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The Great War News from Lancaster in 1914

24th December 1914

These pages include reports from the local press in Lancaster and district from December 1914.


Weddings have always considerable social interest, but when an officer of his Majesty’s forces takes to himself a wife during war time, on the even of an expected departure for the fighting zone, the interest is increased manifold. The marriage at Christ Church, Lancaster, yesterday, of Captain William Fawcett, of the 5th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, second son of Mr and Mrs S Fawcett of Lowlands, Hest Bank, and Miss Evelina Eltoft, fourth daughter of Mr Jason Edwin Eltoft, MRCVS, of Selborne House, Lancaster, came within this category. The bridge groom is a popular officer, and in May got his company, while his bridge is connected with several well known local families and has a wide circle of friends.
Owing to the war the wedding was a quiet one, and none but the relatives of the families immediately concerned were invited. As the guests arrived at the Church the organist, Mr R T Grosse, played appropriate music, and the bride, leaning on the arm of her father, walked to the chancel rails to the strains of the “Bridal March” from “Lohengrin.” She looked charming in an elegant gown of ivory charmeuse, velied ninon and trimmed Carrickma-Cross lace, with beautifully embroidered net veil worn over a wreath of orange blossom and white heather, and full court train. She carried a sheaf of lilies. There were two bridesmaids – Miss Fawcett, sister of the bridge groom, who wore apricot satin grenadine, trimmed real lace and touches of black, with a black velvet picture hat trimmed ermine; and Miss Barbara Jackson, niece of the bride, who wore a cream satin Empress dress and lace bonnet. Miss Fawcett carried a sheaf and the bridesmaid a basket of berried holly, tied with streamers of royal blue and gold, the colours of the King’s Own Regiment. The brides groom’s present to Miss Fawcett was an ermine tie, and to Miss Jackson a gold pendant and chain. Private Fred Eltoft of the 5th Battalion, King’s Own Regiment, performed the duties appertaining to the office of best man, and like the bridge groom and the bride’s brother, Private Joseph Eltoft, of the RAMC, was in khaki. The service was of the simplest character, and at the close the organist played Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March.” Subsequently, luncheon was served at Selborne House, the tables being decorated with holly. Captain and Mrs W Fawcett left by the 3.40 p.m. train for London, where a brief honeymoon will be spent. Captain Fawcett is due to rejoin his regiment tomorrow. The bride’s going away dress was a brown covert coating tailor made costume, with blue hat trimmed brown. A large number of presents included a dinner service and plant vase from the employees of the Rembrandt Intaglio Printing Company and a silver inkstand from the re-touchers at the same works.

5th Battalion Royal Lancaster Regiment

It does not seem likely that many of the 5th Battalion of the Royal Lancaster Regiment at Sevenoaks will obtain leave at Christmas, but it is expected they will get leave in sections early in the new year. The almost continuous rain has interfered very much with drill, but the men do not consider that an unmixed blessing – they would rather be at work. There is a rumour that the battalion is intended for Egypt, and not for France. A number of the men received mufflers this week from Dallas Road School, along with a letter from the headmaster, Mr Hird.
Many of the reserve battalion (now at Blackpool) have had leave and all the married men expect to be home for Christmas. The town has been quite a military aspect during the last few days, owing to the presence of members of the local battalion, and of Scottish battalions, as well as members of other regiments.

Scotforth Working Party

The Scotforth ladies’ working party, which may be considered as an offshoot from the Mayoress’ working party, has sent to the army 542 garments and to the Belgians 299 garments, making a grand total of 841 articles sent. Towards the cost of these £53 9s 1 ½ d has been subscribed in cash, and many ladies have provided their own materials; £43 8s 6d has been spent, and there is £10 0s 7 ½d in hand for resuming after Christmas. In addition to the above, the Scotforth GFS members have made and sent 44 woollies to the army.

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