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Regimental Presentations

Illuminated address presented to the Regiment, on it's return from the campaign in Abyssinia, by the Mayor and Corporation of Dover.  24th June 1868.

To The Colonel Commanding, Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Men of the 4th (King’s Own Royal) Regiment.
We, The Mayor, Alderman and Burgess of the Ancient Port and Borough of Dover, avail ourselves to the privileges of our position to welcome you to your native shores to a Port which has witnessed the dis-embarkment of many victorious Troops but none more meritorious than yours, carrying as you do upon your banners the record of many a well known foreign field, from Corunna to Sebastopol. To these has now to be added the proud one of Aroge in Abyssinia, won by your discipline, your skill, and indomitable bravery. Of this last Victory, and the crowning one of Magdala to which you in conjunction with your gallant comrades led the war, have been comparatively bloodless, this considerations detracts not in the least from the glory of your prowess, your heroic overcoming of all obstacles in your path, your individual fulfilment of your duties on the march and on the return. You, as a Regiment were the Pioneers under your noble Commander, of opening up a hitherto unknown and semi-barbarous region you have fought in a good cause, not for conquest, but to free the captive and strike awe into the barbarian who defied our power. You have been successful, and on this the threshold of our own common country, we congratulated you, and feel confident that any honour our Sovereign may confer upon you will be responded to by the voice of a free, generous, gallant people.
Given under our Corporate Seal at Dover in the County of Kent this 24th day of June 1868. Signed J G Churchward, Mayor.

Accession Number: KO0623/02

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