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King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum

2013-2014 Report

Vice President
Colonel John de Cordova OBE

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Warren (Chairman)
Lieutenant Colonel Peter Dew
Major Stephen Firth MBE
Mr John Hardy
Major Daniel Parsonage
Major Philip Oglethorpe TD
Major James Welsh
Major Sean Laidler
(ex-officio-County Regimental Secretary)

Peter Donnelly BA AMA – Curator

The museum is supported by Lancaster City and Lancashire County Councils.

Chairman’s Introduction

2014 has been a busy and enterprising year for the Museum. Throughout the early part of the year much planning was ongoing to prepare for our exhibition to mark the Centenary of The Great War. On Saturday 21st June ‘War ! 1914: Lancaster and The King’s Own go to War’ was officially opened on the ground floor of the City Museum by the Deputy Mayor of the City of Lancaster. The exhibition has been a triumph. It recognised the enormous contribution to our nation of local men and women. To date it has been seen by 19 000 visitors and generated much interest in the Museum and The King’s Own Royal Regiment. To undertake the exhibition we received generous financial support from the Sir John Fisher Foundation to which we are most grateful. What made this financial support particularly meaningful was Sir John himself, and his brother, were members of the Regiment and deployed to France with the 4th Battalion in 1915. To mount such an exhibition required much time and effort. On behalf of all the Trustees may I warmly thank all those behind the scenes who made it happen. We are grateful. Plans are now in hand to mark other major events of The Great War involving the Regiment.

Meanwhile the work of the Museum continues unabated. The number of enquiries from the Regimental Family and the general public continue to increase. In August alone there were 299 individual enquiries. Interest has been sparked and long may it continue. We are privileged to be the custodians of a living history of the character, activities and history of The King’s Own Royal Regiment.

2013/14 has been a further busy and successful year. On behalf of all the Trustees may I once again thank the Curator for all his endeavours. Our thanks are also due to the City of Lancaster and the Lancashire County Council for their continued support and encouragement together with our many other friends and supporters.


An additional than ten thousand visitors walked through out doors compared to the previous year. A total of 58 000 visitors is very impressive and it is thanks to the exhibition of the Silverdale Viking Hoard acquired by the County Museum Service and displayed first at the City Museum. Whilst the Silverdale Viking Hoard is in no way regimental, it did attract many visitors to the museum, and after they had looked at the special exhibition, most came upstairs to see the local history galleries and the King’s Own Museum. The museum was far busier than normal in October and November 2013, indeed each day felt like it was the middle of the summer holidays! November 2013 alone saw 10 261 people visit the museum, compared to 3 268 in the previous November!

It is good that the museum is busy and there are so many people, both local and from away who are interested in their history. Fingers crossed for some good visitor numbers for the Great War Centenary Exhibition in Summer 2014.

Work continues at the usual busy pace in all areas. So much has gone on, the museum has been able to acquire some really good items, shared information through exhibitions, talks and the website and attended special events such as the “Campus in the City” event run by Lancaster University in St. Nicholas shopping centre.

One of the highlights of the year was the signing of the Military Covenant by Lancaster City Council in the presence of the Mayor of Lancaster and Councillor Liz Scott, Veterans Champion with Lancaster City Council. It was great to be able to host the event which shows that the King’s Own Museum is very much the place where things happen!


The museum trustees met at the annual meeting in November. The Chairman and Curator attended a meeting of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regimental Museum Co-ordinating Committee in the summer. Major Daniel Parsonage represented the Chairman at the Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council Museum Advisory Panel.


The Museum holds full accreditation under the scheme operated by Arts Council England.

Charity Statement of Purpose and Public Benefit.

The King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum provides a ‘living’ history of the character, activities, tradition and history of the British Army and in particular The King’s Own Royal Regiment, Lancaster. This is achieved through the preservation, interpretation and display of artefacts, archives etc for the purposes of historical research, information and education and the enjoyment of the general public.

Environmental Statement

The King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum is committed to do what it can to reduce our impact on the environment. Where possible the museum uses recycled materials, and certainly great effort is made to re-use envelopes for both correspondence and sales, this also saves money. The donation of used padded envelopes may appear to be a very minor thing, but reduces the packaging costs of museum sales items to almost nil. We re-use paper, use recycled paper, and recycle all sorts of waste material from paper and cardboard to tin cans and glass. Writing and printing on the back of paper is such a simple way to minimise on waste. Public transport is used where possible and of course the curator is a keen cyclist.
The Energy Performance Operational Rating of the City Museum building is 67, which rates the museum as ‘C’. ‘A’ being the most efficient, ‘G’ being the worst, and a rating of 100 would be typical for our type of building. (The building was rated 71 in the previous year. (Certificate Reference Number: 0395-2866-4410-5100-8400).


As always the museum is most grateful for the generous support of many people who help in so many ways. It would be impossible to acknowledge and thank everyone but some assistance is above and beyond and needs specific mention. Appreciation goes (in no specific order) to Gaynor Greenwood; Fergus Read; Howard Martin; Pat and David Shackleton; Martin Evans; Jackie Britton; Paul Thompson; Graham Davis; Neil Barnett; Christopher and Gail Knight; Major Robert Davison; Major Simon Walton; Major Phil McNeil for their continued support and assistance to the Curator. To those named and to many more – a big thank you for all of your help, assistance and encouragement.

Collections Management

No major collections management work has taken place in this reporting period. This may outwardly appear a little slack of the curator! However, the truth of the matter is that there is little work to be done. The collections are well documented and properly stored after many years of hard work. Some re-organisation of the stores has taken place in order to increase the available space. Conservation storage items, including acid free boxes, have been generously supplied to the museum by Army Heritage Branch and this has allowed many of the photographic albums to be stored in boxes.

Work continues on the documentation of new items as well as their preparation for storage. At the present time the museum holds good stocks of polyester envelopes, used to store photographs and documents, and acid free boxes. A bulk purchase a number of years ago allowed for a good price and a healthy stock.


Part of the curator’s job remains one of raising money. With more money the museum can do more. The Great War Centenary Appeal attracted £685 in donations, which was not as much as was hoped. We live in hard financial times and there are many demands upon people’s money.

An application to the Sir John Fisher Foundation for financial support towards the Great War Centenary Exhibition was successful and a grant of £8000 has been received towards the exhibition. This will allow the museum to put on a good show and a good range of supporting activities.

The museum has three donors who signed up to the regular donors scheme. The take-up of this scheme has been a little disappointing.

Great War Centenary Donors:

Mrs Cynthia Byrne
Colonel John de Cordova
Lieutenant Colonel Peter Dew
Mr Alan Donnelly
Mr Peter Donnelly
Major Steve Firth MBE
Mrs Gaynor Greenwood
Mrs Enid Tombling
Mrs C Waddington
Mr Rodney Ward
Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Warren

The museum received no bequests in this reporting year.


A number of small exhibitions have been produced through the year. These included an exhibition to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the death of Lieutenant Francis Maguire at the storming of San Sebastian when he led the forlorn hope. The exhibition included transcripts of original letters received by his mother concerning his service and death. The exhibition tied in with a talk given by the curator on the actual anniversary of his death, 31st August 1813.

A small exhibition was produced looking at Lancaster’s military heritage and this included photographs of the important sites around Lancaster such as the Regimental Chapel, Springfield and Bowerham Barracks and some 19th Century photographs of the Royal Lancashire Militia on parade on Giant Axe Field.

In connection with the Great War exhibition a small temporary exhibition was produced to raise awareness of the planned major exhibition and other events and activities. This display was first used at the “Campus in the City” event organised by Lancaster University, as part of the History Department’s display. In four days nearly 600 people visited the exhibition held in a shop unit in St. Nicholas Arcade. Once the “Campus in the City” event was finished the display was moved to the museum and located at the entrance to the King’s Own gallery.


The museum has not printed any publications in this reporting year. Consideration is being given to the publication of a number of Great War histories or memoirs, however, books do not sell as well as they used to. Work is underway at typing up the Great War 2nd Battalion history written by Colonel John Bois and it may be appropriate to publish this in 2015 to mark the 100th anniversary of the 2nd Battalion going to the Western Front and then to Salonika.
Consideration has to be made between the costs of publishing a printed book and the income generated from it, or making the text available without charge on the museum’s website.

Digitisation Project – War Diaries and Histories

The digitised First World War diaries on cd-rom continue to be good sellers and the key way for family historians to learn about the actions of the battalion in which their relative served. The digitisation of the diaries is safeguarding the future of the originals which are now carefully stored and not handled or photocopied in the way that was causing them damage.

The main project this year has been the digitisation of the First Volume of the Regimental History by Colonel LI Cowper, covering 1680 to 1814. This has now been fully digitised and made available on cd-rom for £12. This long-awaited cd-rom completes the three volume regimental history, and makes the work available as the books have been long out of print and are expensive to purchase second hand.


166 332 visitors took a look at the museum’s website throughout the year. Content has continued to be increased and special pages devoted to the Great War have been created.

Additions to the website include:

bulletCollection of Sergeant John Lacy Rowlandson, (King’s Own and 107th Regt RAC)
bulletCollection of Captain Geoffrey Randall, 56th Anti-Tank Regiment
bulletCollection of Private John Willshaw, 1st/4th King’s Own.
bulletCollection of Sergeant Frederick Winterburn, 1st King’s Own, 1930s.
bulletCollection of Lieutenant Charles Roberts, 7th & 10th King’s Own and MGC, First World War.
bulletCollection of Private John Baines, MM, 1st/5th King’s Own, First World War
bulletCollection of Lieutenant T H C Prtichard, MC, 1st/4th King’s Own, First World War
bulletPhotographs in the collections of Private James Dolan, Private G A Abbott, Private John Leslie Wiggins and Private John E Davies, 1930s.
bulletInformation on the ‘Golden Roll of Honour’
bulletPhotographs of Athens Memorial, Leros War Cemetery, Nicosia War Cemetery and Habbaniya War Cemetery, Iraq.
bulletPlus many other additions throughout the website.


The curator answered 2 131 enquiries in the twelve months covered by this report. Enquiries are a major way in which the community engages with the museum. The total for this year marks a considerable increase on previous years (last year 1359 were answered). The number of enquiries started to increase in November 2013 and continued to rise each following month. The increased interest in the First World War has been one cause of the increase, but enquiries covering all periods are still being received.

The BBC’s coverage of the First World War, starting with the series by Jeremy Paxman, ensured that public interest has been high.

Answering enquiries takes a fair amount of time, and it is only with the museum’s website and other resources such as the digitised regimental history and war diaries that so many can be answered quickly and efficiently.

Talks and Activities

The curator continues to offer a range of talks, both within the museum and to external groups. A number of sessions have been run including:

bullet‘On the War Path’ Lancaster’s Military Heritage Walk
bulletMeet the First World War Soldier Character
bulletMeet the Second World War Soldier Character
bulletNew Acquisitions Talk
bulletTalk to the Friends of Lancaster City Museum
bulletGuided tour of Westfield War Memorial Village
bulletGuided tours of Bowerham Barracks
bulletTalk on Lieutenant Francis Maguire
bulletFirst World War guided walk of Lancaster
bulletTalk to Lancaster Medical Book Club
bulletTalk to Ewecross History Society

Work with outside bodies

bulletArmy Museums Ogilby Trust
bulletRAF Habbaniya Association
bulletWestern Front Association – North Lancashire Branch
bulletWar Memorials Trust
bulletDuke of Lancaster’s Regiment & Association
bulletBBC Radio Lancashire
bulletImperial War Museum (Centenary Partnership)
bulletFirst World War Group – Lancaster City Council
bulletMuseum of the Wagoners Special Reserve
bulletNorth West Evening Mail, Barrow
bulletHeritage Open Days
bulletCommonwealth War Graves Commission
bulletCasualty and Compassionate Cell, MOD (Army)
bulletFriends of Lancaster City Museum
bulletWestfield War Memorial Village, Lancaster
bulletWho Do You Think You Are? Live.
bullet381 Supply Squadron, 159 Supply Regiment, Royal Logistics Corps
bulletHistory Department, Lancaster University
bulletCampus in the City, Lancaster University
bulletCommunity History Staff – Lancashire County Council
bulletFamily and Local History Forum, Bolton-le-Sands.

The Curator is a personal member of the following organisations:

bulletAssociate of the Museums Association
bulletFriends of Lancaster City Museum

The Museum is a member of:

bulletThe Western Front Association
bulletMilitary History Society
bulletArmy Historical Association
bulletSalonika Campaign Society

The Curator made a number of visits and attended a number of events:

bulletFirst World War talk by broadcaster Jeremy Paxman.
bulletVarious Talks at the North Lancashire Branch of the Western Front Association
bulletImperial War Museum First World War Centenary Group Meetings
bulletWho Do You Think You Are Live, Olympia, London
bulletVisit to Aldershot Military Cemetery
bullet Visits to Fort George, near Inverness; Museums of the Gordon Highlanders, Inns of Court Yeomanry, Aldershot Military Museum, Sussex Military Museum, and others.
bulletFirst World War Localities Study Day, Manchester.
bulletFirst World War Cumbria Schools Inset Training


Once again we can report on another good and varied range of acquistions to the museum’s collection. From single postcards to entire family collections containing medals, documents and objects the continued support of the many people who donate items to the museum is much appreciated. The full list of acquisitions is reproduced below:

KO2949 Silver Cigarette Case (1921) once the property of Colour Sergeant William Mullen, King’s Own Royal Regiment. Gift of Mrs Helen J Browne, grand-daughter, Stretford, Manchester.
KO2950 Items purchased including postcards; photographs; books; sweet heart badges; binoculars named to Colonel Kemmis, 4th (Militia) Battalion; documents relating to Captain Challenor, 3rd Battalion, 1901; etc. Purchased.
KO2951 General Service Medal, with Bar ‘Palestine’ and Second World War medals for Sergeant John Lacy Rowlandson, 2nd King’s Own and 107th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps, cap badge, photographs and documents etc. Gift of Mrs Joyce Hughes, Barrow in Furness.
KO2952 Second World War Medals, photographs, badges and documents etc relating to the service of Captain Geoffrey Randall, 56th Anti-Tank Regiment RA King’s Own, 1939-1946. Gift of Mr Frank Randall and Mr Bernard Randall, Barrow in Furness.
KO2953 Documents and photographs relating to the service of Private Frederick Winterburn, number 3710004, King’s Own Royal Regiment and Royal Engineers, 1931 to 1946. Gift of Mrs Nina Swift, Windsor.
KO2954 1914/15 Star, War and Victory Medals to Private John Willshaw, number 2955, of the 1st/4th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, killed in action 15 Jun 1915. Gift of Mr Robert Beagley, from the estate of Eileen Gould, Camberley, Surrey.
KO2955 Photos and postcards relating to Private James Herbert Wright, number 18625, 9th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Gift of Mr Gibson, Morecambe.
KO2956 Books; documents and photographs etc relating to the service of Major Thomas Henry Charles Pritchard, 1st/4th King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, First World War. Including carved pipes; company pennant; items relating to the 55th West Lancashire Division; damaged note book with bullet hole, etc.
Gift of Mr Michael Pritchard, son, South Newington, Banbury.
KO2957 Military medal, 1914-15 Star, War and Victory medal, Memorial Plaque, photograph and documents relating to Private John Baines, MM, number 241416 of the 1st/5th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Gift of Mrs Barbara Birrell, Carnforth.
KO2958 Boxing medal circa 1958, documents and photographs relating to the service of donor, Private Robert Duncan, number 23368359, Depot, King’s Own Royal Regiment, 1957-1959. Gift of Mr Robert Duncan, Glasgow.
KO2959 Tea pot, milk jugs, sugar bowl and lidded dish, King’s Own, Sergeants Mess. Gift of Mrs Joise Towers, Barrow in Furness.
KO2960 Photographs and documents relating to the service of Major Brian H Wilson MBE, 107th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps. Gift of Mr Nigel Wilson (son), High Bentham, North Yorkshire.
KO2961 Abyssinian Medal to Sergeant George Morge, number 260, 1st Battalion, 4th King’s Own. Purchased.
KO2962 Recruiting Poster 1915 “Which [hat] ought you wear?” Purchased.
KO2963 Photographs of Memorial in Burnley Cemetery to Private James Booth, number 241973, 8th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, killed in action 26 Sep 1917. Previously served with the 2nd/5th Battalion. Buried in Perth Cemetery (China Wall) Belgium. Photographed by the Curator.
KO2964 Hockey medal awarded to Lance corporal Frederick Weaver, number 3433187, King’s Own. Gift of Mr Derek Weaver, Oldham.
KO2965 Photograph of Private Henry Miller, number 21541 King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. From a digital image supplied by Mr Albert Miller.
KO2966 2nd Lieutenant’s Scarlet Tunic, trousers and belt, 1st Volunteer Battalion, King’s Own. Gift of Mr Richard Foster, Stretham, Rutland.
KO2967 Photograph, documents etc relating to Lieutenant Thomas Smith Bateson MC, 1st/4th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Gift of Mr Alan Bateson, Grandson, Lancaster.
KO2968 Football medal, British Forces in Egypt, awarded to Private F Bridgewater, 1st King’s Own. Gift of Mr Chris Baber, Monmouth.
KO2969 Photos relating to RQMS William Clark, number 200540, 1st/4th Battalion, King’s Own, First World War. From an original image copied from Mr John Jackson.
KO2970 Photographs of graves of soldiers of the 2nd and 9th Battalions, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, in Salonika, Gift of Mr Harry Fecitt MBE TD, Allithwaite, Cumbria.
KO2971 Wooden and painted regimental lion made by the Pioneer sign writer, Alec Anderson, 1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Border Regiment. Gift of Major Daniel Parsonage, Lancaster.
KO2972 Brass name plate ‘L Wiggins’, number 3711355, The King’s Own. Gift of Miss Fitzwilliam, Cleator Moor.
KO2973 Binoculars and telescope, with case, used by Lance Sergeant John Moss, number 13312, with the 11th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment in the First World War when he was a sniper. Gift of Mrs Enid Binks, daughter, Wigan.
KO2974 Photographs of King’s Own graves in Aldershot Military Cemetery. Photographed by the Curator.
KO2975 Silver Vase presented to Mr and Mrs Gardner. Presented to Donor’s parents on their marriage, Jun 1921 by General and Lady Sir Archibald Hunter. Gift of Miss Joan Gardner, daughter, Morecambe.
KO2976 Five sports medals named to CQMS J Bamford, number 3701381, 2nd Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Gift of Mr Gordon Tyson, Morecambe.
KO2977 Photographs of Private Thomas Bates, 7th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Copied from originals lent by Mrs Hannah Upton, Darwen.
KO2978 British War and Allied Victory Medals awarded to Private John Croft, 1st/4th Battalion, King’s Own. Documents, photographs and engraved shells dating from 1918/1919. Gift of Mr Roy Vause, (grandson), Thornton, Blackpool.
KO2979 18 Pound Shell with engraving “Souvenir from Neuve Eglise of the Great War, November, 1914-1918. 1/4 KORL 55 Div. Corporal R Ireland. Somme, Arras, La Bassee, Givenchy, Ere” Gift of Mr Ray Woodhouse, Burton in Holme.
KO2980 Various photographs and documents relating to the King’s Own. Gift of Mr Graham Jackson, Manchester.
KO2981 Photographs of the King’s Own circa 1908 to First World War, including Sergeant William Clark, 1st/4th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment and Lance Sergeant Tom Fletcher Mayson, VC. Gift of the Clark Family, Ulverston, via Mr John Jackson, Preston.

User Feedback

What some of our visitors said:

bulletExcellent displays, a good use of space, really like the military history section, Lancaster Regiment has a very proud history.
bulletThank you for your efforts in preserving the memory of those that fought and died so that we may be free.
bulletEx Border and King’s Own Royal. Brought back a lot of memories.
bulletAbsolutely stunning presentations, from the history of Lancaster to the military exhibitions. Seeing the VCs made me feel very honoured and humble. Well done to all.

What some of our enquirers said:

bulletthanks very much for that information which has been great of great assistance, and also for the extremely prompt response.
bulletthe picture is amazing.. it is my dad.. thank you so much.. you have been a real help.
bulletMany thanks for the quick reply. I have looked at the websites and think I will visit the Museum in Lancaster
bulletWhat can I say…..the photographs are truly fantastic! I could not have taken better images myself to fit in with my account & history of British Military operations around Beyt & Dwarka.
bulletMany thanks for the prompt reply to my email. I was really surprised and happy to receive so many details. The Military Foot Police number that you quoted is written on the back of my photo.
bulletThank you very much for your prompt reply in respect of my great uncle who was killed in action during WW1.
bulletMy mother is very grateful for the information that you have kindly supplied, and intends to send a small donation by way of post within the next few days.
bulletPrecisely what I was looking for! Thank you very much!
bulletYou’ve been a real help, and I could never have found out that much information on my own.
bulletI have just read this email (very quickly - need more time to take it all in) - I am stunned by all the detail you have been able to give me. I am so grateful for all your work.
bulletOnce again, Peter, my thanks to you for the obvious effort that you have put in to try and locate this information for me.
bulletThank you so much for your reply. I am too moved to write any more at present....
bulletI’d just like to thank you so much for your reply. This information is so interesting and helpful, and really opens up new avenues for our research. I wasn’t expecting such a wealth of information, I can’t thank you enough.
bulletThank you again for your speedy help and assistance . We are thrilled that John Norman was in the Kings Own Regiment and that you confirmed we had the right cap details. Your additional information is very interesting and informative. We look forward to visiting the Museum in the near future . It seems funny that one of his Grand-daughters lives locally and i am sure she too will visit the Museum
bulletThank you for your prompt response regarding information about my Father - I will follow up with the army Personnel Centre. I enjoyed looking at the website and the many old photographs
bulletMy Dad said very little about his army service and as I now have his medals and being ex service myself I thought it was about time I tried to find out about his exploits. I appreciate your help
bulletThank you so much for this information, it will be so useful for us as all local relatives have died out now.
bulletThank you very much for your detailed email, especially the attachment about the Ashanti 1900 Medal.
bulletThank you for the information on my relatives. It is really informative and gives me more information in researching their lives.
bulletThat is absolutely fascinating. What an expert you are! It really does make the point about how much information you get from the details of uniforms in photographs.
bulletThanks for advice on Army records - I will try them and take a “patience” pill first
bulletThank you very much for your swift response to my enquiry, my daughter will be delighted with the information and clarification you have been able to provide, I can’t wait to tell her in the morning at breakfast !
bullet have explored the website in more depth now that you have clarified the Battalion he served with and have indeed found some excellent photos for my daughter’s project.
bulletThank you very much for you latest email which was extremely helpful and very much appreciated.
bulletI am PLEASED to tell you I now understand about 99% of my father’s army career thanks to all your help. Your latest email ticked all the boxes making all our research fall into place. The archives about the 1st KORR. in Southern India late 1930’s really tugged at some heart strings because as we looked at the photographs knowing my father was at Wellington Barracks at the same time, we felt that seeing all the battalion on the parade ground, one of those many soldiers could have been my father.
bulletMany thanks for the info on William Clayton, it has been most helpful.
bulletThanks again for your time and keep up the good work.
bulletThanks Peter. I think your website is excellent.
bulletYour advice on obtaining photographs was spot on. I struck gold at Kendal Library. They have an archive on line (Westmorland Gazette) on Names of local men killed in WW1, and it includes many from the Lune Valley.
bulletThank you very much Peter for your information. It really helps me to understand what was happening too on a day to day basis as you only ever hear about the battles. I appreciate your time for doing this.
bulletThank you for your email and for finding out information about my great uncle. Every bit of information helps me to get to know him. Growing up I knew most of his brothers but do know Alfie was my nan’s I suppose favourite brother. I was lucky in that my mother and father had me when only 20 and 21 so knew all my great grandparents great uncles and aunts and also visited them in Jersey around 1947/8.
bulletMany thanks for your prompt and informed reply. It provides the key information I was hoping to find and adds a key piece to the arduous and painstaking task of building up a picture of key members of Mountbatten’s staff.


Historical Facts and Figures

Year          Visitors         Web Visitors       Enquiries
2013/14      57 946         166 332               2131     
2012/13      48 886         132 448               1359
2011/12      50 659           80 078               1304
2010/11      49 884           50 559               1217
2009/10      46 109           51 259               1218
2008/09      44 388           50 800               1630
2007/08      44 630           42 562               1248
2006/07      43 127           18 051               1165
2005/06      46 652                                    1541
2004/05      54 423                                    1503
2003/04      42 996                                    1128
2002/03      40 531                                    952
2001/02      47 350                                    987
2000/01      51 030                                    1052

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