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Letters from Sergeant Samuel Jackson, number 1245, 4th, or King's Own Regiment, from Kamptee Barracks, India, 1847.

Letter Number One:

Kamptee Barracks, 3rd February 1847

My Dear Uncle and Aunt,

After a long silence I once more take up my humble pen to address a few lines to you hoping that they will find you all in the full enjoyment of good health as thank the lord it leaves me and mine at present, my dear relations I am now going to inform you that before long we shall be coming home to our native land, I will in about 18 months, Mrs Jackson is making great preparations for her long journey, such as buying clothing suitable for the climate of England, we shall be hopping into Leicester some fine morning before you are up, and take you on the surprise, or as soldiers call it, on the hop.

Young Hannah is chattering away about coming to see you. She is getting a fine girl, and can talk quite well, she is asking me about her cousins and she sends many kisses to them, please to give all our kind lovers to Elisabeth and tell her that I will bring her a parrot.

When I come home I think it will appear strange to me after being 10 years in this country, I don’t know Mrs Jackson will fancy it, for she has not seen the country yet, and she thinks the people will not like her as she is a stranger to them and so she wants to stop in the country, but I want to see my native land once more before I lay my body down in the grave, and as soon as I have visited the land that gave me birth I shall then return to India, and spend the remainder of my days.

As soon as I arrive in Chatham I shall come down to Leicester for I suppose that Thrussington is not far from Leicester, or at least I think I shall be able to find it out, and I spend a few days with you. Please God I think in the course of a month I shall be having another one in the family please God. So I shall not come empty handed. My dear friends and relations I hope you will have the kindness to answer this letter on receipt.

I have to inform you of an unfortunate circumstance which took place in the regiment a few days ago, one man a private soldier, shot a Sergeant when sleeping in his bed, and another one shot at another Sergeant but did not hit him, and both awaiting the sentence of death to carried with effect, and now my much respected relations I must bid you farewell for the present and may God of his infinite goodness and mercy bless you abundantly with every necessary gift both temporal and spiritual, is my sincere prayer of yours etc etc.

Samuel and Eliza Jackson
HMs 4th King’s Own Regiment
Dated Kamptee Barracks
3rd February 1847
Direct to Sergeant Jackson not Lance Sergeant as I have been promoted.

Envelope marked:
From No. 1245 Sergeant S Jackson, 4th King’s Own Regt.

H W Breton
Commanding HM 4th King’s Own Regiment.

Via Southampton

Richard Utting
at Mr Mellows Farmer
Accession Number: KO0986/02

Letter Number Two:

Kamptee Barracks, 1st July 1847

My Dear Relations,
It with pleasure that I announce the arrival of one of your kind, and welcome letter and was happy to hear of your being in the enjoyment of good health as it leaves all my family with the exception of myself and I have been labouring under great sickness lately it is fever and Auge and pains in my bowels but thank the Lord as I write this I am something better but still great pain in my head.

My dear relations since my last I have had one increase in the family I have had a son and he is three months old his name is Samuel and a fine boy. Mrs Jackson is quite well and she wishes you would have the kindness to send her a few fine sewing needles and a small bit of narrow blue riband the same width as this I have sent in the letter as the place that we are in it is very hard to get and sometimes not at all.

Respecting the Regiment coming to England it is quite uncertain as there is another disturbance in China and they are about to send some Troops from India as they are much closer than sending them from England. I getting some little things together to bring home with me I have got a fine Parrot and he talks very well but I do not know whether he will live in a cold climate, I had a little monkey but a dog killed him, and so I shall not bother getting another one as they are so mischievous.

My dear relations remember me to all enquiring friends and especially those at Southwell and I hope and trust by the assistance of god that I shall be enabled to see once more the place that gave me birth and see the place where my Dear Mother was interred, I know it will.

And now my dear relations I must surely conclude by hoping that you are all in the enjoyment of good health, give our best wishes to the family.

Yours truly.
S. Jackson
4th King’s Own Regiment.
1st Jul 1847.

The cover marked thus:

From No. 1245 Sergeant S Jackson, 4th King’s Own Regt.

H W Breton
Commanding HM 4th King’s Own Regiment.

Via Southampton

Richard Utting
at Mr Mellows Farmer
Accession Number: KO0986/01


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