bulletPicture postcard: Benares Oranzeb Mosque
Accession Number: KO1218/011
bulletPicture postcard: Cane Bridge Darjeeling District.
Accession Number: KO1218/012
bulletPicture postcard: The Fort Delhi Gate Agra
Accession Number: KO1218/013
bulletPicture postcard: Agra The Taj from the Entrance Gate
Accession Number: KO1218/014
bulletPicture postcard: Hindu Woman
Accession Number: KO1218/015
bulletPicture postcard: Tibetah Place of Women
Accession Number: KO1218/016
bulletPicture postcard: A Fakir Benares
Accession Number: KO1218/017
bulletPicture postcard: Victoria Terminus G I P Railway Station
Accession Number: KO1218/018
bulletPicture postcard: Simla Punjab Government House
Accession Number: KO1218/019
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling Bazaar Sunday Morning
Accession Number: KO1218/020
bulletPicture postcard: Simla Christ Church
Accession Number: KO1218/021
bulletPicture postcard: Simla Ladies Covent School
Accession Number: KO1218/022
bulletPicture postcard: Simla US Club
Accession Number: KO1218/023
bulletPicture postcard: On the Road to Darjeeling
Accession Number: KO1218/024
bulletPicture postcard: Santhal Women dancing at Sarool
Accession Number: KO1218/025
bulletPicture postcard: Parsi Tower of Silence
Accession Number: KO1218/026
bulletPicture postcard: Dancing Girl
Accession Number: KO1218/027
bulletPicture postcard: Simla The Post Office
Accession Number: KO1218/028
bulletPicture postcard: Mussourie from Vincent Road
Accession Number: KO1218/029
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling Snow from Birch Hill Road
Accession Number: KO1218/030
bulletPicture postcard: Elephant stacking timber
Accession Number: KO1218/031
bulletPicture postcard: Monkey Trainer
Accession Number: KO1218/032
bulletPicture postcard: A Hunting Cheeta
Accession Number: KO1218/033
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling Badamlam Bridge
Accession Number: KO1218/034
bulletPicture postcard: Alipore Native Bazaar
Accession Number: KO1218/035
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling Loop above Tindharia
Accession Number: KO1218/036
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling Sonada Forest
Accession Number: KO1218/037
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling The Sanatorium
Accession Number: KO1218/038
bulletPicture postcard: Clouds at Darjeeling
Accession Number: KO1218/039
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling with Snows
Accession Number: KO1218/040
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta View from High Court
Accession Number: KO1218/041
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Fort Bazaar
Accession Number: KO1218/042
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Shibjee Fare
Accession Number: KO1218/043
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Throne Room Government House
Accession Number: KO1218/044
bulletPicture postcard: Coolies Shed Calcutta
Accession Number: KO1218/045
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Oridone Avenue Plentisun Botanical Gardens
Accession Number: KO1218/046
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta The Bishops Palace
Accession Number: KO1218/047
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Volunteers Headquarters
Accession Number: KO1218/048
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Orchid Hose Eden Garden
Accession Number: KO1218/049
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Burra Bazaar
Accession Number: KO1218/050
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Lord Lawrence's Statue
Accession Number: KO1218/051
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta The City from the YMCA Building
Accession Number: KO1218/052
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Banian Tree
Accession Number: KO1218/053
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Burning Ghat
Accession Number: KO1218/054
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling Dandy Wallahs
Accession Number: KO1218/055
bulletPicture postcard: A Marwaree Woman
Accession Number: KO1218/056
bulletPicture postcard: Simla The Jako
Accession Number: KO1218/057
bulletPicture postcard: An Elephant
Accession Number: KO1218/058
bulletPicture postcard: City Jubbulpore Town Hall
Accession Number: KO1218/059
bulletPicture postcard: Simla Kothi of commander in Chief
Accession Number: KO1218/060
bulletPicture postcard: Simla Elysium Hill from the Ridge
Accession Number: KO1218/061
bulletPicture postcard: Simla Lukker Bazar
Accession Number: KO1218/062
bulletPicture postcard: General view of Simla
Accession Number: KO1218/063
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Baloo Wallah
Accession Number: KO1218/064
bulletPicture postcard: Military Police
Accession Number: KO1218/065
bulletPicture postcard: The Memorial Church, Cawnpore
Accession Number: KO1218/066
bulletPicture postcard: Cawnpore Ganges Canal View
Accession Number: KO1218/067
bulletPicture postcard: Canwpore Memorial Well
Accession Number: KO1218/068
bulletPicture postcard: First King of Oudh's Tomb Lucknow
Accession Number: KO1218/069
bulletPicture postcard: La Martiniere Lucknow
Accession Number: KO1218/070
bulletPicture postcard: The Great Emambara Mosque Lucknow
Accession Number: KO1218/071
bulletPicture postcard: Chatter Mazab Palace, Lucknow
Accession Number: KO1218/072
bulletPicture postcard: The Kaiser Pasaund Lucknow
Accession Number: KO1218/073
bulletPicture postcard: The Hooseinabad Emambara Lucknow
Accession Number: KO1218/074
bulletPicture postcard: The Great Emambara and Mosque Lucknow
Accession Number: KO1218/075
bulletPicture postcard: General View Cherat Hill
Accession Number: KO1218/076
bulletPicture postcard: Gate of Tai Agra
Accession Number: KO1218/077
bulletPicture postcard: The Zenana in the fort Agra
Accession Number: KO1218/078
bulletPicture postcard: View in the Landour Bazaar Mussoorie
Accession Number: KO1218/079
bulletPicture postcard: View from Kenilworth Gate, Mussoori
Accession Number: KO1218/080
bulletPicture postcard: View from Rink looking towards Club Hill Mussoori
Accession Number: KO1218/081
bulletPicture postcard: View from Camels Back looking west Mussoori
Accession Number: KO1218/082
bulletPicture postcard: View from Library Verandah Looking East Mussoori
Accession Number: KO1218/083
bulletPicture postcard: Agra The Grand Mosque
Accession Number: KO1218/084
bulletPicture postcard: Lucknow the Kaiser Pasund
Accession Number: KO1218/085
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Sailors Home Strand Road
Accession Number: KO1218/086
bulletPicture postcard: Naini Tal The Balia Waterfall
Accession Number: KO1218/087
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling Victoria Waterfalls.
Accession Number: KO1218/088
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling The Teesta Bridge
Accession Number: KO1218/089
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling Snowy Range No. 1
Accession Number: KO1218/090
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling Mount Everest from Tiger Hill
Accession Number: KO1218/091
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling Lebong and the Snows
Accession Number: KO1218/092
bulletPicture postcard: Darjeeling Kinchumjunga No. 2
Accession Number: KO1218/093
bulletPicture postcard: Lucknow Gate of Hosanabad
Accession Number: KO1218/094
bulletPicture postcard: Bhootias
Accession Number: KO1218/095
bulletPicture postcard: Viceregal Lodge No. 2 Simla
Accession Number: KO1218/096
bulletPicture postcard: Greetings from Simla
Accession Number: KO1218/097
bulletPicture postcard: Lucknow Aitkens Post
Accession Number: KO1218/098
bulletPicture postcard: Lucknow the Residency the Bailey Guard Gate
Accession Number: KO1218/099
bulletPicture postcard: Lucknow the Residency the Banquet Hall
Accession Number: KO1218/100
bulletPicture postcard: Lucknow La Martinere No 2
Accession Number: KO1218/101
bulletPicture postcard: Madras Government House
Accession Number: KO1218/102
bulletPicture postcard: Madras The Beach
Accession Number: KO1218/103
bulletPicture postcard: Simla Mall and Kennedy House by Snow
Accession Number: KO1218/104
bulletPicture postcard: Cawnpore Memorial Well No. 2
Accession Number: KO1218/105
bulletPicture postcard: Bombay View of Harbour from yacht club
Accession Number: KO1218/106
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Curzon Gardens and Foreign Office
Accession Number: KO1218/107
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta United Services Club
Accession Number: KO1218/108
bulletPicture postcard: Calcutta Shipping on the Hoobly
Accession Number: KO1218/109


Only a proportion of our collections are on display at anyone time.  Certain items are on loan for display in other institutions.  An appointment is required to consult any of our collections which are held in store.

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