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Second World War

1st Battalion, King's Own Royal Regiment, - Iraq

RAF Habbaniya, Iraq.  In April 1941 the 1st Battalion King's Own deployed from Karachi, India, the first strategic air move by a major British unit, to defend the air station.  The battalion took part in the Defence of Habbaniya and then defeated pro-German Iraqi forces at Falluja, thus preventing Iraq falling into the hands of the Axis powers.
Accession Number: KONeg0988

Officers of the 1st Battalion, Iraq, 1941.
Rear row, left to right: Captain M J Cook (East Yorkshire Regt), Lieutenant M G Braund (Devonshire Regt), Captain T Atkinson (Lancashire Fusiliers), Captain D E H Henning, Lieutenant S P Pitt (Lancashire Fusiliers).
Middle row, left to right: Lieutenant T H Thorp, Captain N St G Gribbon, Lieutenant R L J Pott, Captain G W B Hawkins, Lieutenant J D Leaning (East Yorkshire Regt), Captain J Helme, Lieutenant A I M Clark (Welch Regt) Lieutenant L H Glanville (Devonshire Regt) and Captain J A Addy.
Front row, left to right: Major R D Maclagan (Seaforth Highlanders), Major W V H Robins, Captain & Adjutant R H C Bryers, Lieutenant Colonel C H Kinnaird MC (Welch Regt), Major W O Walton (Green Howards), Lieutenant & Quartermaster W G Spier, and Captain D G Clayton.
The units of officers attached to the King's Own are shown in brackets.
Accession Number: KO0679/24 & KO2378/03

1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Regiment, May 1941 Iraq, Prisoners at RAF Habbaniya
Prisoners of rebel sections of the Iraqi army, after being forced into camp at Habbaniya by low flying RAF Aircraft.
Accession Number: KO2323/01

1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Regiment, May 1941
British and Soviet Troops in Iran. A representative of the Soviet Troops conversing with British officers, Kirkuk 1941.
Accession Number: KO2323/02 and KO2323/03

Sergeant Olde, of the 1st Battalion, (standing
rear left) and other soldiers in Iraq, 1941/42.
Accession Number: KO1748/01

An unusual photograph described as 'Two man tank in Trans Jordan where it was being tried out.'  Photographed in either Iraq or Syria.
Accession Number: KO1842/01

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