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Regimental History

The Colours of the Regiment

Volunteer, Territorial, Militia and Special Reserve Battalions

Colours 1797

Loyal Lancaster Volunteers. King’s Colour and 2nd Colour presented by the Town. Used until 1802 and then from 1803 to 1815. Passed to Colonel Whalley, whose daughter presented what remained of them to the Regimental Museum in 1931.

Colours 1804

Ulverston Volunteer Infantry. Presented by Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Sutherland, Commanding Officer of the Regiment, and given by his wife. Lodged in the Braddyl Chapel in October 1806, and hung in the Ulverston Drill Hall in 1873. Nothing remains of these Colours.

Colours 1909

4th (Territorial) Battalion King’s Own. Presented by HM King Edward VII at Knowsley on 5th July 1909. Gift of Colonel Myles Kennedy. Carried by the Battalion and successor Artillery units until 1955. Laid up in Ulverston Parish Church on 24th April 1955.

Colours 1909

5th (Territorial) Battalion King’s Own. Presented by HM King Edward VII at Knowsley on 5th July 1909. Gift of Lady Moira Cavendish. Refurbished in 1924 and laid up in the Regimental Chapel on 28th April 1963.

Colours 1919 First World War

2nd/5th (Territorial), 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th (Service) Battalions, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. A King’s Colour was issued for all these units, which were raised during the First World War. They were laid up in the Regimental Chapel in 1922.

bullet2nd/5th (Territorial Force) Battalion
bullet6th (Service) Battalion
bullet7th (Service) Battalion
bullet8th (Service) Battalion
bullet9th (Service) Battalion
bullet11th (Service) Battalion

8th (Service) Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment
A King’s Colour was presented on 28th February 1919 by General Sir H Plumer at Turnish, Germany.

Colours 1962

4/5th (Territorial) Battalion, King’s Own. Presented by the Earl of Derby MC JP at Giant Axe Field, Lancaster on 30 June 1962. Carried by the Battalion, its Cadre, and ‘E’ Company Lancastrian Volunteers until 1975, when they were taken into use by the 4th (Volunteer) Battalion, King’s Own Royal Border Regiment. Laid up in the Regimental Chapel on 13th July 1980.

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