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King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum

2011-2012 Report

Vice President
Colonel John de Cordova OBE

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Warren (Chairman)
Major Philip Oglethorpe TD
Lieutenant Colonel Peter Dew
Major James Welsh
Major Danny Parsonage
Major Steve Firth MBE
Mr John Hardy
Major Mike Brandwood (ex-officio – County Regimental Secretary)
Mr Paul Thompson (ex officio - Lancaster Museums Service) to August 2011

Peter Donnelly BA AMA - Curator

The museum is supported by Lancaster City and Lancashire County Councils.

Chairman’s Introduction

It is with much satisfaction that I am able to report that 2011/12 was another successful year for the Museum. It is over 50 years since the demise of The King’s Own Royal Regiment yet our heritage is alive and thriving through the medium of the Museum. The collection is vibrant and housed in attractive galleries in the City Museum. We have much to be thankful for. Yet there is no room for complacency. To continue to thrive we must adapt with the times we live in and we are doing so.

The Regimental Curator has put together a truly remarkable website. I commend it to you. Over the past 12 months there were over 80,000 web visitors. I suspect much of this is due to the quality of the information provided with the additional information that is constantly being added. 2012 marked the 50th Anniversary of the end of National Service. A major exhibition was mounted ‘The King’s Own the National Service Years’ with complimentary website information. The impact was tremendous; additional visitors to the Museum, new acquisitions and much good publicity. Plans are now in hand to appropriately mark the Centenary of The Great War in 2014

I never ceased to be amazed by the many new acquisitions we acquire each year from the Regimental Family and indeed from the public at large. The activities we undertake are wide ranging and involve the community. The interest in the Museum seems undiminished particularly at a time when the footprint of the Armed Forces is so dramatically declining. We are fortunate to have the support of the City of Lancaster and the Lancashire County Council together with many other ‘friends’ who help make The King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum something we can all be proud of.


The operations of the British Army have never received as much public attention as they are since the Second World War. The work of our soldiers today seen on an almost daily basis in our newspapers and on television has a clear impact on what we do in the museum. More and more people than ever are looking back into their own family histories and discovering military service, at both times of peace and war. Further encouraged by a whole range of magazines, websites and television programmes such as ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ museums which offer any access to family history information are being called upon more than ever.

Hopefully our work in helping the family historian with their own family will also encourage them to have a wider interest in the history of the regiment and the army. Hopefully they will visit the museum, come and appreciate some of the wonderful objects we have on display and further more buy one of the useful publications or cd-roms from the museum shop.

There does not appear to be any sign that this interest will diminish, indeed all the indications are that the interest caused by the Centenary of the First World War will be at new levels. This is all to be welcomed. It shows that the museum does have a purpose, and we must all work hard, with all the pressures of resources and funding, to fulfil the public’s needs.


The Museum Trustees met in November and discussed various matters, not least the proposal by Lancaster City Council to relocate the City’s Market into the City Museum building. This would have involved a major revamp of the whole Museum and whilst it did not appear that we would be evicted but we might have been sited next to a fish stall. Consultants were then appointed by the City Council to undertake a study on the future of Lancaster Museums, to which both the Chairman and Curator contributed. The result was a very positive document which recommended various improvements including a two storey extension in New Street Square.

As late as December 2011 it was expected that Lancaster City Council would take back the running of the Museum Service from Lancashire County Council. The situation changed in January 2012 and the partnership agreement was extended for a further twelve months to March 2013 to allow for more consideration of the proposals prior to the ending of the ten year partnership agreement.

Major Daniel Parsonage, as the museum’s representative, attended a number of Lancaster City Council – Lancashire County Council Museum Partnership Meetings. Major Parsonage gives a detailed report on the activities of the King’s Own Museum. Additional meetings have been held this year as discussions relating to the future management of the City Council’s museums, not least the proposal to relocate the city’s market into the museum, have warranted consultation and consideration.

The Curator attended a Duke of Lancaster’s Regimental Museums Co-ordination meeting in Preston in July.

Charity Statement of Purpose and Public Benefit.

The King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum provides a ‘living’ history of the character, activities, tradition and history of the British Army and in particular The King’s Own Royal Regiment, Lancaster. This is achieved through the preservation, interpretation and display of artefacts, archives etc for the purposes of historical research, information and education and the enjoyment of the general public.

Environmental Statement

The King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum is committed to do what it can to reduce our impact on the environment. Where possible the museum uses recycled materials, and certainly great effort is made to re-use envelopes for both correspondence and sales, this also saves money. We re-use paper, use recycled paper, and recycle all sorts of waste material from paper and cardboard to tin cans and glass. Writing and printing on the back of paper is such a simple way to minimise on waste. Public transport is used where possible and of course the curator is a keen cyclist.

The Energy Performance Operational Rating of the City Museum building is 52, which rates the museum as ‘C’. ‘A’ being the most efficient, ‘G’ being the worst, and a rating of 100 would be typical for our type of building. (Certificate Reference Number: 0380-0819-6149-5426-3006).


It is never possible to acknowledge and thank everyone who has helped the King’s Own Museum over the year in this report, but some assistance is above and beyond and needs specific mention. Grateful appreciation goes (in no specific order) to Pat and David Shackleton; Gaynor Greenwood; Howard Martin; Christopher and Gail Knight; Major Max Davison, Major Simon Walton; WO1 Darren Szymanski, 3rd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment; WO1 Neil Barnett, Garrison Sergeant Major, Fulwood Barracks, Preston; Martin Evans and Jackie Britton for their continued support and provision of a London base for the curator’s southern operations!

Collections Management

Retrospective documentation continues on items held in the collection for many years, and much of this work is now tied in with the listing of collections on the museum’s website. There remain a large number of photographic albums which need full cataloguing and this work is fitted in with the documentation of new collections as they arrive.

There is no accessioning/documentation backlog, but effort is needed to keep on top of things. The addition of hundreds of National Service related photographs in January is taking some time to research and correctly document.

The curator continues to monitor and take care of the collections, whether they are held in store or on display. A regular programme of inspection takes place to ensure everything is well care for.


2011/12 has sadly been a poor year for income. Museum shop sales are well down whilst visitor figures rise. We cannot get away from the fact that the country is in recession, money is tight for many people, and as a free venue visitor figures are likely to grow, but people are keen to keep an eye on their money.

Work continues to solicit donations and money trickles in, but no more than that. The museum received no legacies in this financial year. Information on legacy giving can be requested from the Curator. Any legacy, no matter how small, can help the future development and continued work of the museum. There are only three regular donors to the museum’s regular giving scheme launched last year. This is disappointing.

The changing criteria of major funding bodies, such as the Heritage Lottery Fund, is making applications for small sums for modest projects, and acquisitions, much harder than ever before. The reductions in funding of bodies like the Victoria and Albert Purchase Grant Fund sadly has a direct implication on what regional museums can acquire. It sometimes appears easier to raise £1 million for an acquisition than £30,000!

Enquiry donations & other fundraising £2707.10
Public Donation Box (in gallery) £313.11
Gift Aid Claimed from HMRC £990.85
No grants were received in 2011/12

The museum encourages all donors, who meet the rules, to make a Gift Aid donation, allowing the museum to reclaim the tax that has been paid on the amount, presently 25p for every £1 donated.

A full statement of accounts for the year will be presented at the Trustees Meeting, November 2012 and once approved will be submitted to the Charity Commission.


It has been the busiest year for a while on the publication front. It was decided to reprint ‘My Dear Annie’ The letters of Lieutenant Herbert Borrett during the Abysinnian Campaign of 1868. The first print run was completed sold out and a steady interest in the specialist subject means it was clearly worth a reprint.

Much work had been done in the typing up of the War Diaries and Letters of Private William Hodgson of the 2nd/5th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment during the First World War. Everything was drawn together in a single publication and the book was launched at a talk in September 2011 in the presence of William’s niece.

A short history of the 1st Battalion, King’s Own in Italy in 1944/45 joins the other similar publications covering Macedonia and Mesopotamia in the First World War and the 1st Battalion in Iraq in 1941. Price at £1.95 these are good sellers providing some basic information on the Regiment’s involvement in the campaigns.

Finally, but by no means least, was a small pictorial history of The National Service years to coincide with temporary exhibition. Featuring colour and black and white photographs from the late 1940s and 1950s the booklet has received considerable interest. Priced at only £2.50 it is extremely good value.

Through the year the Curator has also assisted a number of authors and publishes with research on family histories; campaign histories and specialist publications including such things as obscure as the railway building in Abyssinia in 1868!

Digitisation Project – War Diaries and Histories

It’s now a good number of years since Volume Three of the Regimental History was digitised and made available on cd-rom; the First World War Diaries were copied and made available in the same way in 2007 and they prove to be popular sellers – after all they do contain an impressive wealth of information for only £12.

It has now been decided to digitally copy both the First and Second Volumes of the Regimental History and make them available on cd-rom as well. The work is now underway was not completed in the reporting year.

The collections hold a wealth of other information which could benefit from digitisation and thought is being given as to the best way in which to make this information available – either free of charge through the website or for a fee on cd-rom.


The website continues to grow with more and more information, photographs and collection listings added all the time. It is hard to keep a track of what is actually on – and sometimes things could be duplicated so a careful check is made and a record made of what is added!

The addition of material relating to the National Service years is still on going – and taking a lot of time. There are hundreds of photographs from the period, and a considerable number of new ones were donated to the museum during January’s exhibition, so there is a bit of a back log. Work on these will continue when time permits.

A major collection not yet covered are the photographs from the South African (Boer War) 1899-1902, this is on the list and will be hopefully started before too long, after the National Service Years photos are all added.

It is very nice to receive an email from someone who has found a photograph of their father or grandfather on our website – and even nicer when more photographs or an object is offered.

Major additions during the year include the following:
bulletFully illustrated section on the Colours of the Regiment.
bulletListing of books and archives of the Royal Lancashire Militia
bulletKing’s Own National Service Years Photographs
bulletListing of various collections relating to National Servicemen
bulletRecruiting Posters, adverts and handbills
bulletExpansion of the Soldiers of the Regiment Pages
bulletOver one hundred black and white illustrations of regimental uniforms by Mrs LI Cowper represent the uniform of the King's Own, Militia and Volunteers between 1680 and 1910.
bulletArmy Temperance
bulletLetters to Mrs Owtram from soldiers and their relatives, First World War
bulletDrawings by Henry Buckton Laurence, 1860s-1880s
bulletRoll of Christmas 1914 Prisoners of War (1st King’s Own) who received the Princess Mary Gift Tin in 1919.
bulletBadges and crests from regimental stationery
bulletPhotos of the Regimental Chapel
bulletPhotos of the Band and Drums, 1900-1914
bulletPages on each of the Regiment’s Victoria Cross holders

Website Visitor Statistics:

Year Web Visitors
2011/12 80 078
2010/11 50 559
2009/10 51 259
2008/09 50 800
2007/08 42 562
2006/07 18 051

Overall total since August 2005 – 297 447 visitors

The museum also maintains a page on the social networking site, ‘Facebook’ and this is used to communicate with nearly 700 people who have ‘liked’ the page. The Facebook page is probably underused by the museum, but the focus of time is on our own website for the time being. Facebook is used to promote latest additions to our website as well as forth coming events.


1304 enquiries were answered during 2011/12 nearly one hundred more than the previous year. By far the majority of enquiries arrive by email, and this does make life easier, both in managing time and in answering the enquiry by using links to the museum’s website. An increasing number of enquiries are received which we cannot answer – they relate to other regiments or things like troopship. People have searched the internet and ended up looking at the museum’s website and whilst we may have a photograph of a particular barracks in a particular year we do not have a full history of the barracks and every regiment who was ever based there! Hopefully we can point people in the right direction.

We receive a lot of enquiries for the King’s Regiment, we must have a higher web visibility than they do – but we did get one enquiry from a visitor to the new Museum of Liverpool, where the King’s Regiment Museum is based. Museum staff put the visitor in touch with us only to be confused when we sent them back to Liverpool!

The website works very well and is probably saving many hours of enquiry work with the information about the history of the regiment easily found from search engines. If an answer to an enquiry is deemed to be of interest to a larger number of people (than just an individual soldier’s history) the information is added to the museum’s website and is then there for everyone.

One popular uniform, that of Captain Thomas Plumb from of the Royal Lancashire Militia and dating from the 1760s, receives many enquiries – and detailed photographs of it are on our website. One enquirer was, however, allowed to inspect it in person. A lady from the Costume Design Centre at Colonial Williamsburg in the USA flew over to see and take a detailed sketch of one of the garters, or more exactly ‘spatterdashes’. One of the garters, with 37 horn buttons, was carefully removed from the display form to be photographed and sketched. It will be used as a pattern for replicas which will be used by the costumed interpreters at Colonial Williamsburg. Refastening the 37 horn buttons was more stressful than planned, and a button hook would have been a very useful aid!

A small number of donations are received in response to enquiries although every answer includes a plea for help. May be because someone gets a swift reply, with a couple of paragraphs of information and a few links to the museum’s website, they don’t think that it has taken much time to answer! We always ask for donations and hope that people will give generously.

Who do you think you are? Live.
The television programme continues to be a ratings success and there are now international versions so it’s no surprise that the ‘Live’ show at Olympia continues to draw in the crowds. Whilst overall numbers to the show felt as if they were down on previous years the military stand organised by the Army Museums Ogilby Trust was as busy as ever. With as many as twelve curators from various regimental and corps museums around the country there were not many times that a queue built up, unlike the photographic identification stand nearby – manned only by three people – with a long queue for most of the day! The curator was present on all three days and answered a couple of hundred enquiries. For the first time the curator took a small ‘netbook’ computer which contained lots of helpful files, as well as a copy of the King’s Own museum website. It was not clear how useful this would be, but it turned out an invaluable tool in answering many enquiries, not least to illustrate medals and other objects which are a key part of telling a soldier’s story. Without the co-ordination of AMOT and the support of the other museums which take pat the stand could not be as successful as it is. Planning is already under way for the 2013 event!

Talks & Activities

The King’s Own Museum and Curator takes part in the national Heritage Open Days and the local ‘Lancaster Unlocked’ events, as well as providing a range of talks and lectures both within the museum and to other organisations. A number of sessions have been run including:

bullet‘On the War Path’ Lancaster’s Military Heritage Walk
bulletMeet the World War One Soldier
bulletMeet the Second World War Soldier
bulletTalk to Morecambe Local History Research Group talk.
bulletTalk to Lunesdale Probus Club, Hornby.
bulletTalk to the Friends of Lancaster City Museum
bulletThe King’s Own – The National Service Years talk.
bulletLetters and Diaries of Private William Hodgson and book launch
bulletA Soldier’s Christmas talk.
bulletNew Acquisitions talk.

Work with outside bodies

bulletArmy Museums Ogilby Trust
bulletRAF Habbaniya Association
bulletWestern Front Association – North Lancashire Branch
bulletWar Memorials Trust
bulletDuke of Lancaster’s Regiment & Association
bulletBBC Radio Lancashire
bulletImperial War Museum
bulletLancaster Guardian
bulletMuseum of the Wagoners Special Reserve
bulletNorth West Evening Mail, Barrow
bulletHeritage Open Days.
bulletCommonwealth War Graves Commission
bulletCasualty and Compassionate Cell, MOD (Army)
bulletFriends of Lancaster City Museum
bulletWestfield War Memorial Village, Lancaster
bulletWho Do You Think You Are? Live.


The Poppy Story – The Remembrance Icon

Using photographs kindly supplied by the British Army’s ‘Soldier’ Magazine a small exhibition told the story of the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Factory. The exhibition was developed from an article which appeared in Soldier in 2010, and ran from October 2011 to March 2012.

The King’s Own – The National Service Years

In January 2012 there was a month when the City Museum’s ground floor exhibition galleries were going to be empty, so the curator took the opportunity of using one of the rooms for a King’s Own Exhibitions: “The King’s Own – The National Service Years”. Open for only the month of January the exhibition was very popular and included a lunchtime talk by the curator which was attended by sixty people, some of whom had travelled from as far away as Liverpool and Barrow in Furness. The exhibition was visited by many National Service men and their families and the museum received a good number of new acquisitions as a result. This included a few hundred photographs and some interesting objects including a tea service bought in Hong Kong and sent home as a present to the soldier’s mother.

Displays included recruiting, training at the regimental depot at Bowerham Barracks, troopships and the Regiment receiving the Freedom of Lancaster. Lots of photographs told the story of the regiment in Korea, Hong Kong and Kenya and Aden. The Territorial Army was not forgotten nor were the photos of the battalion parading through Lancaster in the 1950s.

A small pictorial history of the National Service years was also published and this is still on sale at £3 including postage.

No sooner than the exhibition had opened it was over! But had brightened up a dull January which would have been much duller without a temporary exhibition. Because the exhibition was so popular a smaller version will be produced and displayed within the King’s Own gallery later in the year.

(The new National Service Exhibition runs until the 26th January 2013).

The Curator is a personal member of the following organisations:

bulletAssociate of the Museums Association
bulletFriends of Lancaster City Museum

The Museum is a member of:

bulletThe Western Front Association
bulletMilitary History Society
bulletOrders and Medals Research Society
bulletArmy Historical Association
bulletSalonika Campaign Society


KO2873 Photos: 1st or 2nd King’s Own signallers, circa 1930s; a number of portraits of unidentified soldiers; 5th King’s Own officers, Denbigh, 1913; arrival, by sea, of King’s Own at Ramsey, Isle of Man, 1908; interior of Welfare Hut, possibly Lancaster; group of 14 soldiers, World War One; Sergeant T C Bond, 9th King’s Own, World War One; Territorial group, Blackpool, World War One; group of 17 soldiers, World War One; postcard sent home by Private H E Pridgen, 2nd King’s Own, From South Africa, July, 1917; group of soldiers of the 10th Training Reserve Battalion, Sutton Veny circa 1917; Army suit case, “22931082 N. Green, 1st King’s Own, Empire Orwell, UK”; page from album with mounted regimental crests/badges from letterheads and menus etc.; various 1950s army recruiting posters; book: Altcar, The Story of a Rifle Range. Purchased.
KO2874 Memorial Plaque to Private J G Poulter, 29531, 8th King’s Own.
KO2875 Infantry Training pamphlets; polishing brush; bar of soap. Major D Parsonage, Lancaster.
KO2876 Fork, EPNS, 5th King’s Own. Mrs Evans, Garstang.
KO2877 Photo of the Drums of 4/5 King’s Own, outside Green Ayre Station, Lancaster. Original lent to be copied by Mr T Rawlings, Lancaster.
KO2878 ‘Another Bloody Mountain Prisoner of War and Escape in Italy 1943’ by Vic Duke, Iron City Publications. Concerning the war time escape, in Italy, of Wallace Douglas Duke, 1st King’s Own Royal Regiment. Gift of the Author.
KO2879 Field Service Pocket Book, 1914, named to Lieutenant William Sidney Shears, 3rd King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment; Instructions, School of Musketry, Hayling Island, 1915. Mr and Mrs Wakley, Bletchley, Milton Keynes.
KO2880 Second World War Memorial Scroll to Lance corporal Vincent Rogers, number 3710363, 1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Regiment. Killed in action 6 May 1941 and buried in Habbaniya War Cemetery. Mr Griffiths, Darwen.
KO2881 Car Maintenance Notes as issued to Captain Cedric Rostron, whilst with the 2nd Battalion, King’s Own, in the Second World War whilst he was in the Western Desert. Mrs Rostron, Lancaster.
KO2882 Framed embroidered representation of the Cypher and Cap Badge of the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, made by Private John Herbert Maddox, number 36117, in 1916 whilst recovering from wounds received with the King’s Own. Mrs M Maddax, South Africa.
KO2883 First World War Military Medal group to Private J L Greenwood, 1st Battalion, King’s Own, with archive, postcards etc. Miss Mary Greenwood, daughter, via James Dugan, Ontario, Canada.
KO2884 Photo, Band of 4/5 King’s Own, Sennybridge, 1956. Mr Derek Redmayne, Lancaster.
KO2885 Photo, Corporals 107th Regiment, Royal Armoured Cars, June 1943. Mr John Airey, Sedbergh.
KO2886 Collection of photographs relating to Colour Sergeant H J Chapman, 1860-1880 and other members of the Regiment, including band members. Originals lent to be copied, Mrs Jones, Long Ditton, Surrey.
KO2887 Allied Victory Medal to Private John Willie Bradley, number, 17697, 2nd Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Purchased to complete group.
KO2888 The First World War Diaries and Letters of Private William Hodgson, 2nd/5th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Published by the King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum, Lancaster. September 2011.
KO2889 1914/15 Star group to Private John Hewart, 2nd King’s Own, and Defence and Police Long Service Medals, Metropolitan Police. Mr Harry Hewart, Bolton.
KO2890 Photos of grave of Private R H Willman, 2nd/5th King’s Own; Captain E S Evans, King’s Own; post card sent by Private P H Howells, 6th King’s Own. Originals lent to be copied by Mr Fergus Read, Cambridge.
KO2891 Photos of the 2nd Battalion, 1936-37 including sporting teams, Motor Transport platoon. The relatives of Private Pattinson, via Colonel Mike Diss, Ulverston.
KO2892 Photos of Private Alfred Price, 2nd Volunteer Battalion and late 5th King’s Own, First World War. Mr Brian Price, Tonbridge, Kent.
KO2893 Photographs, Christmas cards and documents relating to Private C C Garrity, King’s Own, 1930s and World War Two. Gift of Mrs P Tennant, daughter, Garstang.
KO2894 Photographs and documents relating to Private Patrick Caffrey, King’s Own and Military Prison and Detention Service. Mrs Margaret Nicholson, Lancaster.
KO2895 Photographs of Private Wilfred Knott, 8th King’s Own, World War One. Mrs Helen Eriksson, Nykoping, Sweden.
KO2896 Sports Medal, 55th West Lancashire Divisional Cross Country Run Runners Up Medal, Private Arthur Nicholls, 5th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Regiment, 1923. Mr Hayes, Lancaster.
KO2897 Photographs (digital): grave of 2nd Lieutenant J H Collin VC, with wooden marker cross, Vielle Chapelle British Military Cemetery, France. Museum of the King’s Own Royal Border Regiment, Carlisle.
KO2898 Photo of Private Harold Clarkson, 2nd King’s Own, as prisoner of war, First World War. Mr David Crook, Bolton.
KO2899 Embroidered representation of the Colours of the King’s Own Royal Regiment, circa 1920, with ‘India’ and ‘Burma’ and various battle honours and in the centre a photograph of an unknown soldier. Mrs Inchmore, Storth, Cumbria.
KO2900 Photos of Private Bill Roberts, 1st King’s Own, Kenya and Aden, 1958-59. From originals lent to be copied by Mr Bill Roberts, Halewood, Liverpool.
KO2901 Photographs and documents relating to Sergeant F Harper, DCM, King’s Own, First World War. From originals lent to be copied by Colonel Dr Andrew Whitton, Halton, Lancaster.
KO2902 Photographs of Corporal George Greenwood, 1st King’s Own, Aden and Kenya, 1958-59. From originals lent to be copied by Mr George Greenwood, Eccles.
KO2903 Various correspondence received by Mr Williamson, later Lord Ashton, Lancaster, concerning the 1st Volunteer Battalion, The King’s Own, the drill hall; the South African War. Mr George Niven, Lancaster.
KO2904 Photographs of Corporal George Hannon, 1st King’s Own, Hong Kong, 1954-56. From originals lent to be copied by Mr George Hannon, Liverpool.
KO2905 Photographs of Private Tom Hunt, 1st King’s Own 1946-1948 in Italy. From originals lent to be copied by Mr Tom Hunt, Chorley.
KO2906 Photo: Quartermaster’s Staff, 1st King’s Own, Kenya, 1958. From an original lent to be copied by Mr David Kenyon, Wray, Lancashire.
KO2907 Photographs of Drummer James Lord, 1st King’s Own, 1954-56 in Hong Kong. From originals lent to be copied by Mr James Lord, Heysham.
KO2908 Photographs of Private Alan Physick, 1st King’s Own, 1957-59 in Kenya and Aden. From originals lent to be copied by Mr Alan Physick, Lancaster.
KO2909 Medals and badges or Private E H Cheetham, 1st King’s Own, 1953-55. Gift of Mrs Cheetham, Stockport.
KO2910 Photo: Lance Corporal Dennis Phillipson, 1st King’s Own, circa 1945-48. Gift of Mr Howard Martin, Newton in Furness.
KO2911 Photographs of Private Donald Bowness, 1st King’s Own, 1958-59. From originals lent to be copied by Mr Bowness, Lancaster.
KO2912 King’s Own Royal Regiment Tureen, with base and slide over lid. Inscription ‘King’s Own Royal Regiment’ would suggest that the tureen dates before 1880. Gift of The Barrow in Furness Branch of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment Association.
KO2913 Documents, greetings cards and photos of Private Jack Leach, 2nd King’s Own, Second World War. Gift of Mrs T Ridge, Salisbury, Wiltshire.
KO2914 Illustrations of the Regimental Colours copied from the original drawings in the King’s Own Regimental Chapel, Lancaster. Copied whilst the frames were being cleaned.
KO2915 Medals, memorial plaque and regimental cane of Private William Rossall, number 2702/240819, 1st/5th King’s Own. Gift of Mr George Blocksidge, Kendal.
KO2916 Photos: visit of HRH Prince of Wales to Barrow in Furness, July 1927; Photos of Offices 4th King’s Own, circa 1928. Gift of Mr John Sandham, Slyne with Hest.

Peter Donnelly BA AMA
Regimental Curator
King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum
Market Square

Curator Telephone: 01524 555619
Museum Telephone: 01524 64637
Fax: 01524 841692

Registered Charity Number 272109


Only a proportion of our collections are on display at anyone time.  Certain items are on loan for display in other institutions.  An appointment is required to consult any of our collections which are held in store.

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