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The Great War News from Lancaster in 1914

16th October 1914

These pages include reports from the local press in Lancaster and district from October 1914. 

Official Advertisement/Notice:

To All Ex NCOs
Ex-Non-Commissioned Officers of any branch of His Majesty’s forces are required for the duration of the War, their assistance in training the New Army being urgently needed.
Terms of Service
Promotion to non-commissioned rank immediately after enlistment. Age no obstacle so long as competent. No liability for service abroad if over 45, or in special cases 40.
Pensioners may draw their pensions in addition to pay of rank at Army rates.
Apply for information or enlistment at any recruiting office, or ask OC Depot to re-enlist you in your old corps.

Shirts Needed at the Front

We are requested to state that an officer of the King’s Own Regiment at the front writes to say that both officers and men are badly in need of flannel shirts and odd vests. If people will kindly send contributions of these garments to the OC at the Depot, Bowerham Barracks, they will be forwarded immediately.

Recruiting at Bowerham Barracks

Four hundred men left on Sunday evening and early on Monday morning to join the 8th (Kitchener’s) battalion of the Royal Lancaster Regiment at Codford. Lieutenant Col Thorne was in command. There is still great need for ex-non-commissioned officers. It is proposed to form a special battalion in connection with the 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion, now stationed at Saltash.

Territorial Reserve Battalion Commander

Lieutenant Colonel Compton Hall, who in private life is bridgemaster for the Lancashire County Council, has been appointed to the command of the Territorial Reserve Battalion of the Royal Lancaster Regiment whose headquarters are at Lancaster. Colonel Compton Hall was introduced to the officers yesterday by Colonel Lord Richard Cavendish, and is expected to take up his duties on Monday.

King’s Own Casualties

A long list of casualties reported from the base, under dates 15th, 16th, and 17th September contained the name of 8275 Private J Eaves (wounded).
Admitted to 4th Northern General Hospital, Lincoln, 6th October:
1208 Private J Preston, 3rd King’s Own (seriously wounded).
To General Hospital, Leicester, 21 Sep:
9025 Private A Goff.
To General Hospital, Glasgow, 21 Sep:
11071 Private G E Fowler

Territorials’ Thanks for Comforts

Sir, - Please allow me to thank the following ladies and gentlemen for their valuable gifts of comforts for the men stationed at Didcot and along the Great Western Railway, and to assure them that their generosity and thoughtfulness is highly appreciated by both officers and men:- The Mayoress of Lancaster and Mrs Wigley, Lancaster, housewifes; Mrs Gordon, Morecambe, socks, scarves, mufflers etc; The Mayor of Lancaster and the Mayor of Morecambe, blankets.
Richard F Cavendish
Commanding 5th Battalion, The King’s Own R L Regt
Didcot, 9th October 1914.

A Meteor and What It Created.

A great many people in the Garstang district, as well as in Manchester and Liverpool suburbs, were alarmed on Tuesday evening by the sight of an unusually brilliant meteor dashing across the western sky. Its appearance gave rise to many rumours in Garstang, as in the other places named. The minds of nervous folk at once flew to Zeppelins, and people less inclined to believe in the possibility of Zepplins clung to the theory that an aeroplane equipped with a searchlight or some such aircraft was visiting the coast. Inquiries, however, revealed the fact that the visitant was nothing more warlike than one of many meteors which the earth has lately been seeing.

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