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The Great War News from Lancaster in 1914

5th September 1914

War News

Mr J W Aldous’ well known prize choir has offered its services for musical entertainment at Bowerham Barracks.

Messrs Storey Bros. Help

Messrs Storey Bros. Lancaster have given £1,000 to the National Relief Fund, and have also generously decided to pay the wives of the employees on active service 7s 6d per week from the outbreak of the war. If the son of a widow is serving his mother will receive similar help. About 170 of the firm’s employees are serving.

Morecambe Territorial Killed.

Arthur Gordon, a lance corporal in F Company, 5th Battalion, Royal Lancaster Regiment Territorials, and residing in Morecambe West End, was knocked down and killed by a train whilst guarding a bridge of the Great Western Railway near Farrington, Berkshire, on Saturday night.

King’s Own Losses.

The 1st King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment have suffered heavily in the fighting on the Belgian-Franco frontier.
The following message was received by Mr Ellis Williams (who was a Quarter Master at Bowerham Barracks during the Boer War), grocer, Bowerham Road, on Tuesday from his son, Sergeant Ellis Williams, of the 1st King’s Own:- “I have arrived at Southampton with the wounded (in the right arm). Have you heard of John. I have not seen him since last Tuesday. We have got trapped and cut up, so I fear the worse for poor Jack. God only knows how I escaped. I hope to God he is safe. I can’t write any more. I will have to go again as soon as my arm is cured.”

Socials for Soldiers

The Lancaster branch of the BWTA started a series of socials in the Westham Street Mission Hall on Wednesday night, as a counter attraction to the Public Houses for young recruits who have joined the army. Mr Robert Watson, UKA, presided, and gave a short address warning all who were going to front to beware of the dangers of intoxicating liquors, quoting famous Generals on the subject. On the Chairman inviting the young fells to sign the pledge a large number flocked to the table to do so. An interesting programme of songs and recitations was given by Miss Hastings, Miss Martin and Mr Baines. On the call of the Chairman for volunteers a number of recruits came forward and sang of gave well received contributions on the mouth organ. Tea and cakes were supplied at a small charge. Miss Brash accompanied on the piano.

The German Camp

Much interest has been taken in the establishment of the German Detention Camp at the Lancaster Wagon Works, where the 3rd Welsh Fusiliers are responsible for their safe custody. Some canards have been spread this week about an attack on a sentry, but they are reported to be without foundation. From the Tunnel Field above the Wagon Works the prisoners may be seen taking exercise. They seem to be in high spirits, probably because they are far from the seat of war, and enjoying themselves, playing various games, football being one of them. Some are keen on dancing, and there is a German Band to supply the music. They are being fed better than the wives and children of many men at the front, and those who can afford to do so patronise a dry canteen. About 800 prisoners are detailed. In come places in Germany English prisoners have to pay 3s per day for their food.


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