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The National Service Years 1945-59

7th Battalion, King's Own Royal Regiment, India, 1945-47


Officers, 7th Battalion, King's Own Royal Regiment, Visit of His Excellency, Field Marshall Sir Claude J E Auchinleck, GCB, GCIE, CSI, DSO, DBE, ADC, Commander in Chief in India.
Rear row: Lieutenants H R Buck; G McQueen; F Fitzpatrick; P G Hewitt; H Cleckner; E McCaffery; G Roberts (Quartermaster)
Centre row: Major J Straffen; Lieutenants A Royle; T W Lambert; J Blucert; Captain L A Wright; Captain R E Buckley; Captain H Lofthouse; Lieutenants G R Suddards; W L Holland; A S Lawson and Captain J W Johnston.
Seated: Major E J Dagless; Lieutenant Colonel N Hoskot (US Army); Major A E B Brown; Major General H M Chambers; the Commander in Chief; Lieutenant Colonel W M W Cooper; Lieutenant Colonel E J C Chaytor, Royal Artillery; Captain H G Munro (RAMC); Captain I H William.
Accession Number: KO0705/103 & KO0705/104

Sergeants of the 7th Battalion, King's Own Royal Regiment, Bangalore, India, December 1946.
Top row: Company Quartermaster Sergeant T G Grant; Sergeants S Swinchatt; W Major; J Simpson; R Tuson; W R Rimmer; N Collinge.
Second row: Sergeants C Beard; A Rowlands; T Hersee; R Taylor; H Gregson; H Boydell; W Bowstead; L Russell; CQMS A Witchells.
Centre row: CQMS R Wilden; Sergeants J Magee; T Ward; D Crowe; CQMS L Allin.
Fourth row: CQMS J Donnelly; Sergeants J McKenna; H Brame; W Bunker; C G Lee; E Wilks; L J Lewis; F Costello; A Bonny; A Ross; J Gerrard.
Seated: Warrant Officer Class W L Stringer; Company Sergeant Major B Andrews; Lieutenant (Quartermaster) G Roberts; Major A E B Brown; Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant J Harney; Lieutenant Colonel W M W Cooper; Company Sergeant Majors G J Cullen; I H Williams;  R Ford; R Robson;  B R Pearce.
Accession Number: KO0698/55

Headquarter Company, 7th Battalion, King's Own Royal Regiment, Bangalore, India, 1947.
Rear row: Privates Edwards; Catling; Cegan; Edwards; Wheeler; Williams; Astin; Whitney; Corporal Darwent; Lance corporal Hughes.
7th Row: Privates Brown; Counsell; Holland; Lance Corporal Drake; Privates Nawikas; Hughes; Young; Carr; Presridge; Woodward.
6th Row: Private Wildman; Lance corporal Westgarth; Private Coventry; Corporal Eaves; Privates Moses; Palmer; Wrigley; Corporals Solway, Cannon; Lyons.
5th Row: Privates Duggan; Donnelly; McLeod; Bolden; Evans; Cash; O’Brien; Palmer; Gale; Corporal Brennan; Private Barlow.
4th Row: Lance corporal Randolf; Privates Hallett; Read; Halsey; Lance Corporals Buksh; Irish; Privates Tebay; Flavell; Mason; Rostron; Corporal Laureda; Private Williams; Lance Corporal Seddon; Corporal Hammond; Lance Corporal Wyatt.
3rd Row: Private Thompson; Lance corporals Wright; Kay; Singleton; Privates Johnson; Wilde; Egan; Wade; Kirkham; Marshall; Russell; Gregson; Woodward; Johnson; Corporal White; Privates Holly; Naylor.
2nd Row: Sergeants Gregson; Rowland; Swinchatt; Company Sergeant Major Rule; Lieutenant Lambert (Regimental Signals Officer); Lieutenant Cleckner (Intelligence Officer); Captain Buckley (Officer Commanding Company); Lieutenant Colonel W M W Cooper (Commanding Officer); Major A E B Brown (2nd In Commnand); Captain Williams (Adjutant); Lieutenant McCaffery (Pioneer Officer); Colour Sergeant Allin; Sergeants Lee; Bardsley; Wilks.
Sitting on ground: Privates Light; Trebilcock; Bainbridge; Monks; Corporal Hampson; Privates Crompton; Chew; Pilkington; Lance corporal Mackay; Privates Connelly; Stewart; Fraser; Rasberry; Lance Corporal O’Hare; Private Brooks; Corporal Binns.
Accession Number: KO0705/108

'C' Company, 7th Battalion, King's Own Royal Regiment, Bangalore, India, November 1946.
Top row: Privates J Smith; C Moore; F Rainford; J Jones; Lance corporal G Hague; Privates J McAllister; A Morris; W Waller; D Griffiths; W Mather; J Thompson; T Vening; T Hynes; F Gasekll.
4th row: Privates P Cannon; J Patrick; Lance corporal W Lee; Privates T Greer; J Harrison; R Davies; J Wood; H Stokes; W Ashworth; D Marsh; W Parker; E Wechsler; C Latimer.
Centre row: Privates T Berry; M Stonehouse; F Nicholson; W Stanley; W Halliday; J Whitehouse; C Moulding; J Todd; R Hughes; J Sharples; H Wharton; R Cookson; J Crook; Lance Corporal A Mackland; Private S Waite.
2nd Row: Privates J Cooney; W Bidewell; W Wright; A Angus; E Bell; E Emmess; T Betts; E Barnes; F Dudley; J Brown; H Allison; R Walsh; A Ritson; Lance Corporal J Lucas.
Front row: Corporals E Clarkson; J Tracy; J Parker; Sergeant R Tuson; Sergeant W R Rimmer; Company Sergeant Major G J Cullen; Captain L A Wright; Captain J Straffen; Lieutenant T H Barratt; CQMS J Gerrard; Sergeant A Ross; Corporal L Graham; Corporal F Nickolaus; Corporal A Lomas; Lance Corporal J Parkinson; Sergeant E Sandys.
Sitting: Privates A Rankin; S McLean; F Crawt; A Daniels.
Accession Number: KO0698/056

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