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Crimean War (1854-1856) Lithographs

The museum holds a number of lithographs by William Simpson of scenes of the Crimean War 1854-1856.

The North Side of the Harbour at Sebastopol
Accession Number: KO2160/01

Camp of the 3rd Division
Accession Number: KO2160/02

Hospital and Cemetery at Scutari
Accession Number: KO2160/03

Embarkation of the sick at Balaklava
Accession Number: KO2160/04

Lithograph by Simpson: One of the Wards of the Hospital at Scutari
Accession Number: KO2160/05

Ditch of Malekoff Battery Gervais and Rear of the Redan
Accession Number: KO2160/06

Russian Rifle Pit
Accession Number: KO2160/07

Commissariat Difficulties: The Road from Balaklava to Sevastopol at Kadikoi During the Wet Weather.
Accession Number: KO2160/08

Sebastopol from the Rear of the English Batteries
Accession Number: KO2160/09

Huts and Warm clothing for the army
Accession Number: KO2160/10

The Railway at Balaklava Looking South
Accession Number: KO2160/11

The Interior of the Redan. Taken from its left face, looking towards the salient angle, looking south.
Accession Number: KO2160/12

Funeral Cortege of Lord Raglan leaving Head Quarters
Accession Number: KO2160/13

The Investiture of the Order of the Bath. At the Headquarters of the British Army before Sebastopol
Accession Number: KO2160/14

Sebstopol from the East or Extreme Right of English Attack
Accession Number: KO2190/30

The Graves in the Fort on Cathcart’s Hill of the officers of the 4th Division who fell at Inkerman
Accession Number: KO2190/31

The Camp of the 1st Division Looking North Towards the Camp of the 2nd Division - The Heights of Inkerman in the Distance
Accession Number: KO2190/32

The Field of Inkerman
Accession Number: KO2190/33

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