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Soldiers of the Regiment

Private Herbert Eccles, number 2369, 1st/5th Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

From the Kendal Mercury 11 Jun 1915

The Battle of Ypres on 24 Apr 1915
A Burton Soldier’s Description
Germans Shell The Dressing Station

Private Herbert Eccles, 2369, 5th King’s Own Regiment, who is at home wounded, having been shot through the foot, says: We had a rough time of it. We were driven by the enemy out of the town and forced to take to the country. We had to sleep in the fields and for two days were without food except a few biscuits. We had to dig ourselves in, in front of the German trenches which were about 800 yards away. We made an advance about 4 pm and reached a spot about 40 yards off the German trench, which we took. We then took matters somewhat easily and while lying on a ditch-bank I felt a sting in my left foot, and called to a Canadian who was digging himself in “That I had got a bullet through my foot” He replied “You’d better tumble in a-top of me or else you’ll get one through your head.” I accepted his offer and in about 5 minutes after, he received a bullet wound through his hand. After lying for 3 hours to await darkness we set out for the dressing station with the help of the Canadian and my rifle I got along. After receiving ‘First Aid’ we were passed on a mile or so behind the firing line. The Germans shelled the dressing station, out of which we had to clear as well we could. The Red Cross assisted as many as possible out of the building, but two or three men were unavoidable left behind. Private H Eccles has been recuperating at home for a little over a week but returns to his Regiment on Tuesday.

In 1917 his number changed from 2369 to 240639.

bullet 1914/15 Star to Private Herbert Eccles, number 240639, 1st/5th King’s Own. KO1214/01
bulletBritish War Medal to Private Herbert Eccles, number 240639, 1st/5th King’s Own. KO1214/02
bulletAllied Victory Medal to Private Herbert Eccles, number 240639, 1st/5th King’s Own. KO1214/03



Sports Medal Army Rifle Association Medal For Skill with Rifle to Private Herbert Eccles, 55th West Lancashire Division 1918.  Accession Number: KO1214/04


bulletCap Badge.  KO1214/05
bulletPoem, Memories of Ypres, by Private Eccles.  KO1214/06

Private Herbert Eccles
Accession Number: KO1214/07

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