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The Great War News from Lancaster in 1914

6th November 1914

These pages include reports from the local press in Lancaster and district from November 1914.

Soldiers’ Stories

Another story of Colonel Dykes’ Death.

Private James Ford, of the King’s Own Royal Lancasters, who is at Northwich wounded in the foot, has re-told the story of the engagement forty miles from Mons. He said:- “Our colonel was the first man to die. It was a brave sight, and I shall never forget it. As he lay on the ground he shouted, ‘Good bye, boys’ and then passed away. This was a brave death, and that of a true Englishman. In all 640 of our men went down, and the regiment was terribly cut up. As we retreated, doing no less than thirty miles in a day, we came across women and children fleeing from the scene of battle. The Uhlans are a bad lot, and are far worse than the ordinary German soldiers. When I was struck on the foot I fell against a tree and broke my watch. It was a knack of our men to crowd all sorts of small articles into their clothing, thinking they might stop a bullet or reduce its speed. I have known many cases of lives being saved in this manner.

Local War Items

Signs of a revival in recruiting are apparent at Bowerham Barracks. Several drafts of men have this week been sent to the 3rd and Kitchener’s battalions.

Mr J Churnside, secretary of the Lancaster branch of the Workers’ Educational Association, is one of the latest recruits to the 5th (Reserve) Battalion Royal Lancaster Regiment.

The reserves of the 5th Battalion Royal Lancaster Regiment have this week received most of their clothing and are expecting orders to move to Blackpool for further training.

Messrs. R Gardner, F D Huntington, J Ewan, W Brash, and A Sweeney, members of the “Pals” company of the 5th Battalion Royal Lancaster Regiment, have been promoted to the rank of Corporal.

Lieutenant J P Jamieson, of the 1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, who was wounded on 21st October is now in Barrington’s Hospital, Limerick. Lieutenant Jamieson is the son of Mrs Jamieson, of Hall Road, Blundellsands and is progressing favourably. He was for three weeks with his regiment in the fighting on the Aisne.

Mrs Mangan, of 12 Charles Street, Lancaster, whose son was killed in action on 26th August at Le Cateau, has this week received a postcard from another of her sons, Archibald, who is in hospital at the same place, having lost his leg. Before the war he, along with his brother James, was stationed in India, but they were ordered to the front several weeks ago.

A letter has been received from Germany by Mrs Tyson, 50, Northumberland Street, Farnworth, stating that her husband, Private Arthur Tyson, 1st Battalion, King’s Own, who has been reported missing since 26th August, was wounded at Mons, and is now a prisoner of war, doing well. He says that Private W Ward, of the same regiment, was wounded at the same time, and taken prisoner.

The Infirmary Beds

The following gifts have been received during the week for the beds set apart for sick or wounded soldiers: Scotforth Working Party, per Mrs Callendar, pillow cases and bandages; Mrs Wigley, shirts; Mrs Robinson, Borrowdale Road, parcel of linen and bandages; Mrs Hull, Heysham, pillows.

“Luck to Loyne” Motor Ambulance
Sir, We wish to thank all subscribers to the above for their quick and generous response to our appeal, which has resulted in a sum of £1,160 14s 3d being received by us.
Of this sum £400 is being retained to provide the “Luck to Loyne” Ambulance, and £760 14s 3d has been sent to the Red Cross Society, which sum will, at the option of the society, be applied either for the purpose of providing a second ambulance and defraying the upkeep of the “Luck to Loyne” Ambulance and other of the society’s ambulances already provided.
Arrangements are being made to have the ambulance driven by a chauffeur who volunteered and has been engaged by the society from this district. We hope this may be successful, as we are sure that all persons interested in the “Luck to Loyne” Ambulance would like to know about the good work it is doing.
Should it survive the war, we have asked the Red Cross Society that it may be returned, so that it can be put to further good work in Lancaster and district. Yours,
S C Wright, Halton Park
C A Welch, Hornby Hall
2nd November 1914

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