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Collections - Paintings (Artist's Pencil Sketch)

Battle of Vittoria, 1813

Pencil Sketch by J P Beadle RA

'Vittoria, 21st June 1813: Village of Gamara Mayor, carried by the 4th, 47th and 59th Regiments of Robinson's Brigade.'  This is the original pencil and charcoal sketch by J P Beadle RA for his oil painting, which was exhibited at the Royal Academy, in 1913.  The French held the village and bridge beyond, one of two which had to be taken to close a possible line of retreat for the enemy.  Robinson's Brigade on the left of the attack comprised three Battalions, the 1st/4th, 2/59th and 2/47th Regiments (all closely associated with Lancashire after 1881 as the 1st Battalion King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, 2nd Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment, and 1st Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiments).  Led by Lieutenant Colonel Brooke, the 4th and the other Regiments took the village at the point of the bayonet, although the bridge remained in enemy hands despite three heroic assaults.  The French were eventually forced to retreat by Wellington's columns in the centre and on the right.
The picture depicts, on the left, men and an officer of the 47th on foot, led by Captain Livesey of the 47th on horseback.  In the centre Lieutenant Colonel Brooke, also on horseback, leads men of the 4th through the middle of the village.  Near him is the Ensign with the 4th Regimental Colour.  A Colour Sergeant bends down to retrieve the 4th King's Colour from the fallen Ensign.  On the right, men of the 4th fight with French troops on the other side of the wall.  The artists gave the sketch to Lieutenant Colonel A D Thorne, whose great uncle, Lieutenant George Thorne, was killed at Gamara Mayor, one of the Regiment's 91 casualties.

Accession Number: KO0395/03

The original oil painting can be found in Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery.

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